GS Unicode 2.0 (Plane F)

by Greenstar967

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Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.

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This is the Plane F font of the GS Unicode 2.0 font series.  I've split this font up by plane since font files have a technical limit of 65,535 glyphs.

This font will be made up of U+0020 and U+F0000~U+FFFFD, which add up to exactly 65,535 code points.

Things that are planned but not (fully) implemented yet are italicized.

Links to planes (I'll most likely be posting updates related to this series as a whole in the Plane 0 font):

Plane 0: here
Plane 1: here
Plane 2
Plane 3
(No Unicode characters exist in Planes 4 through D as of U15.0)
Plane E: here
Plane F: [THIS FONT]
Plane 10: here

PUA assignments:

F0000~F0E6F - Kinya Syllables
F0E70~F16AF - Pikto
F16B0~F16DF - Derani

F16E0~F16FF - <reserved for future (U)CSUR allocations>
F1700~F18FF - Semtog
F1900~F19FF - sitelen pona

F1A00~F1AFF - <reserved for future (U)CSUR allocations>
F1B00~F1C3F - Shidinn
F1C40~F1FFF - <reserved for future (U)CSUR allocations>
F2000~F23FF - canIPA Extensions
F2400~F27FF - Phonetic Extensions-1
F2800~F297F - Medievalist Latin Extensions
F2980~F3BFF - Latin Extended-2
F3C00~F3FFF - Phonetic Extensions-2
F4000~F41FF - Greek Extended-2
F4200~F43FF - Cyrillic Extended-2
F4400~F44FF - Georgian Extended-1
F4500~F47FF - Latin Extended-3
F4800~F4AFF - Greek Extended-3
F4B00~F4BFF - Ancient Monograms

F4C00~F4EFF - <unassigned>
F4F00~F4FFF - Arabic Extended-1
F5000~F511F - Voynich
F5120~F513F - Cistercian Cipher
F5140~F51DF - Tironian Notes

F51E0~F51FF - <unassigned>
F5200~F53BF - Pigpen
F53C0~F5DAF - <unassigned>
F5DB0~F5DFF - Kodo Symbols
F5E00~F5FFF - Kamakawi
F6000~F603F - Lakota
F6040~F609F - Nawa
F60A0~F60FF - <unassigned>
F6100~F627F - Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics Extended-1
F6280~F7FFF - <unassigned>
F8000~F81FF - Sylabica Extended-1
F8200~F86AF - Niji Syllables
F86B0~F88FF - Gem Language

F8900~FAFFF - <unassigned>
FB000~FB07F - Djenpa
FB080~FB0FF - <reserved for Oneiric Conscripts>
FB100~FB17F - Vinhorai
FB180~FB1FF - Sirboan
FB200~FB27F - Xiphosee
FB280~FB2FF - Minirasse [Mi,ni,rasse]
FB300~FB37F - Anemoian
FB380~FB3FF - Nihilezhxa
FB400~FB47F - Aa-Infinitio
FB480~FB4FF - Kaioloko [Kaiöloko]

FB500~FB9FF - <reserved for Oneiric Conscripts>
FBA00~FBA7F - Xiphosee Cursive
FBA80~FBFFF - <reserved for Oneiric Conscripts>
FC000~FC01F - Kanamit
FC020~FC04F - UUFO [U.U.F.O.]
FC050~FC08F - Kaotican
FC090~FC0BF - Mirror Text
FC0C0~FC0EF - Auroran
FC0F0~FC11F - Aquamarine
FC120~FC14F - Q-Block
FC150~FC17F - Supersolar
FC180~FC1AF - Voltik
FC1B0~FC1DF - Bloom
FC1E0~FC20F - Spheric
FC210~FC23F - EL [E.L.]
FC240~FC26F - Infinitum
FC270~FC29F - Coloraturan

FC2A0~FCFFF - <unassigned>
FD000~FD07F - Muric
FD080~FD09F - Plutonian
FD0A0~FD0FF - Gyorsrovas
FD100~FD14F - Bostani
FD150~FD1AF - New Mong
FD1B0~FD1EF - New Akha
FD1F0~FD22F - Akkhara Muni
FD230~FD25F - New Maori

FD0A0~FDEFF - <unassigned>
FDF00~FDFFF - <reserved for merrybot_v2>
FE000~FE01F - Raichi-1
FE020~FE02F - Raichi-2
FE030~FE06F - Orange Sheet Ideographs
FE070~FE08F - A20
FE090~FE0CF - Aereian
FE0D0~FE10F - A56
FE110~FE15F - Pargy
FE160~FE17F - Early Gerudo
FE180~FE19F - Modifier Tone Letters Extended-1
FE1A0~FE1BF - Combining Diacritical Marks Extended-2
FE1C0~FE1FF - <reserved for Erictom333>
FE200~FE3FF - Yoshiese Ideographs
FE400~FE41F - Minecraftian Supplement
FE420~FE6FF - Minecraftian
FE700~FE77F - Hylian
FE780~FE79F - Gerudo
FE7A0~FE7DF - Gerudo Presentation Forms
FE7E0~FE7FF - L8
FE800~FE87F - Legend of Zelda Symbols
FE880~FE8BF - Super Smash Bros Symbols [Super Smash Bros. Symbols]
FE8C0~FE8FF - Fantendo Smash Bros Symbols [Fantendo Smash Bros. Symbols]
FE900~FE93F - Mathematical Symbols Extended-1
FE940~FE9BF - Symbols and Punctuation Extended-2
FE9C0~FE9FF - Number Forms Extended-2
FEA00~FEB3F - Hylian Extended-1
FEB40~FEB4F - Gerudo Extended-1
FEB50~FEB5F - Gerudo Presentation Forms Extended-1
FEB60~FEB8F - Sheikah
FEB90~FEBAF - Legend of Zelda Symbols Extended-1
FEBB0~FEBCF - Super Smash Bros Symbols Extended-1 [Super Smash Bros. Symbols Extended-1]
FEBD0~FEBFF - <reserved for Erictom333>
FEC00~FEC0F - Gothic Extended-1
FEC10~FEC3F - Arabic Extended-2
FEC40~FECBF - <reserved for Erictom333>
FECC0~FECFF - Cyrillic Extended-3
FED00~FED5F - Tatar
FED60~FED7F - <reserved for Erictom333>
FED80~FEDAF - Script Gerudo
FEDB0~FEDFF - Script Gerudo Presentation Forms
FEE00~FEEFF - Mitrata Lipi
FEF00~FEF3F - Featural Minecraftian
FEF40~FEF9F - African Transitional
FEFA0~FEFFF - <reserved for Erictom333>
FF000~FF05F - Vexillology Symbols
FF060~FF0FF - Miscellaneous Technical Extended-1
FF100~FF16F - Control Pictures Extended-1
FF170~FF1FF - Segmented Display Patterns
FF200~FF27F - Number Forms Extended-3
FF280~FF28F - Dozenite Numerals
FF290~FF29F - Camp Duodecimal Numerals
FF2A0~FF2AF - Bibi-Binary Numerals
FF2B0~FF2BF - <unassigned>
FF2C0~FF2FF - Marian Sexagesimal Numerals
FF300~FF3FF - Block Elements Extended-1
FF400~FF5BF - Box Drawing Extended-1
FF5C0~FF5FF - Supplemental Arrows-1
FF600~FF6FF - Hex Byte Pictures
FF700~FF9FF - Control Pictures Extended-2
FFA00~FFABF - Miscellaneous Astronomical and Astrological Symbols
FFAC0~FFBFF - Chess Symbols Extended-1

FFC00~FFDFF - <unassigned>
FFE00~FFE1F - Adobe Compatibility Forms
FFE20~FFEFF - Apple Compatibility Forms

FFF00~FFFEF - Fragments
FFFF0~FFFFF - Plane F Specials

Additional PUA assignments can be found in the Plane 0 and (eventually) 10 fonts.

Feel free to recommend PUA assignments, though if it's a smaller block (i.e. ~256 characters or fewer), I might recommend the BMP PUA.

Also, it's more than likely I won't know every script well enough that there won't be any mistakes.  If/when I make a mistake, please tell me and I'll do my best to fix it!


It says that this font is not a valid font file when I try to install it, the same problem I've been having with Pixel Sans ever since I added SMP characters.

Comment by erictom333 3rd september 2021

also, none of the characters show up in the preview

Comment by merrybot_v2 3rd september 2021

I'm not sure why none of the characters show up, though it may have the same root cause as the font not being a valid file.  If it is the addition of SMP characters, I'm not sure what I could really do....unless Meek fixes this, assuming it's something he can, and assuming it's an actual bug (which I think it is).

I'm not sure, but I will still be adding the canIPA glyphs just in case.

Comment by Greenstar967 3rd september 2021

I've just sent a contact form; hopefully this issue can be fixed soon.

Comment by Greenstar967 3rd september 2021

Not sure what's going on with my comments (sorry if this is duplicate information), but the space (0020) and the vowels of the canIPA (F2000~F2046) have been added.

Comment by Greenstar967 3rd september 2021

I think the reason nothing shows up in the preview is because, when the render gets a list of characters to render, the codepoints are trunciated to the BMP (i.e. U+12345 is trunciated to U+2345), so it's tries to display those, but fails to display anything for that codepoint because it doesn't exist.

Comment by realicraft 3rd september 2021

Hm..that may be it.  I've also gotten in touch with FS support, and they say it will be fixed in time.

Comment by Greenstar967 3rd september 2021

Does anyone know how to delete raw glyph data?  As in, this font shows there are 143 glyphs despite there being only 72.  I made a mistake with the canIPA and had to move it from one spot to another, leading to what I believe to be essentially a doubling of glyph count, since the raw data is still in those previous code points....

Comment by Greenstar967 6th september 2021

Added some nasals

CCC: 117

Comment by Greenstar967 18th september 2021

Nasals and stops (everything up and including 10.3 in this pdf) are done

CCC: 219

Comment by Greenstar967 22nd september 2021

Added affricates (10.4)

CCC: 403

Comment by Greenstar967 11th december 2021

Added 10.5 and 10.6

CCC: 688

Comment by Greenstar967 11th december 2021

Added section 10.7 from the canIPA and a block of "fragments" which I think might be useful

CCC: 830

Comment by Greenstar967 12th december 2021

Based on the description, the place where you put the fragments and Latin Orthographic Extensions-B appear to clash with the Kinya Syllables block (Range: U+F0000–F0E6F) in the (U)CSUR…

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) 12th december 2021

I may put the Kinya Syllables somewhere else if you'd like them encoded; perhaps 100000~100E6F

Comment by Greenstar967 12th december 2021

That should work for now… There are 3,696 possible syllables in Kinya (You can also encode Kinya (Range: U+E150-E1AF), if needed) U+E185-E18C (CSUR) are combining.

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) 12th december 2021

What are the fragments for?

Comment by erictom333 13th december 2021

The fragments are mostly for me to have a way to more easily copy paste the curves I want, rather than repeatedly manually constructing them.  They wouldn't be considered for Unicode.

Also, all basic phonemes for canIPA have been finished (appendix and diacritcs still to come), and more Latin orthographic extensions have been added

CCC: 929

Comment by Greenstar967 13th december 2021

Done with the canIPA (finally), moved fragments, and added some more Latin orthographic/phonetic extensions

CCC: 1091

Comment by Greenstar967 16th december 2021

Added Camellian, Muric, and Djenpa (all conscripts to my knowledge, the last one my own).

CCC: 1312

Comment by Greenstar967 16th december 2021

For Djenpa, I wonder which letters are consonants, what letters make what sounds, syllable structure, phonotactics (what combinations of sounds are considered valid), etc…

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) 16th december 2021

I have a (somewhat outdated) page here with some of the basic stuff, although I haven't added a font in yet.  Essentially though, the script is split up into squares, triangles, curves, etc. for the consonants, and the vowels are strokes set inside them.  Syllables are CV or CVN primarily, with a few intricacies, and the nasal coda is indicated by a combining n character.  Numbers are made with the lines and squares in the middle, but some are combining and don't show up well in the preview.  The last few glyphs in that block are religious symbols.

Comment by Greenstar967 17th december 2021

Added Greek capital final sigma and reversed sigma (I've seen them in some places, I forget exactly where though), the (hopefully) rest of the canIPA symbols, and also some other punctuation stuff.

CCC: 1396

Edit: some canIPA punctuation that seems to me to be more general punctuation type stuff was added in the BMP PUA

Comment by Greenstar967 22nd december 2021

Added more Latin, Greek, and Hebrew extensions, as well as the Apple Logo that seems to be at U+F8FF in a lot of PUA schemes (except I put it at U+FFFFD, since it doesn't make too much sense to me to put it in the Klingon block)

CCC: 1414

Comment by Greenstar967 22nd december 2021

Wuld you mind moving the stuff you've got in the F0xxx range over to F3xxx? The currentlocation clashes with Kinya Syllables, and F2xxx is already taken (F2000-F23FF for canIPA, F2400-F27FF for my stuff, and I propose F2800-FBFFF for MUFI stuff).

Comment by erictom333 24th december 2021

Also, I've got some ideas for the extended Greek block. I'll give you charts once I make them.

Comment by erictom333 24th december 2021

I'd already proposed the allocations for Plane F in the UCSUR be moved to the Plane 10 font.  My reasoning there was 1) that I already had (unpublished) plans to fill F0000~F1DFF that would clash with the UCSUR anyway; and 2) the UCSUR might expand to F2xxx eventually, which means I'd have to either move the canIPA block or something else.

I suppose I could move all my Plane F stuff over, but it would be to Plane 10 rather than F3xxx.  My plans don't change much by moving them over, and we can cross the F2xxx clash bridge when we come to it.

Also, I've looked through MUFI and I don't think it would take more than half a plane(?), especially since there's already stuff in FBxxx.  I'm fine with really any sized allocation, since I can technically make a "Plane 11" font if I wanted to, just by reusing Planes F and 10, but from what I've seen, MUFI might take up 1/16 plane, if even that.

Comment by Greenstar967 24th december 2021

Added Tone Letters xA, Diacritics xA, Math xC, Misc Symbols xA, Number Forms xA, Gothic xA, Arabic xC, Cyrillic xD, Tatar, and African Transitional (FE180~FE1BF; FE900~FE9FF; FEC00~FEC3F; FECC0~FED5F; FEF40~FEF8F)

Also moved the Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, and Hebrew extended blocks at the beginning of this Plane over to Plane 10

CCC: 1665

Comment by Greenstar967 24th december 2021

Looking good regarding my scripts! Only qualms: FED08 should look like 'U', FED43 like 'g', and FEF76 should have the serif on the other side, like a low 'l'. I'll try to do your scripts justice in the same way you are doing to mine.

Comment by erictom333 24th december 2021

Also FED46 should look like 'u' with a line above.

Comment by erictom333 25th december 2021

I'm stuck with the last bits of the canIPA, as my allocation differs from yours.

Comment by erictom333 26th december 2021

Those changes have been made, thank you!  Apologies for the late reply, as I've been doing holiday/family things.  Additionally, if anything else looks wrong or you have any questions about my scripts, let me know and I will try to provide available changes/information.

Do you need a map of my canIPA allocation?

Comment by Greenstar967 30th december 2021

> the Apple Logo that seems to be at U+F8FF in a lot of PUA schemes (except I put it at U+FFFFD, since it doesn't make too much sense to me to put it in the Klingon block)

> One example of such a conflict is Apple's use of U+F8FF for the Apple logo, versus the ConScript Unicode Registry's use of U+F8FF as klingon mummification glyph in the Klingon script.[9]

Comment by Houlaiziaa 30th december 2021

Yes please, it'd help if I had a map of your canIPA allocation. Also, where did you get all those extra tones from?

Comment by erictom333 30th december 2021

@eric the extra tones are from which also has other canIPA things -- the important stuff is on pp. 14, 16, 24, 55-59

Comment by merrybot_v2 30th december 2021
Comment by Greenstar967 30th december 2021
Comment by Greenstar967 30th december 2021
Comment by Greenstar967 30th december 2021
Comment by Greenstar967 30th december 2021

Hopefully these should work.  F2000~F2392 can be found here and should more or less correspond to what we have already.  F2393~F23E3 can be found here.  The tone heights can be tricky.  I made them go from ascender height to descender height (since I think that's what the PDF prescribes), and I'd recommend downloading this font if you need a better look at where individual glyphs lie.  Some of the tone marks are also unified with glyphs from 02B0~02FF, and from F300~F4FF (my BMP PUA punctuation/combining characters blocks).

Comment by Greenstar967 30th december 2021

Thank you. I probably won't be able to encode some of the extra tones in Pixel Sans, though, due to their complexity (though I'll try).

Comment by erictom333 31st december 2021

After a bunch of moving, I decided I won't.

Comment by erictom333 1st january 2022

That's alright

Comment by Greenstar967 1st january 2022

Added Raichi-2, Orange Sheet Ideographs, Pargy, and two specials at FFFF0 and FFFF1 (brackets to mark ascender height, descender height, etc.)

CCC: 1868

Comment by Greenstar967 4th january 2022

Part 1/2 of my PUA Latin allocation, mostly phonetic stuff

Comment by erictom333 9th january 2022


Comment by erictom333 9th january 2022

and here's the MUFI

Comment by erictom333 9th january 2022
Comment by erictom333 9th january 2022

sorry they didn't upload the first time

Comment by erictom333 9th january 2022

Also, F2662, F2663, F26A1, F26A2, F26EB are all small capital Ls with wavy bottoms and should look like what I've drawn, but all the other letters that look like lowercase rs are.

Comment by erictom333 9th january 2022

Thanks for this!  A lot of the non-MUFI stuff looks like what I've been doing with my Plane 10 Latin block (completing case forms of IPA and other Latin extensions, etc., so would you prefer I move some of that over to the F2400 block?

Comment by Greenstar967 12th january 2022

Yes please, where they are unified. Note that I have used existing letters for capitals of ɘɟ (ƎɈ), have different letter shapes for capitals of ɭɮɺɾʄȡ (last is lezh with retroflex hook), and casing forms for the clickks and glottal stops, but not for letters outside the IPA. Also, ɦ already cases (to Ɦ in Ext-D plus F214 in the PUA, neither of which should be unified with my F24ED or yours in plane 10).

Comment by erictom333 12th january 2022

Alright then, I'll work on that

Comment by Greenstar967 12th january 2022

Added A20, Aerian, A56, and Mitrata Lipi, although I'm not sure I've done everything right in the case of A56.  There seemed to be some discrepencies between the proposal and PS/PS F), so let me know if I need to fix anything!

CCC: 2176

Comment by Greenstar967 15th january 2022

Looking good! A56 is done well given the constraints of FontStruct; in lieu of advanced font rendering, the model I used in Pixel Sans is sufficient. A few errata:

- FE054 (Orange Sheet Ideograph "external") should be a square inside a circle.
- My tone letters should be the height of a *lowercase* x.
- FE427 (Minecraftian digit seven) should be square like the rest of FE420-FE426. Other than that, Minecraftian looks great so far.
- Right-facing vowel diacritics (FEE3B-FEE3D, FEE48-FEE4B, FEE5E-FEE5F, FEE8C-FEE8D, FEE9E, FEEA0) in Mitrata Lipi should take up one full character cell. This also applies in Indic scirpts like Devanagari.

Comment by erictom333 15th january 2022

The first three errata are fixed, thanks!

The right-facing vowel diacritics in Mitrata Lipi and Devanagari are a full cell now, but they look kind of awkward at the moment so I may further shift them around, etc.

Comment by Greenstar967 15th january 2022

All of F2xxx up through MUFI have been completed, hopefully with as few errata as possible.  I've also added some extra phonetic symbols I found and other MUFI characters that weren't initially included.

MUFI and TITUS also provide a set of precomposed Latin characters (and Greek, Georgian, and Cyrillic, in TITUS's case).  I'm unsure about whether to add these - Unicode has stopped doing so since 3.0, but I've added them in the case of the canIPA, Cyrillic Extended-1, and one or two characters in the BMP PUA.  I probably will if there's room for it, just to keep consistent with my own font.

I've also been made aware of some extra canIPA letters that have been sneaking around in some of its creator's other documents, so I'll be working on compiling those.  That and encoding the rest of FExxx should be coming up soon.

Additionally, @erictom333 you said around December that you had some ideas for a Greek Extension block - I'm not sure if you still wanted to do something along those lines but if you do I can try and see what I can do.

Comment by Greenstar967 13th may 2022

Here's the Greek extension I'd made. 100382-10038F are various epichoric letters and additional letters for Arvanitic, Cypriot Arabic, and Griko; 100392-10039B are "fake Greek letters" from Fairfax ("Ei" has been unified with 1003BA and 03F2); and 10039C-1003C9 are historical regional letter variants.

Comment by erictom333 14th january 2023

Here's the extended Greek. 100382-10038F are epichoric letters and additional letters for Arvanitic, Cypriot Arabic and Griko; 100392-10039B are the "fake Greek letters" from Fairfax (capital and lowercase Ei have been unified with 1003BA and 03F2 respectively); and 10039C-1003C9 are historical regional forms.

Comment by erictom333 14th january 2023

Extended Greek looks good!  I'll add when I can.

Comment by Greenstar967 21st january 2023

Also where did you get 100382~100387 from?

Comment by Greenstar967 21st january 2023

Epichoric letters, from an article online. I don't have thelink but I do know that it had a blue background and contained the word "pig-ological"

Comment by erictom333 21st january 2023

edit: It's this one.

Comment by erictom333 21st january 2023

Thank you!

Comment by Greenstar967 27th january 2023

All of FExxx completed (plus some extra characters and symbols I've found, especially in the video game symbols sections).  That took longer than I thought lol

CCC: 15282 (which is more than Plane 0 at this point!)

Comment by Greenstar967 27th march 2023

Apparently I've not mentioned that I've also added Lakota some time before the Kinya syllables (at least according to the font tags).  This is courtesy of William Leverette (will.i.ૐ)'s fs White Hat!

Comment by Greenstar967 27th march 2023

Wow. Thank you so much for doing all of the characters I've created. Once again, I'd like to point out some more errata, which are to be expected from transcribing thousands of characters from my handwriting.

- Early Gerudo diacritics FE171 and FE172 should not have the tick you gave them; they should appear like ᐣ ᑦ (the "tick" is a part of the dotted circle used to indicate diacritics).

- FE1AA is a duplicate of 20F0 (Combining Asterisk Above) and should be deleted to make room for future diacritics.

- FE255's legs should not curl back around on the inside of the circle; the legs should look like a shortened version of FE216. FE233 should be FE225 rotated 180 degrees.

- FE402 should not have the "circumflex" touching the arm of the "F".

- FE78A, and characters derived from it (FE7BE-FE7C0) should have a curved hook on the bottom instead of the sharp one you gave it.
- The superscript numbers in the Super Smash Bros. and Fantendo Smash Bros. symbols are placeholders and should be removed until I can provide images of them. FE8E1, FE8F8 and FE8FA are duplicates or stylistic variants of FE8E2, FE8DB, and FE8C2 respectively.
- FEA00-FEA06 are duplicates of FE855-FE85A up to order.
- The various Legend of Zelda scripts you have added in FEA10-FEB8D do not belong in the FExxx block, as they are not my scripts (unlike my version of Hylian and 3 versions of Gerudo). Yes, I know that FE8xx are symbols that are (mostly) not mine, but they can stay there until we can agree on a better spot to put them.

Out of curiosity, where did you get FE821-FE822, FE825, FE85B-FE87D, and FEB90-FEBAD from?

Comment by erictom333 28th march 2023

Errata (hopefully) fixed.  FEAxx~FEBxx can be moved once we find a place to put them; I'm fine with mostly anywhere really (though FEA10~FEB8F would have a preference of being with other alphabets/syllabaries, and FEB90~FEBCF would have a preference of being with other symbols).  They weren't really intended to stay here for long anyway - and EA00~EBFF in Pixel Sans seems to be somewhat analogous to F2400~F25FF here.

Does this mean I should delete FE8E1, FE8F8, and FE8FA?  They look to be different enough to include separately...but if it's something like a single story a/g distinction I'll remove them.

The extra LoZ symbols can mostly be found here.  Specifically:

FE821 - Vaati's Eye
FE822 - Wind Crest
FE825 - Symbol of Time (links to Door of Time)
FE85B~FE85F - Various medallion emblems (Bombos, Ether, Quake, Travel, and a variant of Forest used in OoT (as opposed to OoT3D) respectively)
FE860~FE86A - Boss insignia (not exactly sure which is which but I think I have a general idea, including symbols in TWW and ALttP)
FE86B~FE86F - Temple emblems from Spirit Tracks
FE870~FE873 - Seasons symbols from OoS
FE874~FE879 - Sky characters
FE87A~FE87C - Door symbols from Phantom Hourglass
FE87D - Block/Switch symbol from TWW
FEB90~FEB93 - More seasons symbols from OoS
FEB94~FEB99 - Cyclone Slate symbols from Phantom Hourglass
FEB9A~FEBAD - Stamps from Spirit Tracks (which really don't look too recognizable in GSU2; maybe they should be fullwidth if they remain....)

I don't know if all/any of these should actually be included (I'm not an expert on LoZ); I just found all of these from what I think to be the same place you did(?) (or at least it has many of the same symbols).

Comment by Greenstar967 3rd april 2023

Added vexillology symbols, misc. technical extensions, visible glyphs for control characters extensions, segmented display patterns, number forms, and block element extensions (actually somewhat closer to early May).  Also fixed fullwidth characters as described in Plane 0, and added a few extra Minecraftian characters.

CCC: 16173

Comment by Greenstar967 23rd june 2023

Added box drawing extensions and more arrows as per @erictom333's proposal (which is now finished I think).  Also added hex byte pictures (from FairfaxHD) and additional control pictures.

CCC: 17580

Comment by Greenstar967 28th july 2023

Speaking of Box Drawing Extensions, four of those will be in Unicode 16 as U+1FBD8 to U+1FBDB per an approved proposal.

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) 28th july 2023

Neat!  They'll be removed and readded to Plane 1 when the time comes then

Comment by Greenstar967 29th july 2023

I Feel Scammed

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx 29th july 2023

How so may I ask?

Comment by Greenstar967 31st july 2023

I forgot.

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Tue, 15th august

But Here is a Proposal

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Wed, 16th august

But Here is a Proposal

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Wed, 16th august

1/4 (Red Parts aren't part of the Glyph)

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Wed, 16th august


Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Wed, 16th august


Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Wed, 16th august


Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Wed, 16th august

Here's another Proposal.


Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Wed, 16th august


Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Wed, 16th august
Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Wed, 16th august


Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Wed, 16th august


Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Wed, 16th august

I can do that!  Although it looks like I might already have some of the extended Latin glyphs, so I'll just add the ones I don't already.  Do you have a names list for these?

Comment by Greenstar967 Thu, 17th august

Sorry but I feel lazy.

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Thu, 17th august

That Means you'll have to do some Research.

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Thu, 17th august

And I'll think up Replacement Glyphs for the Ones You've Already Encoded.

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Thu, 17th august

BTW You Should Check out My Fontstructions.

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Thu, 17th august

Well I guess I ask for a list/source because I want to be sure I'm drawing them correctly, and that there are no duplicates.  I recognize some of the glyphs either from another well-known font/encoding scheme (e.g. F47FC~F), some from another Latin block I have (e.g. F4600~1, 2B~C, 30~1), and some I could guess as either being Soviet minority scripts or something similar.  In that sense I could do research on what I think some of them are, but a source would still be helpful.  Otherwise I'm not sure where I would be able to start doing research though....

Comment by Greenstar967 Thu, 17th august

Ok! I'll make a Video on all the Glyphs.

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Sat, 19th august

Just Kidding! But here are the Sources:


I Forgot


Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Sat, 19th august

Ah thank you!

Comment by Greenstar967 Mon, 21st august

Thank you so much! I'm working on my biggest proposal yet tho!

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Tue, 22nd august

No problem!

Comment by Greenstar967 Wed, 23rd august

The Proposal will Contain Symbols Unlike Anything I've Proposed Before.

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Thu, 24th august

Here it is!

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Mon, 4th september


Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Mon, 4th september


Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Mon, 4th september


Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Mon, 4th september


Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Mon, 4th september
Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Mon, 4th september
Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Mon, 4th september
Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Mon, 4th september
Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Mon, 4th september

Damn, can't you just share a link to the page that contains these images instead of posting seven image posts in a row? Thanks!

Comment by Sed4tives Mon, 4th september

Will do

Comment by Greenstar967 Mon, 4th september


Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Tue, 5th september

Camellian has been moved around and fixed (including a new character addition), and has been renamed to UUFO.  Added The Calling CipherKaotican, and some MUFI additions from the Menota Handbook.  Also fixed a Lakota glyph.

CCC: 17699

Comment by Greenstar967 Wed, 6th september

I'd like to reserve FFA00..FFAFF for assorted astronomical and astrological symbols, which I have already planned and will draw up soon.

Comment by erictom333 Fri, 8th september

Where did you get Everything in Cyrillic Extended-3?

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Wed, 20th september

@erictom333 Sounds good, will allocate

@xXFarmItFan330Xx Cyrillic Extended-3 is Eric's proposal (see this font Plane 0)

Comment by Greenstar967 Mon, 25th september

I was talking to Eric.

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Mon, 25th september

A Cyrillic IPA I made up.

Comment by erictom333 Tue, 26th september

@erictom333, I like your Cyrillic IPA, do Can I help you with it?

also what are the Letters Pronunciations?

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Wed, 27th september

@xXFarmItFan330Xx It's just one of the many things I made a few years ago and threw in my PUA allocation for sake of completeness.

Comment by erictom333 Wed, 27th september

That's not an Answer.

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Sat, 30th september

@erictom333 Where did you get Everything in Arabic Extended-1?

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Wed, 4th october

Why does Script Gerudo Look Like Arabic?

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Wed, 4th october

@xXFarmItFan330Xx An Arabic IPA I also made up; and because I modelled it off of Arabic.

Also, it's not good practice to capitalise most words in a sentence like you've been doing. It makes you look stupid.

Comment by erictom333 Thu, 5th october
Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Thu, 5th october

Are you taking a Break?

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Mon, 9th october

Why do you scatter your allocations all over the PUA, instead of putting them in the same area like I do? And why do you capitalise random words?

Comment by erictom333 Mon, 9th october

@erictom333 - IDK how to Properly Capitalize.

@Greenstar967 - Are You Taking a Break?

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Mon, 9th october

I'm not taking a break really, just busy with college etc.

Generally, in English, only the first letter of a sentence (not every word), proper nouns (like names of specific places, people, languages, and days of the week), and abbreviations (like PUA and BMP).  It's a bit complicated and even subjective sometimes (for example I've seen all three of LOL/lol/LoL for laugh(ing) out loud) - but I hope this helps a bit :)

Comment by Greenstar967 Mon, 9th october

I have some proposals I made.

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Tue, 10th october

Astronomical Symbols is finished (some complex symbols like the occultation symbols can be made two or three wide). Gyorsrovas is under construction.

@xXFarmItFan330Xx Feel free to add them to the wiki.

Comment by erictom333 Fri, 13th october
Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Tue, 17th october
Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Tue, 17th october
Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Tue, 17th october


Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Tue, 17th october


Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Tue, 17th october

I'd say add any new proposals to the wiki if you can as well.  I'll accept pretty much any proposal that's thrown at me, but there should be a cleaner way to do things than cluttering up the comments sections here.

Comment by Greenstar967 Tue, 17th october


Comment by Anjoki01 Tue, 17th october

Added a bunch of misc. Latin and moved Martin Hexadecimal Numerals; see Plane 0

CCC: 17909

Comment by Greenstar967 Tue, 17th october
Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Wed, 18th october

Woooooooooopoooooooooooooolooooooo,,,,! !

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Wed, 18th october

@xXFarmItFan330Xx I've also been planning a Halfwidth and Fullwidth Extensions block, and I'd like to share my thoughts so we can collaborate. I'm planning on including halfwidth archaic Katakana and Hangul jamo, Bopomofo, certain important CJK ideographs, and Minecraftian. I don't think the fullwidth double numbers you put in FE000..FE064 serve any purpose, as they would be identical to a sequence of two (halfwidth) numbers. Also, the entire FExxx region has already been claimed by me and mostly filled, so it'd have to be moved somewhere else.

Comment by erictom333 Wed, 18th october

@erictom333 Ok. I'll Collab. There is also Halfwidth Hiragana, but it must be made with CSS.

Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx Sun, 22nd october

The Calling Cipher is actually called Kanamit and is from The Twilight Zone (1950s)...

Comment by Fluxxor392 Tue, 31st october

Interesting!  Name has been updated.

Comment by Greenstar967 Thu, 2nd november

Specifically from the episode "To Serve Man". You can download a font for it here:
And a quick doodle of some potential lowercase Seussian letters...

Comment by Fluxxor392 Sun, 26th november

Would it be possible to add the Inkling language from Splatoon?

Comment by Fluxxor392 Thu, 30th november

Also of Interest


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