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Info: Created on 3rd July 2018 . Last edited on 3rd July 2018.
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color-able guide line

Comment by JingYo 11th July 2018

While browsing the hidden gems, I came across a sight I found quite peculiar: Buckaroo, a nice design by FS master funk_king, with only a 4.87 balanced rating across 30 (!) votes. I went to it to see what the issue was, but to my surprise, there was none that I could find. I voted it a 10, but the rating only went up to 4.91. I then went to its balanced ratings page, where I found that FS claims that it has a 4.65 average rating, despite having 13 tens, 12 others of six or more, and only 4 votes of two or one. I calculated the mean by hand (well, with a calculator) and came up with ~8.23 as what I would call the "average rating". So what's going on here?

Comment by ETHproductions 10th August 2018

(excuse me, I meant the Vote Breakdown page... A comment-editing feature would be nice, as long as there's a way to view previous versions of the comment :-) )

Comment by ETHproductions 10th August 2018

Also, I made a mathematical error: the mean of the 31 ratings is ~7.55, not ~8.23. Still a far cry from ~4.65 though!

Comment by ETHproductions 10th August 2018

Thanks @ETH I'll look into it

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 10th August 2018

I am currently correcting the ratings for all FontStructions. This particular case is a special one. The average rating and weighted rating are actually accurate, the number of votes displayed and their values are not.

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 11th August 2018

Seems that for me the font editor is bugged a the moment. uppon opening a project I get a fully filled grid canvas.

Am I the only one who's having this, or anyone got any clues whats wrong?

Comment by Sed4tives 12th August 2018

Ah. Looks like a firefox bug …

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 12th August 2018

Yea that was what I thought as well. When I resize the browser window manually the editor gets back to normal.

I am now reinstalling all browser runtime apps such as flash.

Comment by Sed4tives 13th August 2018

Fixed now.

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 13th August 2018

Yeah, I see, thanks boss!

Comment by Sed4tives 13th August 2018

There should be a way to define alternates (oldstyle, tabular, Stylistic sets 1-20, etc.)

Comment by anonymous-1520403 6th September 2018

Wishlist -#-possibility while in Fontstructor preview, to type 'unicode names' with 1 or more letters (in sets above  MoreLatin) to allow their kerning with other glyphs -#-automatic attachment of a BasicLatin glyph's individually added "'kerning value"' when hand/auto-copying glyphs to other sets , maintaining ratio between the kerned-partner glyph and the diacritically changed BasicLatin glyph (this could automate all "'kerned pairs'" on Latin based glyph bands *i.e.  the BasicLatin LC 'l' with caron followed by 'a' *)

Comment by Aeolien 11th September 2018

I second Aeolien's suggestions. Anything to help automate or duplicate kerning would be of great benefit, particularly to US/UK keyboard users.

Comment by zephram 12th September 2018

I think the copy to latin accents should copy to latin-A, latin-B, Latin-Add as well, so we wouldn't have to use a lot of time copying and pasting individial letters...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 12th September 2018

Wishlist: Half-arc bricks, at least for the halfwidth ones.

Why: Apart from the fact that they enable MANY new designs and styles, there is presently no way to invent, whether through stacking or composites or both, any brick that has geometry like these. Many designs achieve curves like this through polygons, but almost none of them have congruent geometry on the inline and outline components at the same time, and those that do are built in a huge scale. These bricks would be useful at almost any scale.

I know this has probably been suggested before, but these bricks really would be useful. Just looking at this diagram makes me get about a dozen different ideas:

Comment by zephram 27th September 2018

Alternately: One half-arc brick in the three different widths. This would still let users rotate and flip the half-arc to complete portions of circles.

Comment by zephram 27th September 2018

@zephram Sounds like a good idea.

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 27th September 2018

Oh yes, it does! ;-)

It would solve the terminals problem in half of my FontStructions...

Comment by laynecom 27th September 2018

Mine too... It'd make it easier to fontstruct an X in a circle

Comment by anonymous-1520403 27th September 2018

Half arc bricks are a cool idea. I've tried building them and the ones I have made have been pretty rough.

Comment by jonrgrover 27th September 2018

I definitely agree with adding the half-arc bricks, for different widths of arc preferably (and don't forget eighth-circle bricks!). Of course, if we had either a "subtract" tool or an "invert" option, these would be a piece of cake :-)

Regarding accents, I'd like to have a feature where the base letters are not only copied to higher ranges, but also "linked"—so that any change in the base letter changes all the accented versions as well. Several times I've decided to make a design change after implmenting accents, and then had to copy the change to every other copy of the letter spread throughout the Unicode ranges. Preferably this feature would also link kerning data as in Aeolien's suggestion, though I understand if this isn't possible...

Comment by ETHproductions 27th September 2018

Thanks for the feedback. Half-arc bricks will be added.

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 28th September 2018

Amazing! Thanks, Rob! :D

@ETHProductions: A subtract tool would be insane!

Comment by zephram 28th September 2018

Insanely impressive and useful, I meant. :D

Comment by zephram 28th September 2018

Are these three enough, or do we need the rotated duplicates?

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 28th September 2018

I can only envision one scenario where the others would be required - when they are put in composites (since compositing always uses the original orientation of the brick). But I also understand the desire not to clutter things up... those three alone would still be of great benefit...

Comment by zephram 28th September 2018

After some more thinking, it does seem like all the possible composites could be done with just those three bricks. I think there's no difference in functionality, only convenience.

Comment by zephram 28th September 2018

Thanks @zephram. Yes I was wondering about composites and transformations too – but I guess you can transform the composite. Let’s start with just the three – hopefully within the next 24 hours.

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 28th September 2018

I went to experiment and think I found a case for adding the other bricks.

Building this shape below is perfectly possible with just one arc brick - but, the transformed one will get distorted in the composite. And, since stacking uses the original orientation of the bricks, it's possible to make this shape, but not to composite it. One can't get that final curve in the bottom right in a way that can be incorporated into complex bricks.

Fortunately, this seems like an uncommon scenario. It's the only one I was unable to solve out of the many I entertained. And, with 2x2 filters, one can still make the 3-brick shape here and use it as if it were a composite, since 2x2 leaves plenty of room for things to overlap.

Comment by zephram 28th September 2018

Adding simple rotated variants, like this, would not help with your scenario right? – You would need also flipped variants(?) – so you would need at least 8 bricks for each kind of half-arc, 24 new bricks in total.

I'm reluctant to add 24 new bricks of this type to the palette. Perhaps just the three. One day we will have composites that respect tranformations, and three will be enough anyway. Input from others welcome on this.

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 28th September 2018

I didn't think that such a simple idea resulted in 24 new bricks. :-D

I would leave it at the three that you first suggested. But composites that respect transformation sounds like an very exciting thing. I would definitely support that!

Comment by laynecom 28th September 2018

half-circles also?

Comment by ThinkLogically 29th September 2018

@ThinkLogically You can create those using composites, but if they are diagonally split, I don't know know to make the diagonally-split ones...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 29th September 2018

I have another small brick request if it is not to much asked really.

In a way it's a extention of Zephramsrecent request, but would allow people to tap into a complete new area of letter styles such as insular script. I know this already is possible right now but its very limited and for experienced structors only basically due to the fact that you have to understand composites and filter settings/behaviour pretty good.

And this brick would greatly simply things as well as allowing also to make more sublte to some styles than is possible right now. I attached a example of the brick I would like to request!

But instead like with the previous new bricks I would like to ask for all four rotated orientations on this bricks due to the fact that it is most likely going to be used in composites and situation that have nudging going on, which isn't really the case with the brick zephram requested.



Comment by Sed4tives 9th October 2018

For example it would allow us to make letter like tis.

Comment by Sed4tives 9th October 2018

Hi, Ron, I think it is a good idea, especially working with 1/4- and 1/8-wide letters...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 9th October 2018

Meant working with letters with 1/4 and 1/8 widths

Comment by anonymous-1520403 9th October 2018

These 2 suggestions may be a bit far fetched, but they would be handy:
1. Having a split-screen view with one screen being able to have a different filter setting.  Right now making composites in 2x2 is okay, but it's much more intuitive & fast in 1x1.

2. Having an overlay showing which bricks are occupied. Right now, I have to fumble around, finding what bricks are occupied. Maybe adding a grey overlay would be helpful

Comment by j4s13 9th October 2018

Also, @Sed4tives, you would have to add the reverse contrast bricks. 

Comment by j4s13 9th October 2018

I am aware of this type of construction you explain I guess

Still it lacks the connection to the two tinner segmented bricks

Comment by Sed4tives 9th October 2018

Do you think these bricks can be added? I know I can create the first one, but even with composites and stacking, I cannot create the second brick...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 10th October 2018

Please add the rest of the Unicode blocks for the Basic Multilingual Plane!!! They already work to make and save in the editor using a modded client-side script. (changing the "blocks" array) Some missing blocks may be really big; but you can always divide it into parts!! I don't think anyone will ever finish like all the CJK Ideographs, but they can be available to those who want to make it- like the top 100 or 250 kanjis for Japanese fonts.

There are also some new small blocks added to Unicode 11 such as Cyrillic Extended C!! 

Comment by Khalfani 10th October 2018

I mean just, perhaps, to change that array and make it official

Comment by Khalfani 10th October 2018

I'd want to add the rest of CJK and the Hanguls between 가 and 힣 (including 가 and 힣) to my growing F77 Minecraft, They'd have to split it as 41 blocks of 512 characters...

And Georgian Extended... (Already in font)

Comment by anonymous-1520403 10th October 2018

And Hangul Syllables as 22 blocks of 512 (part 22 has 420 characters)

Comment by anonymous-1520403 10th October 2018

My comment might not belong in this forum (please move if necessary @Meek). I'd love to own the basic "Glyphs" program to smooth my fonts and kern complex unicode points more easily. Can I get Glyphs for IOS to work on windows 7?

Comment by Aeolien 10th October 2018

Well, @Aeo, Since Glyphs is for mac, probs not...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 10th October 2018

*sighhhhhh* ok, thanks @77

Comment by Aeolien 10th October 2018

@Aeolien: I don't know what functionality you want in a font editor, but I know a good, free one for Windows: TypeLight. I've used it to edit a few Fontstructions before and had good results! There are some limitations with it, but for most uses it's perfectly solid.

Comment by zephram 11th October 2018

There is also the free and open-source FontForge

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 11th October 2018

What I use to make my oldstyle numerals work in my font...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 11th October 2018

@ zeph: it's to kern glyphs with unicode points using letters. I'd love to see carry-over of kerned values from BasicLatin glyphs into other glyph bands while I copy-paste those glyphs there before adding diacritics. Thanks, @Meek!! Got those two, will test :)

Comment by Aeolien 11th October 2018

Yeah, unfortunately, Glyphs team never plans to make a windows version, and instead pretentiously says "Type Design is a Mac Business," which, it is not. 

Comment by j4s13 11th October 2018

Anyways, I trimmed my font, and it didn't work as expected. It trimmed all of my bricks, so I lost the font I was making. I read what it did and it seemed like it was going to work fine.

Comment by j4s13 11th October 2018

Sorry to hear that, j4s. I think we all have encountered the fearsome sly Glyphgobbler as he loves those fonts that involve our minds intensely :-/

Comment by Aeolien 11th October 2018

I agree with Rob. Font Forge is great, once you figure it out. I often create fonts here, and then redraw them with Font Forge. If anyone wants to use it, you can ask me—I've been using FF for years, and there are a lot of programming techniques (class kerning, for example) that are all but impossible to find tutorials for.

An aside to the above comments: this is why I only use Macintosh. Granted, they are predominantly designed for artists. :)

Comment by TCWhite 11th October 2018

Having tried to make sense of ff  I feel at home with FS and even more enchanted by Meek's work here! I should FS rectangular or square glyphs without sloped edges that might need kerning [tick]. Or give up [cross]. Or get someone talented *looking above* to do the tricky kernings for me [U 2E2E].

Comment by Aeolien 11th October 2018

Wishlist: a permanent or mouse-over colourchange of the button backgrounds indicating all available language sets, to see where we have saved glyphs on. That would help us beginners find glyphs we made ages ago on a band whose name we've forgotten if we can't get precise help through our computer's character map (or don't know how to search for elusive glyph places). I forgot to say Thank you @ Meek: those new half arcs are wonderful! I feel inspired to sketch some ideas that use them.

Comment by Aeolien 11th October 2018
Comment by architaraz 12th October 2018

The new bricks. Yeah! But, they should be treated the same way as the fin brick (or any other 8 variant brick). So we end up with 32 bricks in total. Having all of them is of course convinient, no need for rotation, various stacking combinations (think when stacking them with each other). 

But if 32 is too much, maybe we first try with just the horizontal and vertical mirror of each brick, so no need for the ones highlighted in the above image. 

But having all 32 will create much more possibilities. We could potentially get the same shapes with 16 bricks by combining it with nudging, but nudging has its limitations and not really comfortable, so I vote for all 32.

Comment by architaraz 12th October 2018

This would be a bit of a hassle to code, but maybe a folder that expands to all varieties? What I imagine is the half-arcs with a small arrow in the corner, and when you click it it expands to a folder that looks similar to when you shift-click a composite.

Comment by j4s13 12th October 2018

More possibilities are nice, but I think that it may be more important to have a high density of possibility for each brick. Were it not so, we'd have thousands of bricks in the palette just to fill every niche.

I suggested the half-arcs because I saw a ton of individual distinct uses for them at once, while also seeing that they were near impossible to otherwise make. I put together a case to illustrate all that, and then others added even more to it. I think that's the kind of push/demand that's needed to get new bricks added... cool ideas may not have enough merit alone...

Having said all that, there must be a dozen different ways to codify and present bricks. I think it'd be cool if they just added everything, within some set that had to be actively enabled in order for the bricks to be added to the palette. Maybe the new stuff gets written to memory somewhere (an inaccessible glyph?) when an Expert mode option is enabled, then it gets removed from the inaccessible glyph when the mode is disabled, thus trimming the unused ones from the palette.

Comment by zephram 12th October 2018

If you’re bumping the thread, I am reading it. No plans to make the tab editable. I will review the unicode stuff at some point.

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 17th October 2018

thank you

Comment by anonymous-0 17th October 2018

An idea I've had for a while: Make the middle mouse button pan the Fontstructor view. No idea how hard it'd be to implement, but it'd be a very welcome improvement. Cheers!

Comment by zephram 31st October 2018

Funny today I was making exactly the same for the same readson. But I abandonned it later. Since none of my previous brick request got reviewed.. :(

Comment by Sed4tives 7th November 2018

I am requesting 8 curve bricks, so I can be able to create a 2x2 curve with 1x1 filters... Is this possible?

Comment by anonymous-1520403 11th November 2018

@Se7enty-Se7en That would require 12 bricks right? Or at least 3, and then they can be rotated.

Or just work with 2x2 filters and you can create these with stacks. I pretty much only work with 2x2 filters...just allows for so many more possibilities.

Comment by aphoria 12th November 2018

@meek - I'm glad we are able to edit our own comments on our personal Fontstruction pages again (a feature that had been lost for some time during a previous upgrade), but would it also be possible to extend that editting feature for any samples we might upload to our Fontstruction pages?  I know we could previously delete or upload a new sample in the place of an old one, and for those of us that are proof-reading challenged (like me -- I only seem to find errors AFTER I upload them), it would be a nice feature to have again.  Thanks for listening!  :^)

Comment by Goatmeal 22nd November 2018

I have a question about the 1/8th segment of the macaroni brick. When using it @ 2:2 brick filter and try to compile a uninterrupted shape out of it by nudging and rotating it seems allignement is offset.

Comment by Sed4tives 26th November 2018

Don't they suppose to allign when they are perfect 1/8th segments?

Comment by Sed4tives 26th November 2018

@Sed4tives: A computation of those inner and outer circle segments shows an inexact alignment.

Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 26th November 2018

Download funtion is not working. I get a 504 Gateway Time-out

Comment by Sed4tives 27th November 2018

I can't seem to download my fonts either, I am getting a 504 error after a while...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 29th November 2018

There should be the ability to rotate bricks in intervals of 15° as it can make fonts with a constant thickness easier to create on FontStruct...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 9th January 2019

I'd be nice if you could edit the Private Use Area (U+E000 to U+F8FF) without having to mess with the browser console.

Comment by realicraft 16th February 2019

@realicraft ...or any unicode block in the BMP...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 16th February 2019

Well, you can always add symbols to unused charsets, then transfer them to PUAs using any other editor e.g. FontForge.

Comment by Cookielord 16th February 2019

I'd rather not have to pay just to add something that makes the font have to not be on Fontstruct.

Comment by realicraft 16th February 2019

Uhhh... FontForge is open-source. What are you talking about?

Comment by Cookielord 16th February 2019

Oh, I didn't know that. I will now change my argument to "I'd rather not risk losing my school computer just to add something that makes the font have to not be on Fontstruct."

Comment by realicraft 17th February 2019

@Realicraft Have you tried using fontforge while it is on a USB Flash Drive/SD Card?

Comment by anonymous-1520403 17th February 2019

@Se7enty-Se7en - Using external flash drives/SD cards may not be permitted.  Schools and businesses often have strict rules concerning flash media to prevent unwanted viruses / malware / non-sanctioned software from being used on their machines.

Comment by Goatmeal 17th February 2019

@Goatmeal I don't think that is applicable, judging from the fact that last year (and maybe this year I don't remember) a USB drive was on the materials list

@Se7enty-Se7en No. By the way, is FontForge even Mac compatible?

Also, suggestion for Fontstruct: remove the 500 error on

Comment by realicraft 22nd February 2019

@realicraft Yes, FontForge is usable on Windows, Mac, and GNU/Linux...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 22nd February 2019

There's the bug that sometimes after leaving the FontStructor it happens that one brick shows multiple times in the "My Bricks" section. I wonder why this happens.

Comment by mgUdit 23rd February 2019

I concur. Unfortunately I've no idea, although I think Rob (Meek) has asked before if anyone has a step by step procedure that can guarantee this error to occur. I'm unsure as to whether anyone did or not, but it is obviously an ongoing problem, yet to be resolved.

Comment by djnippa 23rd February 2019

I think you may have been on multiple browser windows of the same font...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 23rd February 2019

Never had it, whereas I often have the same font open in two windows.

Comment by Sed4tives 23rd February 2019

That bug can be caused by several things, notably the use of copy/paste. I'm still not sure why it happens for some bricks and not for others. Stacked bricks and composites seem most apt to trigger it. I did record and send video of how to reproduce this and other bugs, but my ways seem to not be the only ways to cause them...

Comment by zephram 23rd February 2019

I am proposing the nudging function to be looser and finer...

(So you can be able to nudge further and finer in your fonts and solve certain centering problems with accents)...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 5th March 2019

I would like to see the establishing of some guidelines for behavior on this site, especially those pertaining to the subject of unsolicited advice.  Alternatively, I'd like to be able to close comments by default on new FontStructions...

Comment by zephram 6th March 2019
Comment by Sed4tives 22nd March 2019
Comment by Sed4tives 22nd March 2019

@STF I agree, I can't be able to get that brick with composites and stacking... (The e in the sample is from "STF_SEAN-SHERIFF")

Comment by anonymous-1520403 22nd March 2019

Some ideas:

- A way to copy kerning data between a letter and its variants, so you wouldn't have to manually do such a large amount of kerning pairs (for example, you adjust the kerning between AT, AV, AW, and it would automatically copy it to ÀT, ÀV, ÀW, etc.)

- A shortcut key for "delete" (not "cut")

- A "switch UC/LC" option

- A way to change the font's version number

Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 22nd March 2019

Echoing the above, especially for the copying of kerning data.

My idea: A Metrics panel that can be brought onto the preview screen in Expert mode.  I'm not sure what this would contain other than a line spacing control. The ability to set the line spacing alone would allow for two major sets of advancements, one in editing and one in creating.

Editing: Fonts no longer need to change height or include stray bricks just to increase/decrease the line spacing, diacritic marks can be placed higher without increasing line spacing, line spacing can be set with the same degree of fine control as the letter spacing, the appearance of on-site previews can be controlled (eg, for pattern fonts which may wish to appear as a continuous sheet).

Creating: Lines can join seamlessly like columns can, image and pattern generators can be made which work vertically, fonts can be prepared for "drop-in" use (such as in word processors that don't otherwise allow the user to control line spacing).

I really can't think of any downsides for this. It would afford us all an extra layer of refinement in our finished designs while also allowing us to have fonts displayed as they were meant to be displayed in other software without any need to touch the options. I hope it'll be considered!

Comment by zephram 22nd March 2019

Would it be possible to add different pangrams to the existing 2 sentences in the German example text area, for variety like the English one offers. I think these will look good: ## Vom Ödipuskomplex maßlos gequält, übt Wilfried zyklisches Jodeln. ## Schweißgequält vom öden Text zürnt Typograf Jakob. ##  Xaver schreibt für Wikipedia zum Spaß quälend lang über Yoga, Soja und Öko. And for the simple fun of seeing one of the (in)famous German Kunstwörter (as it's too short to give a good visual presentation of a font's flow) : the isogram Heizölrückstoßabdämpfung.

Comment by Aeolien 7th April 2019

Can you make so that if you press 2 or more numbers in quick sucession, it will select that brick, for example if you type 1-0, it'll select the 10th brick in the My Bricks instead of the 1st.

@Aeo What about the Isogram "PUBVEXINGFJORD-SCHMALTZY-QWR" under English, or maybe some of Zephram's Pangrams that He invented? It uses all 26 letters exactly once...

I deleted a character in a font (by erasing all the filled squares) but it seems to be still present in the ttf as a narrow space. Is there a way to remove it entirely?

Comment by bavister 24th April 2019

@bavister: As far as I know, no. Even if you clone that font, the clone will think there are glyphs in those blank spaces.


I don't know if this is possible, but here's an idea I had idea just now:

Have the text of the "Pixel" button change to reflect the zoom level or font size. That would allow us to talk about specific sizes as they occur here on the site, in order to show others a particular effect or to quote the ideal size for a font to be viewed in. It would help ensure that more people see fonts presented in an ideal way. We could say "view it in X size" instead of uploading samples.

Probably a good idea to also have the button round all decimals to two digits, or to increments of whatever the smallest change in size is.

Comment by zephram 3rd May 2019

Sorry for the typos! It's late here... :D

Comment by zephram 3rd May 2019

When you delete all the bricks and put the letterwidth bar to 1 square grid unit the spacing will be restored back the its default setting. ;)

Comment by Sed4tives 3rd May 2019

@bavister - It appears that the font is holding the character's width even though you have deleted the glyph.  To fix, select Menu -> View -> Letter Width (or use keyboard shortcut "W").  Move the cursor over the bold green vertical Letter Width line, and click the "x" on the upper-right side (beneath sideways "WIDTH").  This should reset the glyph's width back to "0"; you will know it worked when the Letter Width lines jumps back to its initial location one space to the right of the vertical Left Guide, and the "x" is gone.  Good luck!

Comment by Goatmeal 3rd May 2019

I have a request @Meek Would it be possible to get every intervention relating to presentation of glyphs/the font, to transfer automatically to its clone? i.e.letter width, guide placements, all kerned pairs?

Comment by Aeolien 7th May 2019

This is not a suggestion but something 'strange', it puzzles me. I seem touse 43 bricks used in my font. So I wonder what this message means? What would happen if I removed those 50 unused bricks? Why 50?

Comment by Aeolien 14th May 2019
Comment by Aeolien 14th May 2019

@Aeolien: Shift+T activates this. Use this command only when you first load the fontstruction for editing. Meaning, Click the FontStruct button, and as soon as it loads, press Shift+T. Then it will give you a correct values of unused bricks.

Comment by ex-rated 15th May 2019
Comment by Aeolien 16th May 2019

Yup to possibility 1and2 @Querty399. Good thinking @ex-rated...

I now have only 49 duplicate bricks and 0 unused ones

Comment by Aeolien 16th May 2019

Commenting on another user's suggestion, 2x2 curves is something I've also wanted, since all current curves are all of the same size and you can't make individual blocks bigger, Here is an example of a full width and a half width curve blocks, you only need 2 for each and you can rotate, you could also include the two other even thinner ones

Comment by Daviseti12 20th May 2019

@Daviseti12 & @Qwerty399 are right.  I have been asking for these since I got here.  The curve of a B needs to be tighter than for a D.  The slow gentle curve is what we have always been missing.  Even the upper part of an S can be tighter than the lower part.  Without this slow gentle curve that takes 8 to 12 bricks to complete, we are extremely limited in Fontstruct.  Even the 1/8 curves based on 1/4 curve/sphere blocks don't line up with any of the angled bricks.   The connector blocks are missing angled blocks, too. 

But by far, the larger curves and spheres have always been a huge and flagrant oversight.  If I had those alone, that would open the door for so much more.  Of course I don't undertand why they haven't been implemented since I have been whining about the fact they don't exist for so very, very long.

Comment by SymbioticDesign 23rd May 2019

I have long wanted to make you a report that this server is not available in Russia without using a VPN. This may be due to blocking Telegram in Russia, since the Google Fonts service has also been unavailable for some time. Is it possible to solve this problem?

At the expense of new units. I would like to have one (top right). It is strange that it was not added initially.

But more I need № (U+2116) and ₽ (U+20BD), additional characters for Bulgarian Cyrillic (Google Cyrillic Plus / Pro) or Small Caps set.

Comment by Dmitriy Sychiov (Sychoff) 27th May 2019

Also it would be great to add − (U+2212).

Comment by Dmitriy Sychiov (Sychoff) 31st May 2019

On my gallery page I have to open every font to see if comments are disabled and reopen it when the time is right. Could we have some symbol/word on the gallery page when comments are off, and reopen comments with a click on that symbol/word?

Comment by Scriptoresque 12th June 2019

I would like to request once more that we be allowed to moderate comments on our own pages. Closing comments entirely is a poor solution that punishes everybody for the actions of one or two people.

Comment by zephram 12th June 2019

Idea: A "Random FontStruction" link on the Gallery menu which leads to a random published FontStruction. This could help us discover lots of underknown works, especially untagged ones.

Comment by zephram 9th July 2019

I tried to create a Mario-esque 0 on FontStruct, but I cannot due to slopes that I need, but cannot be made… Is there a way to enable more slopes (e.g. 11/15, 8/9, 7/12)?

Comment by BWM 9th September 2019

I recently discovered this happening…

Comment by BWM 20th September 2019

This is a suggestion for other users, not staff.

Please consider giving other users more feedback! If a creator knows about WHY you like something, or WHAT you liked about it, that knowledge can be used to make better designs and improve existing ones.

If you like something enough to rate or fave it, please leave feedback! Even a simple "This is great!" can mean a lot. Admittedly, I am guilty of leaving those types of comments myself, but now I've written this, so I'll have to make my own comments better to.

Cheers, guys :)

Comment by zephram 25th September 2019

I usually try to do this already, not everyone in the past seem to enjoy this tho, including yourself. ;-)


Comment by Sed4tives 25th September 2019

Zeph, I agree that more feedback would be welcome and useful -- the constructive kind: *no discouraging a designer while technical or design'flaws' are addressed (too many members of all ages wanting to learn about font creation were subjected to agressive comments; comments to teachers/lecturers and their pupils/students were often meant to discourage and upset), *to explain or point to of solutions when such help is asked for or welcomed, *to show appreciation of a design/an interesting design brief/a novel approach to a well-known problem/an unusual shape or outline/surprising visual impact of written lines/a useful 'tool' or tutorial, etc.

Knowing which aspect of a font has attracted interest helps the font creator gain more understanding of what people appreciate in general and what they look for on FS; it results in developing further in technique and creative thought.

Talking about commenting by way of clarifying what a font invokes in the observer -and what the font's creator had in mind when designing and working it- and voting for a font, turns me to my Pet_Point_To_Note: The Vote ...

The FS voting system is part of how we can express appreciation of a font; it represents a summary of the written comment, observation, encouragement, critique but it can't replace a useful important text such as the well  thought-out comment or a (reasonably well explained) encouragement.

Votes tend to indicate at a glance which font is worth studying (for its style be this a skilled or a less accomplished one, for its surprising glyph shapes, for its obvious custom bricks, for its solutions to known common or specific problems). Votes make us try to work out what font aspect(s) attracted us to the font, and the font's creator should be given that information in a supportive manner; this reason for a vote is important to know. FS members should encourage each other to research and test designs, to create fonts for self and others, to participate with pleasure in the life of FS, to share ideas and knowledge, to share fonts for use and to inspire: by suitable comments and thoughtful cooperation. Voting is useful, but comments are what make FS into a wonderful place of learning, discovery, technical and artistic development; criticism is good when it's done in a patient friendly manner as it's important for learning, to encourage experimentation and enable discoveries. A teacher is always pleased when someone shows new understanding and applies it, and any FS member will always appreciate support and encouragement be it through praise or through kindly-formulated critical appraisal = constructive useful guidance through some bothersome maybe stifling problem aspect. It allows to grow and advance (there is always something worthy of praise, in every font!)

Comment by Aeolien 26th September 2019

@Sed4tives: The nature of the feedback is certainly important. Since you've chosen to broach that subject publicly, I'll respond publicly. There's a lot to say here, so don't view it as a rant directed toward you. It's just the sum of my thoughts on this subject at the moment.

In my previous post I said "feedback" rather than "advice" or "critique" because they are quite different.

Feedback is you telling an artist how their work made you think and feel, how you found it useful, how it inspired you, and so on. When you give feedback, the artist gets to know about these things and build a greater connection with you. Feedback doesn't directly relate to the art process - the styles or methods used - but rather to your appreciation of the end result. So, good feedback is neither favorable nor detrimental to the art process itself.

Unsolicited advices/critiques are problematic because they disregard the intentions and desires of the artist. They carry the tone "You should do it like THIS, not like THAT", which is highly detrimental to the art process. It can cause irreversible damage not only to the art and the art process but also to the artist's own psyche. If you don't know why the artist did things their way in the first place, you are probably not in a position to speak on how things should be improved. Further, the artist's idea of improvement is probably different from your own. If the artist has a vision for that improvement but doesn't know how to realize the vision, they will keep experimenting, disclose their ideas publicly, or they will outright ask. That is the point at which you, the audience, become aware of that vision and are invited to speak about it. Until then, it is just you imposing your vision onto someone else's work. This is annoying and destructive, and those who do it deserve the ire they receive back.

If (for example) an artist decides to make a design in an established style (such as Didone), but then deviates from the traditions and standards for a Didone, it is not the audience's place to "correct" the artist - it is only for them to help the artist in understanding what a Didone traditionally IS. If the artist hears this out and then goes on calling their design a Didone anyway, there is no recourse for the audience. That is as it should be. The artist may have any number of undisclosed reasons for labelling their design as such, and only the artist is qualified to speak on that. Others may see the "mislabelling" as a problem, but it is a problem of definitions, not designs. This problem does not diminish the value or the usefulness of any of the types of designs mentioned.

Now I will put forth the idea that anyone who has used this site regularly for a year or more knows almost everything present in the advice/critique which others give them. It's tiresome to be told things you already know, especially when others don't know what you were actually trying to do in the first place. It's like building a guitar and then being criticized because your guitar makes a terrible dog whistle. If you want a dog whistle, go build or buy one, and leave the artistry to the people who DON'T pigeonhole everything they see.

@Aeolien: Agreed on all points!

Comment by zephram 28th September 2019


I wonder if the QuadLine connectors are possible… (Note: The middle segment'll have to be 108 units wide)

The above sample showcases the MonoLine, BiLine, TriLine, and QuadLine Connectors…

Comment by BWM 30th September 2019

Is there any plan to restore the ability to replace the images in comments on our own fonts?

Comment by Umbreon126 30th September 2019

what about character variants. also what if you could change the top, bottom, left, and right limit of the character instead of just the right(this would make it easier not to use kerning).

Comment by Person73 17th October 2019

Suggestion: make composite/stacked blocks in the user palette appear as blue instead of black, so it is more obvious which blocks are composite/stacked.

Suggestion 2: If you build a composite/stacked block which is identical to a prefab/static block, 'collapse' that block into its prefab/static variant.

Suggestion 3: blocks which are exact horizontal/vertical flips of another block should have their own color variant as well (green?), so it is easier to tell whether a placed block is a flipped variant of a prefab block, or a straight prefab block.

(I think this, plus undo (pressing Z), might be the cause of the duplicated blocks in the user blocks section, but I'm not certain... I still haven't managed to find a consistent way to reproduce that issue.)

Suggestion 4: if you drag a block over another block in the user pallete, instead of blindly replacing every instance of the second block type with the first one, display a warning dialog first "you are about to replace every instance of block X with block Y, are you sure you want to do this? Yes/No/Don't ask me again"

Bug: pressing Shift-T while a character is shown that does NOT use all of the current pallete of user blocks will cause the user block table to only contain those blocks used by the current character afterward, despite those blocks being used in other characters!

Bug2: sometimes, after pressing shift-T, the block 0 (in my specific case, the fully square block) was replaced by a duplicated block 1 in every character, but dragging the square block from the prefab pallete over the duplicated block 1 fixed it.

Comment by Lord Nightmare 25th October 2019

Suggestion 5: allow us to set the character width to 'lock' to exactly a half block size, rather than it being exactly 1 block to the right of the rightmost (?>50% full?) tile unless you manually set it. so instead of locking to full block width, it should also be able to lock to half block width?

Comment by Lord Nightmare 25th October 2019

Also is there a way to make the character width bar (which appears when you click 'show character width') quantize its locking position rather than having two states: automatic (i.e. you did nothing, or you moved it manually then clicked the 'x' to undo that), or manual (set to any position in the character). I'd like to be able to quantize the position to the nearest quarter block/half block/block maybe by holding shift when dragging it, so I can get it to a more consistent width when having characters which need the character width to end on a half or quarter block boundary.

Comment by Lord Nightmare 25th October 2019

@"Lord Nightmare" The Fontstructor sets the Letter Width 1 brick after the rightmost brick (It treats all bricks to have the same width)

Comment by BWM 27th October 2019

This had happend a few days ago…

Comment by BWM 28th October 2019

I would love to see a way to filter tags/search results by user. Right now I'm trying to round up all my pixel fonts, but the 'Pixel' tag contains an enormous amount of Fontstructions by other users.

Comment by zephram 29th October 2019

Hmm, belay that last request. I've managed to filter my own results using the on-page search widget... not perfectly, but good enough for what I'm trying to do.

Comment by zephram 29th October 2019

Not sure if this has been suggested already…

The suggestion to add the CJK Unified Ideographs, CJK Unified Ideographs Extension A, and Hangul Syllables to allow users to create Chinese fonts…

And Maybe Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics (UCAS) to allow users to create fonts for Inuktitut, Carrier, Cree, Ojibwe, etc.

Comment by BWM 20th December 2019

To add to that, They may need to be split in Groups of 256 letters ([Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics 1, Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics 2, etc.], [CJK Unified Ideographs Extension A 1, CJK Unified Ideographs Extension A 2, etc.], [CJK Unified Ideographs 1, CJK Unified Ideographs2, etc.], [Hangul Syllables 1, Hangul Syllables2, etc.])

Comment by BWM 20th December 2019

To the german users: Please, how can I type the capital eszett? 

Comment by elmoyenique 3rd February 2020

@ Elmo: UC sharp 'S'  is alt+1E9E but typing this as "user input" on font's presentation and also in Fontstructor's preview only gives those numbers and letters. The character map's 'choose then copy' this letter into text doesn't work in FS. I then tried alt+7838 but only got the multiplication symbol. I have no time to try further combinations starting low down with the alt+7300.

Comment by nightpegasus 3rd February 2020

@meek Welp, this happened again…

Also, kanna's username contains the S word in it…

Comment by BWM 7th February 2020


You know that “Inoshita”’s a Japanese surname right?

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN 8th February 2020

@TMC: Exactly

@BMW: And the s word c'mon, dont you think that is a little too much.  ;-)

Comment by Sed4tives 8th February 2020

Recently I saw someone wrote heil satan here @FS, personally I think that is a lot more disturbing than the s word. But that is my opinion.

Comment by Sed4tives 8th February 2020

I would like to add to the offers the ability to download all fonts added to favorites at once (and by a favorite tag) with a license available for this purpose.

So many offers for a service that has not been profitable for a long time. I hope that the support of sponsors will last for another 10 years, and one day it may even be possible to buy some fonts here (but maybe this would change the atmosphere on the site).

Comment by Dmitriy Sychiov (Sychoff) 8th February 2020

Idea: A way to subtract bricks.

Comment by ThinkLogically Sun, 7th June

Yes, subtracting bricks has been an oft-made request for at least 7 years now...  ;^)

Comment by Goatmeal Sun, 7th June

Brick Subtraction should make this [half]circle possible…

Comment by BWM Sun, 7th June

This is possible now.

Comment by elmoyenique Sun, 7th June

No much others than this.

Comment by elmoyenique Sun, 7th June

@Elmoyenique @Merrybot As only one brick at 1x1 filters

Comment by BWM Sun, 7th June

This isn't really a suggestion, but I can't find anywhere to put it: What do I do in an "inspect element" menu to gain access to the Private Use Area of Unicode?

Comment by realicraft Thu, 11th June

Gallery preview images fail to render.

Comment by Sed4tives Tue, 30th June

Can you also add a new "rhombus" brick, thinner "thorn" bricks and bricks so you can create 2x2 curves with 1x1 filters?

Comment by Hensley Dodson (Hensilly) Tue, 15th September

@Sychoff You can use - (U+002D)

Comment by Hensley Dodson (Hensilly) Tue, 15th September

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