GS Unicode 2.0 (Plane 1)

by Greenstar967

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This is the Plane 1 font of the GS Unicode 2.0 font series.  I've split this font up by plane since .ttf files have a technical limit of 65,535 glyphs.

This font will be made up of U+0020 and U+10000~U+1FFFD, which add up to exactly 65,535 code points.

Things that are planned but not implemented yet are italicized.

Links to planes (I'll most likely be posting updates related to this series as a whole in the Plane 0 font):

Plane 0: here
Plane 1: [THIS FONT]
Plane 2
Plane 3
(No Unicode characters exist in Planes 4 through D as of U14.0)
Plane E: here
Plane F: here
Plane 10: here

PUA assignments can be found in the Plane 0, F, and 10 fonts.

Feel free to recommend PUA assignments!

Also, it's more than likely I won't know every script well enough that there won't be any mistakes.  If/when I make a mistake, please tell me and I'll do my best to fix it!


Published 26 Oct 2021, with U14 Latin xF and xG

CCC: 89

Comment by Greenstar967 Wed, 27th october

Maybe Gothic and those symbols you've seen on retro computers (1FB00-1FBFF) next when you have time…

Comment by Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM) Wed, 27th october

Annoyingly, I've got Symbols for Legacy Computing in the PUA, same for Laten Ext-F and G. Would it be possible for there to be a mass move/copy/delete option?

Comment by erictom333 Wed, 27th october

@BWM I'll try doing those two blocks next

@Eric I just had my Plane 0 font open and copy pasted each invidual glyph into this one.  I don't think it breaks anything since it's not technically the same font.

Comment by Greenstar967 Wed, 27th october

Added Gothic

CCC: 116

Comment by Greenstar967 Wed, 10th november

Added double struck O and S (the sets of octonions and sedenions, respectively), and segmented digits from the legacy computing block

CCC: 128

Comment by Greenstar967 Thu, 18th november

Added Glagolitic supplement and a few extended kana and CJK punctuation

CCC: 173

Comment by Greenstar967 Mon, 6th december

Added two more extended ideographic punctuation characters and shifted around the modifier letters as per the Plane 0 font

CCC: 175

Comment by Greenstar967 Thu, 9th december

Added the Lisu yha letter

CCC: 176

Comment by Greenstar967 Wed, 22nd december

Added UCAS Extended-A and more symbols for Legacy Computing.  I may still change the block elements (including those in the BMP) slightly, utilizing half blocks, etc., to make them look nicer and to make the math work slightly better.

CCC: 290

Comment by Greenstar967 Thu, 13th january

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