GS Unicode 2.0 (Plane 0)

by Greenstar967

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What if GS Unicode wasn't just made of pixels?  What if it had a better, more appealing width/height ratio?  What if it utilized the new FS inventory?  And what if I wasn't way too ambitious/crazy in making this?  No idea, but I'm eager to find out!


Created 26 June 2021, published 16 July 2021 with 935 glyphs.

So far supports:

All blocks from U+0000 to U+036F and most of the Greek and Coptic block

Comment by Greenstar967 Fri, 16th july

Also: if anyone has any suggestions for me to put in the newly added PUA, let me know!  It doesn't have to be a formal Unicode proposal or anything, but do please tell me approximately how much space it'll take and where you'd want it in either PUA.

Comment by Greenstar967 Fri, 16th july

Klingon. It can be in the last three rows of the BMP PUA. THey can be encoded according to this CSUR standard

Comment by BWM Fri, 16th july

(one row = 16 codepoints)

Comment by BWM Fri, 16th july

Oh you, lovely and blessed crazy people! 💕 (... And I'm happy if one of my fonts reaches 200+ characters...)

Comment by elmoyenique Fri, 16th july

Added: some basic Cyrillic stuff, as well as modifying lowercase Greek Kappa

Current character count: 1031 

@BWM, if I understand correctly, I should add Klingon to U+F8D0~U+F8FF?

@elmoyenique Thank you very much <3, though a large inventory isn't the only thing that makes a font great; you've got a whole bunch of stuff that looks really cool!

Comment by Greenstar967 Fri, 16th july

@GS987 Yep, those should be the correct codepoints…

Comment by BWM Sat, 17th july

Added: First half(ish) of Latin Extended Additional

Current character count: 1191

@BWM Perfect, I will do that!

Comment by Greenstar967 Sat, 17th july

I should also probably point out that as .ttf fonts only allow for a maximum of 65,535 characters, I will only be encoding the BMP here.  Supplemental planes will be added in separate fonts.  BMP PUA proposals will still be added here, while the F and 10 planes' PUA proposals will be added in those separate fonts.

I also need to figure out what I'll be doing about the CJK characters, since they'll probably have a different width/height ratio....

Comment by Greenstar967 Sat, 17th july

Added: Klingon (in the same places as designated by CSUR) - @BMW and anyone else interested, please let me know if I made any mistakes; I'm more of a Star Wars person lol

Current character count: 1230

Comment by Greenstar967 Sat, 17th july

Good luck! You'll need it if you want to beat me! In the meantime, see you in Most Glyphs!

By the way, the Unicode 14.0 beta review charts are here and the roadmaps are here (but you'll need some hacking to access new blocks).

Comment by erictom333 Sat, 17th july

Ahaha thanks for the wishes - good luck to you as well! - and thanks for the charts.  U14 should come out in September though, and while it might be nice to be done by then, I don't particularly see it happening; I'm not that optimistic, especially since I'm not doing a pixel font.  I'll use hacks if I need it, but for now I'll probably just get everything up to U13 done, and by that point U14 will already be out, and hopefully Mr. Meek will have that encoded as well.

And we'll probably both be sitting at the top with 65,535 glyphs eventually....

Comment by Greenstar967 Sat, 17th july

Added: the rest of Latin Ext. Additional

Changed: how double Latin diacritics look

CCC: 1326

Comment by Greenstar967 Sat, 17th july

Added: Latin C

Changed: a few hooks and stuff, including on eng and emg (m-hook for IPA)

CCC: 1358

Comment by Greenstar967 Sat, 17th july

Added: (almost) all remaining U13 Latin characters and a lot of punctuation

Changed: the way a few Latin letters and combining characters look

CCC: 2012

Comment by Greenstar967 Sun, 18th july

Took me way longer than I'd like to admit to draw the star.  Suprisingly hard in a 9x9 square....

Comment by Greenstar967 Mon, 19th july

I wonder how you'll do the accents that are typed after a letter, but placed before it, and two-part vowels when you get to those languages eventually, especially abugidas…

Comment by BWM Mon, 19th july

Added: the rest of the non-combining Latin and Greek letters and a lot more Cyrillic, punctuation, and symbols

Changed: a few Latin aesthetics

CCC: 3010

As for the two-part vowels and other combining character weirdness, I had a way of getting around it in the original GS Unicode (successfully?), so I'll probably do something similar here.

Comment by Greenstar967 Mon, 19th july

This looks really good so far, in both quality and quantity. I hope my browser can load the font up when you get to about 18k letters (I have 12 GB of RAM installed, my laptop can have 16GB max).

It even looks good at pixel size and double pixel size…

Comment by BWM Mon, 19th july

Oh thank you!

Comment by Greenstar967 Mon, 19th july
Comment by Greenstar967 Tue, 20th july
Comment by Greenstar967 Tue, 20th july

3172 Fonts that's too many! Now it's too hard to get too many glyphs! So I need to make this font with 300 glyphs!

Comment by VTOTFS2021 Tue, 20th july

Coptic is now supported!

Comment by Greenstar967 Wed, 21st july

Armenian is now supported!

Comment by Greenstar967 Thu, 22nd july

Hebrew has been added, as well as some basic Arabic and some more symbols.  This is Genesis 1:1.  Hebrew vowel points seem a little skewed - I don't think it's a problem with combining characters generally though, since they work well with Latin, and I've done the same thing for Hebrew.

The box drawings seem to be better, but still broken.  I believe it's a problem with font height, since this problem exists with some combining characters that extend very high or low as well.  I'll fix that.

CCC: 3819

Comment by Greenstar967 Sun, 25th july

I really love how this is going so far.

For Arabic and other connected scripts, could the letters connect to one another so it looks nicer?

The block elements could be extended vertically to match with the box drawings, and also connect to one another horizontally…

Comment by BWM Sun, 25th july

I will definitely do that with the box drawings.

I could try for Arabic but, unless this has been fixed, letters default to their isolated forms anyway, even when they're supposed to be linked to other letters.  I'm not sure what connecting isolated forms would do if this is still the case.

Comment by Greenstar967 Tue, 27th july

The isolated forms don't need to be connected. Just the initials to the medials to the finals

Comment by BWM Tue, 27th july

Ah so like for the Presentation Forms blocks?

Comment by Greenstar967 Tue, 27th july


Comment by BWM Tue, 27th july

Ah yes I'm planning on doing that anyway, thanks!

Comment by Greenstar967 Tue, 27th july

The rest of Arabic and APF B has been added (still need to add most of APF A).  Block elements have been fixed to connect, and the glyph height has been fixed so that combining symbols don't cut off at the top....which means I have to re-fix the box drawings and other top-bottom connecting symbols.

Comment by Greenstar967 Today, 8:35 pm

This is (I think) the first verse of Muhammad's first revelation.  The first is with vowel markings and such (that don't seem to combine properly at the moment), with all letters from the basic Arabic block at U+0600.  They don't naturally connect based on context, though I'm not sure if this is due to FS limitations or my own.  The second line is the same without vowel markings, and with the (I hope) correct contextual forms from APF B.  Additionally, the first line naturally moves RTL while the second does not.

Comment by Greenstar967 Today, 8:39 pm

Also I may have needed to have an inital qaf in the second line, rather than medial.

Comment by Greenstar967 Today, 8:41 pm

CCC: 4234

Comment by Greenstar967 Today, 8:42 pm

Added: Basic APF A, Braille, Yijing, some arrows, and more symbols

Fixed: Some Arabic glyphs

CCC: 4896

Comment by Greenstar967 Today, 9:38 am

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