GS Unicode 2.0 (Plane 10)

by Greenstar967

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This is the Plane 10 font of the GS Unicode 2.0 font series.  I've split this font up by plane since font files have a technical limit of 65,535 glyphs.

This font will be made up of U+0020 and U+100000~U+10FFFD, which add up to exactly 65,535 code points.

Things that are planned but not (fully) implemented yet are italicized.

Links to planes (I'll most likely be posting updates related to this series as a whole in the Plane 0 font):

Plane 0: here
Plane 1: here
Plane 2
Plane 3

(No Unicode characters exist in Planes 4 through D as of U15.0)
Plane E: here
Plane F: here
Plane 10: [THIS FONT]

PUA assignments:

100000~10037F - Latin Extended-4
100380~1003FF - Greek Extended-4
100400~10057F - Cyrillic Extended-4

100580~1005BF - <reserved for BMP Script Extensions>
1005C0~1005FF - Hebrew Extended-1
100600~1006FF - Arabic Extended-3
100700~10109F - <reserved for BMP Script Extensions>
1010A0~1010FF - Georgian Extended-2
101100~1011FF - <reserved for BMP Script Extensions>
101200~10137F - Ethiopic Extended-1
101380~1013DF - <reserved for BMP Script Extensions>
1013E0~1013FF - Cherokee Extended-1
101400~101FFF - <reserved for BMP Script Extensions>
102000~10223F - Symbols and Punctuation Extended-2
102240~10224F - Geomantic Figures
102250~10227F - C64-OS Symbols
102280~1022BF - Commander X16 Symbols
1022C0~1022FF - Powerline Symbols

102300~1023FF - Hex Byte Pictures
102400~10243F - Control Pictures Extended-2
102440~10247F - Sixel Graphics
102480~10249F - Apple MouseText

1024A0~1024CF - Fill Patterns
1024D0~1024FF - Shade Quadrants
102500~10257F - Box Drawing Extended-1
102580~1025BF - Block Elements Extended-1
1025C0~1025FF - Block Sextants
102600~1026FF - Block Octants
102700~1027FF - Dingbats Extended-1
102800~1028FF - Seven-Segment Display Patterns

102900~102FFF - <unassigned>
103000~1030FF - Kana Extended-2
103100~10AFFF - <unassigned>
10B000~10B7FF - <reserved for Indic Conjuncts>
10B800~10CFFF - <unassigned>

10D000~10D19F - Domino Tiles Extended-1
10D1A0~10D2FF - <unassigned>
10D300~10D3FF - Flag Symbols
10D400~10DFFF - <unassigned>
10E000~10E07F - Tengwar Presentation Forms
10E080~10E0FF - <reserved for UCSUR extensions>
10E100~10E1FF - Engsvanyali Presentation Forms
10E200~10E3AF - <reserved for UCSUR extensions>
10E3B0~10E3FF - Olaetyan Extended-1
10E400~10E42F - Niskloz Presentation Forms [Nísklôz Presentation Forms]

10E430~10E44F - Kazat Akkorou Extended-1 [Kazat ?Akkorou Extended-1]
10E450~10E5DF - <reserved for UCSUR extensions>
10E5E0~10E5FF - Ophidian Presentation Forms
10E600~10E62F - Ferengi Extended-1

10E630~10E64F - <reserved for UCSUR extensions>
10E650~10E67F - Sylabica Extended-1
10E680~10E6CF - Ewellic Presentation Forms

10E6D0~10E7FF - <reserved for UCSUR extensions>
10E800~10E82F - Monofon Extended-1
10E830~10E88F - Dni Presentation Forms [D'ni Presentation Forms]

10E890~10EB9F - <reserved for UCSUR extensions>
10EBA0~10EBDF - Cistercian Numerals Extended-1
10EBE0~10EF9F - <reserved for UCSUR extensions>
10EFA0~10EFCF - Aiha Presentation Forms
10EFD0~10EFFF - <reserved for UCSUR extensions>
10F000~10F8FF - <unassigned>

10F900~10F91F - Thai Compatibility Forms
10F920~10FAFF - <reserved for compatibility and presentation forms>
10FB00~10FCFF - Latin Fractional Forms
10FD00~10FEFF - Mongolian Presentation Forms

10FF00~10FFBF - <reserved for compatibility and presentation forms>
10FFC0~10FFCF - Source Hints
10FFD0~10FFEF - Transcoding Hints

10FFF0~10FFFF - Plane 10 Specials

Additional PUA assignments can be found in the Plane 0 and F fonts.

Feel free to recommend PUA assignments!

Also, it's more than likely I won't know every script well enough that there won't be any mistakes.  If/when I make a mistake, please tell me and I'll do my best to fix it!


Published 23 Dec 2021 by moving some F plane blocks over

CCC: 44

Comment by Greenstar967 24th december 2021

Added more Latin extensions, including many ligatures/digraphs; some are phonetic, others are orthographic

CCC: 112

Comment by Greenstar967 4th january 2022

Added more Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic extensions (mostly capitals of the IPA and other phonetic systems with mostly lowercase characters)

CCC: 428

Comment by Greenstar967 8th january 2022

I have a big proposal involving various psuedographic characters and other symbols, potentially including your proposed Control Pictures Extended through Seven-Segment Display Patterns. Could I design it? I have already made plans for some.

Comment by erictom333 13th january 2023

Certainly!  Is it along the same lines as the extended Computer Symbols block proposed for Unicode and/or (they seem rather similar) the one proposed by Bettencourt/Fairfax?

Comment by Greenstar967 21st january 2023

Yes. I'll go into more detail once I've ironed out what characters are going in.

Comment by erictom333 21st january 2023

Sounds good

Comment by Greenstar967 27th january 2023

Bug: No characters show up in the viewer, and when I download the font (as an OTF), no character glyphs are present, they are all blank spaces.

Comment by erictom333 21st march 2023

I'm aware of the font download glyph, the same has been happening with the Plane F font.  But I've removed everything from the Plane 10 font except the nine "specials" at the end (which aren't really specials either), since I have alternate plans for Plane 10.  Most of the glyphs that were here have gone into other blocks.

Comment by Greenstar967 29th march 2023

There's Only 9 Glyphs.

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx 30th july 2023

There are 9 at the end of Plane 10, plus a space character (U+0020), which makes 10 total.  I do plan to add more in eventually.

Comment by Greenstar967 31st july 2023

I have Ideas.

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx 17th august 2023


Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx 17th august 2023


Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx 17th august 2023


Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx 17th august 2023


Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx 17th august 2023

5/5 (Purple Glyphs must be Fullwiwidth)

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx 17th august 2023

Sounds good, will do

Comment by Greenstar967 18th august 2023

Looks Like I added in the Lowercase W with Left hook. Oops!

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx 18th august 2023

Control Character:

101406 - Letter Bolder

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx 19th august 2023


Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx 22nd august 2023


Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx 22nd august 2023

Always Remember that Purple Glyphs must be Fullwidth!

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx 22nd august 2023

Sounds good - are these Latin and Greek glyphs mostly your inventions?

Comment by Greenstar967 24th august 2023

No. Not even 1%.

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx 24th august 2023

Ah where are they from then?

Comment by Greenstar967 28th august 2023

Greek - Wikipedia,

Latin - r/Neography, and Other Fanon Sources

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx 4th september 2023

Thanks - I'll see what I can find then

Comment by Greenstar967 4th september 2023

Sneak-Peak of my Arabic Extended-2 Proposal

The letter came from here -

It's the 1st Letter Included.

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx 5th october 2023

Got it done Early!

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx 5th october 2023

Slightly Updated

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Tue, 17th october

Add Carrese, Lawa, Grand alphabet and Nooalf

Comment by LuckyFontMaker Wed, 10th april

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