Pixel Sans

by erictom333

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Why does this font have ridiculous line spacing? I know it has some characters that go over the top and bottom lines, but I thought those determine line spacing. Ideally I'd like the lines to be ten pixels high, enough to make the box drawing characters line up.

Comment by erictom333 Mon, 23rd November

I think it might be so the preview won't have glyphs that overlap vertically… You could try asking meek about that

Also, you missed a dot on the lowercase Roman numeral 12…

Comment by BWM Mon, 23rd November

@erictom333 - Is it possible you have a stray brick floating high above one of your glyphs?  If not, you can manually change the font height with a recent addition to FontStruct: Select Expert Mode, then Menu > View > Line Height. You can now adjust the blue horizontal line that indicates the upper boundary of the font's height.

Comment by Goatmeal Mon, 23rd November

@Goatmeal I've already checked for and removed any stray pixels, and changed the line height to nine pixels, exactly how I want it (per image). I'm okay with glyphs overlapping.

Comment by erictom333 Tue, 24th November

Things get weirder. 

Top: Four ɧs. They should have one pixel of line spacing between them, as they do letter spacing.

Below: Box drawing and block element characters, which should line up.

Below that: The character with the lowest descender (a custom presentation form of ģ with the comma below) having zero spacing with a capital A; they should overlap.

Bottom: ÁáÉéÍíÐð. They all have their highest brick above the top line, and have been cut off. This does not happen with characters that go below the bottom line.

Comment by erictom333 Tue, 24th November

I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but this glyph, where the red arrows are pointing at, to the right of a lowercase b resembles the glyph on the right half, and I'm unsure what languages use that…

Comment by BWM Tue, 24th November

@erictom333 - @BWM might be correct above; is the spacing issue you're seeing in the FontStruct preview?  Is that where the samples are from?  Or are you seeing it in other programs once you're installed the generated TTF?  (In Notepad, WordPad, favorite word processor, favoprite image/picture software, etc.)

Comment by Goatmeal Tue, 24th November

@BWM It's a handwritted variant of the letter b.

@Goatmeal The sample is from Notepad, not the FontStruct preview. Attached is a sample of text in Notepad in the font.

Comment by erictom333 Wed, 25th November

I'm currently debating where to put my own personal Latin characters. UCAS and Greek Extended are both good candidates, but I plan on encoding the correct characters there.

Comment by erictom333 Thu, 24th December

Pixel Sans now supports Devanagari. Example is from the Rigveda.

Comment by erictom333 Tue, 2nd February

Bengali has now been added to Pixel Sans, as part of an ongoing project to include Indic scripts into this font. The following text showcases:

- This font's ridiculous line spacing (please ignore).

- The i and e vowel signs: unlike Devanagari's i vowel sign which must be placed before the consonant to display properly, Bengali's i reaches over the letter to display somewhat correctly. Similar with the e vowel sign.

Comment by erictom333 Thu, 4th March

What determines which fonts are worthy of staff picks? How can I improve mine so it does get a staff pick? Is it possible for the staff to re-review my font?

Comment by erictom333 Tue, 16th March

An insanely comprehensive character set. I salute your tireless dedication, enjoying especially the attention to detail from the mathematical operators to the miscellaneous character unicode blocks! And of course the range of languages present is impressive.

Can I recommend you add tags to detail the ranges you cover and make it easier for folx to find your great work here?

Also, pay special attention to the character width settings. It's easy at certain zoom levels to move it into apparent alignment with the grid when in fact is off by a hair. This affects pixel rendering – and I can tell you have at least a couple characters deep in the set with ever so slightly aberrant widths.

Overall awesome work, erictom333!

Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) Tue, 16th March

There is no strict criteria for Top Picks. It should generally be something that does not look similar to a Top Pick or something that has not been attempted before.

Very nice work, erictom333. Maybe when this is complete, it could be ported to OpenType and have alt glyphs in the .salt / .ss01 to .ss20 OpenType features (Placing them within .ss01 to .ss20 is recommended)…

Comment by BWM Tue, 16th March

@will.i.ૐ Thanks for the praise! For the latter, I might fix that later.

@BWM I won't usethe stylistic alt feature because I'll use this on programs like Notepad that don't support the feature.

Comment by erictom333 Thu, 18th March

There are two main features (or one feature and one bug) getting in the way of this font's development: line height and Unicode support. The former I've discussed above: every line should be ten blocks high, and any glyphs that go above or below the limit should not get cut off, but should overlap.

As for Unicode support: The font sorely lacks characters, mostly extended Latin letters, in a few blocks, including Latin-Extended E and the Private Use Area in the BMP and the tentative Latin Extended-F (10780-107BF) and -G (1DF00-1DFFF) (and the unallocated area of 1E600-1E7FF) in the SMP. (And a few other SMP blocks for historic scripts like Deseret and Adlam.)

Comment by erictom333 Thu, 18th March

@erictom333 FontStruct fails to save anything outside the BMP as far as I know, so I'm not sure about the SMP blocks…

Comment by BWM Thu, 18th March

The hangul (korean) characters don't work in this font.

I still love that it has so much compatibility!

Comment by megaman314 Sat, 27th March

I'm Not and Glyphs is Letter b is not good is not and good and so me Yeah is so Yeah is Not good is Not so good is not me yeah is Letter Glyphs is Good so Yeah Now you is not and what language use that...

Comment by Antoniolugb Sun, 11th April

Is Not Glyphs Letter Lowercase Roman is that numeral 12...

Comment by Antoniolugb Sun, 11th April

@Antoniolugb As I have already said, that's a handwritten variant of the lowercase b.

Comment by erictom333 Wed, 14th April

Pixel Sans now supports Bamum and Phags-Pa. As for the latter, I'm not sure if I should make the glyphs 5 pixels high (as I've done) or 7 pixels high; does anyone have any suggestions?

Comment by erictom333 Thu, 15th April

Does this look good, or would you prefer the Phags-Pa to be taller?

Comment by erictom333 Thu, 15th April

@erictom333: It is an impressive project and a huge undertaking. You must be an expert by now of vast stretches of Unicode land. I would increase the space a little. As William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) pointed out some of your glyphs are fuzzy/blurred and that is a mortal sin for a pixel font. Check out the highlighted areas. (The screenshots are truncated at 700 pixels on the left.)

Comment by Frodo7 Thu, 15th April

@Frodo7 Thanks for the praise. My journey hss been a long one, my world map six sheets  graph paper sticky taped together with every block of Unicode mapped onto it in a Hilbert fractal, my atlas the Unicode code charts. Also thankd for pointing out the spacing errors.

Comment by erictom333 Fri, 16th April

As part of Project Orisa, a project of mine involving adding support for India's nine official scripts, I present this sample, showing the seven scripts I have done so far and the two yet to go. And I'm not ending with the Malayalam chillu k, either.

Comment by erictom333 Thu, 29th April

Kannada and Devanagari extensions done. Also, 7000 glyphs!

Comment by erictom333 Mon, 3rd May

Finished Malayalam, and by extension Project Orisa. But I'm not done yet.

Comment by erictom333 Wed, 5th May

As I approach 8000 glyphs (now including Sinhala, Ol Chiki, the rest of the Kangxi Radicals (some simplified), and Arabic presentation forms), may I request for the Private Use Area to be added? I have thousands of personal characters, far more than the High Private Use Surrogates block can hold, and I can't put them in another block because I might encode that later. 

Comment by erictom333 Fri, 7th May

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