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Info: Created on 19th February 2013 . Last edited on 11th August 2013.
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(continuing from previous page)
@will.i.ૐ: No, the bricks in the first post are meant to be like that at a 1x1 filter setting. I wanted to create larger "perfect" circles than are possible right now, and make new bricks from composites. And yes, that more complex filter setting would be cool...

If the large circle bricks are not a good idea, then I would really like these bricks (plus the round corner bricks):
Comment by ETHproductions 20th February 2013
Suggestion: What about negative filters? That would be fun to fool around with!
Comment by Noah (winty5) 20th February 2013
Like -2x2 and stuff :)
Comment by Noah (winty5) 20th February 2013
Comment by opipik 20th February 2013
Programmable advanced filters: What if we could apply transformations to the grid instead of to the bricks themselves? Obvious applications like shearing (rendering italics) could give way to more adventurous mathematical transformations. Sine wave transformations? Mapping to hexagonal or triangular grids. Polar coordinate systems? Dang, I gotta go back and take some more linear algebra classes! ;)
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 20th February 2013
The Stream – banner design in FontStruct? I think so!
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 20th February 2013
@winty5 But wouldn't negative filters mean the bricks are invisible? ;P
Comment by Umbreon126 21st February 2013
@Umbreon126: Negative filters (-2 x -2, for instance) would simply flip each (2 x 2) brick horizontally and vertically around its point of origin on the brick’s lower left corner. So with 2 x 2, you currently must select a brick by clicking within the lower left grid space (out of the four grid spaces occupied by each brick). With -2 x -2, you would click on this same grid space, which would be one grid space above and one grid space to the right of where the brick appears in the matrix.

Alternately, -2 x -2 would simply rotate each 2 x 2 brick 180° and make them even harder to select! :)
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 21st February 2013
Woooaah, too much maaaaath...

Although triangular and hex grids would be really cool. Wahat about Select Grid Shape option? And generating faux bolds and faux obliques would be interesting to play with.

By the way, nice avatars opipik!
Comment by Noah (winty5) 21st February 2013
@will.i.aum Oh, right. xP
Comment by Umbreon126 21st February 2013
If this is a duplicate from someone else's suggestion, my apologies.

Though we have a brick replace option (by dragging the new brick from "All Bricks" onto the unwanted brick in "My Bricks"), it would be nice to have an option to delete a brick-type from "My Bricks" and from all the current glyphs.

One use for such an option would be for making an outline font from a pixel font. Say I have a pixel font that uses the square brick. By using a full-circle brick, I can trace outlines around each glyph. Unfortunately, I then have to erase ALL square bricks from each and every glyph. Lastly, I replace the full-circle brick with the square brick.

By having a "delete brick" option (meaning removing it from "My Bricks" and sending it back to "All Bricks"), all square bricks would be removed from the font set immediately.

How would it work? One way could be:

1A. Since you can't (currently) drag an eraser on the "My Bricks" menu, you could use a double-click on the (un-)desired brick in the "My Bricks" menu. That would bring-up the option of deleting the brick:

"Would you like to delete this brick-type from your current FontStruction?" (OK / Cancel)

If OK, a second screen would pop-up to ensure that it's not been agreed to accidentally:

"WARNING! This process cannot be undone. Are you certain you want to delete this brick-type from your current FontStruction?" (Delete / Cancel)


1B. Have a Blank brick or Erase brick - maybe a Square with an X in it, possibly red in color? (I think something like this has been mentioned before.) Simply drag the Erase Brick on the desired brick in "My Bricks" menu.

This would bring up the two "Are you sure? / Are you REALLY sure?" options mentioned in 1A.

2. If there is only one brick present in the "My Brick" menu, it would not be possible to delete that one last brick. Otherwise, it would be just resetting the entire FontStruction to its initial blank state.

Thank you for listening.
Comment by Goatmeal 4th March 2013
I have a drag 'n drop idea. It's a small box called "Divider". You drop a regular block into one of the yellow squares, then it divides into four blocks. Of course, it's just a small idea.
Concept art:

~PS: Original blocks at top are shaded yellow~
Comment by Ivy Meadows (Isaiah Garcia) 10th March 2013
Funny glitch, here: Grid is off, and I see a grid with wonky lines. (the brick to the right is 1x1)
Comment by Umbreon126 15th March 2013
Heh, I cut the "brick to the right" off the image ^^;
I guess I'll just say this is 1x1 filter, and see the 1/4 quarter brick on the upper left corner (not a composite)?
Comment by Umbreon126 15th March 2013
Would it be possible to have the commands "copy to extended Latin A" and "copy to extended Latin B" added? I use "copy to basic Latin" to have letters for the most common European alphabets but find the manual copy to the other Latin sets too timeconsuming. Hence I very rarely add "extended Latin A" and never up to now the "Latin B". As Stephen pointed out in his post on complete fonts it would be useful for other languages using Latin letters. I would make those letters more often if a command for the "A" and "B" Latin made it easier ...
Comment by Aeolien 15th March 2013
There seems to be a bug when deleting fonts, they are still counted on your profile and tag pages, resulting in empty pages and incorrect numbers of fonts.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 25th March 2013
I have six, semi-related suggestions, some of which have been suggested in slightly different forms...

1. Select all bricks of Type-A in selection/character/set/font. Example usage: Select all full-size circle bricks, for subsequent edits.

2. Replace all bricks of Type-A in selection/character/set/font with bricks of Type-B. Example usage: Change a LED-style font made from circular bricks to square bricks, or change a font that uses diagonal corner bricks to rounded corner bricks.

3. Invert bricks in current selection across same selection-co-ordinates in selection/set/font. That is, swap bricks of type-A to type-B, and those of type-B to type-A. Example usage: Switch blank bricks to solid bricks, and solid bricks to blank bricks, so that you create the solid-outline of a font.

4. Invert the fill of a brick. Example usage: Convert a brick having a black 5-point-star with white surrounds, to a white 5-point-star with black surrounds.

5. The "Make Composite" command should work on larger selections. For example, I'd like a brick with a 3x3 or 4x4 grid of circles or squares (useful for LED-type fonts). I can make a composite brick with a 2x2 grid of circles or squares, but that's the current limit.

6. Brick submissions/sharing. It would be great if we could upload bricks in EPS/SVG, and/or save composite brick designs, to tagged, private or public brick-collections on fontstruct.
Comment by pebbletech-0 15th April 2013
@pebbletech: You can do 2 by dragging a brick on top of another in "My bricks". And 4x4 circle is possible with increased filter size (press F and drag the sliders to 2).

#6 is a great idea.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 15th April 2013
@Yautja: Thanks, I didn't know I could do 2 by dragging a brick over another in My Bricks, but I can't find a way to replace all bricks of Type-A with an empty brick, or put another way, to delete/erase all bricks of Type-A.

As for 4x4 circle, I'm not sure if I've misunderstood your advice, or if you've misunderstood my requirement. I'd like bricks that are 3/4 circles across, and 3/4 circles down, all within one brick. Is this possible, and if so, which filters do I adjust?
Comment by pebbletech-0 15th April 2013
Ah, right, I don't think that's possible.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 15th April 2013
It would appear that even though you delete a font, FontStruct keeps the tags and thinks it's still there or something. Example:
1) I make a font with tags Private, Latin, Cyrillic
2) I make 10 more with the same tags
3) I delete them
4) Under ((View All | Tags:)) on my page, I click on Private
5) FontStruct will say ((You have 10 FontStructions tagged “Private”. View all FontStructions tagged “Private”))
6) However, I see nothing.
(An outstanding example that's happening to me for real: "You have 40 FontStructions." "You have 44 FontStructions tagged “Private”.")
Comment by Umbreon126 28th April 2013
...And 39 fonts in total. Makes sense.
Comment by Umbreon126 28th April 2013
If possible, it would be nice if you could make accented characters so that you only make the accents, and they would be automatically assigned to letters in the correct place.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 30th April 2013
I expect it would be somewhat complicated, with FS guessing the spacing between the diacritic and letter, especially for larger grid fonts, though... Still an awesome idea though :)
Comment by Umbreon126 30th April 2013
There's a bug with the favorites, they gradually get deleted over time. If you look through my favorites page and go to the end, you will just see many blank pages, and over the days, your number of favorites goes down gradually.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 5th May 2013
It would appear that my votes keep going away, eventually; for example I could've sworn I gave a 10 to opipik's tacticalreminds, beate's SIL, and a lot of will.i.aum's fonts, but I recently found that it seems I never scored them. (So I gave them a 10 again, and I'm absolutely certain I gave SIL a 10, no doubt)
Comment by Umbreon126 5th May 2013
@umbreon: I have the same issue.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 5th May 2013
I wish we'd have these kind of fin bricks...
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 27th May 2013
I second Yautja!!!
Comment by Noah (winty5) 27th May 2013
No doubt, Yautja’s onto something. Refer also to, ETHproductions’ first post on this page. He suggested a group of bricks useful in making just these slim fins (and others) via compositing. There is an expanded class of fins and propellers that I hope get added to the fontstructor eventually. I’ll try to get around to uploading some demo images later.
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 27th May 2013
Oh! i was just thinking of those a few days ago! didnt feel like saying anythiing though :p
Comment by Umbreon126 27th May 2013
What if we could change the leading in a font? That would come in handy for negative fonts or grid-fonts.

PS: If you don't know what leading is, it's the white space between two lines (it's something like 2 pixels in FS)
Comment by minidonut 31st May 2013
@minidonut: You can try adjusting the vertical line "|". From what I've noticed, that character seems to affect the line height. (Sometimes if it's too short, other characters get cut off)
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 31st May 2013
Really? :o
Comment by minidonut 1st June 2013
Er.. didn't work.
Comment by minidonut 1st June 2013
1B. Have a Blank brick or Erase brick - maybe a Square with an X in it, possibly red in color? (I think something like this has been mentioned before.) Simply drag the Erase Brick on the desired brick in "My Bricks" menu.

This could be handy for negative fonts, like when you have a combining character, like ^. You create the ^ in X-bricks, which means the shape gets removed from the character. Example: NEGATIVE a + Combining ^ in x-bricks = NEGATIVE a with removed ^-shape
Comment by minidonut 1st June 2013
Comment by minidonut 1st June 2013
I think I found a glitch--it registered my vote of 10, but still says zero votes...
Comment by ETHproductions 13th June 2013
Does anyone know if this is a glitch?
I'm in the gallery adding fonts to my favorites or voting fonts, then when I go to the page of the author of the font, my rating(s) and/or favorite(s)don't appear for their fonts I rated and/or favorited.
Comment by Ivy Meadows (Isaiah Garcia) 13th June 2013
@minidonut I don't think that would be possible, and that that is a limitation of the nature of font formats being typically for (overlaying) black on white fonts...
Comment by Umbreon126 13th June 2013
OK, how about this: an Invert Tool (or Normal Highlight, then Shortcut Key = Q). Use the Invert Tool to exchange complementary brick shapes.

The only thing is to be useful for outline fonts, your highlight would have to grab "empty" bricks to fill them in.

Maybe highlight with a special "grid-grabbing tool" (results in Red, grabs maximum grid corners), then pressing "Q" to exchange?...
Comment by Goatmeal 14th June 2013
Comment by Goatmeal 14th June 2013
Comment by Goatmeal 14th June 2013
Another suggestion. FS already has stack option, I wonder if it's possible to add some intersection, subtraction options? It would really revolutionize fontstruct, and give us opportunities to create some new bricks:

Comment by architaraz 14th June 2013
Comment by architaraz 14th June 2013
@architaraz: I would LOVE to have subtraction option.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 14th June 2013
No, not the Q, please. Q is perfect as the selection shortcut.
Comment by thalamic 14th June 2013
@Architaraz: Your subtraction idea is great.
Comment by Ivy Meadows (Isaiah Garcia) 14th June 2013
@thalamic - Oops! I thought "Q" was free as a shortcut key - it's not listed on the Help-Keyboard Shortcuts page.

I originally had it as "I" for invert, but saw that it was used for "Expert Info" when I consulted the Shortcut page.

Doesn't matter what key is used; just a suggestion that may or may not be useful. :^)
Comment by Goatmeal 14th June 2013
Interestingly, fontstructors have requested a brick subtraction feature since practically the beginning – even before the brickstacking glitch was isolated and unofficially shared by me. Rob, we still really want a built-in “pathfinder” palette to enhance our brick alchemy! :)
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 14th June 2013
I wonder if all GREAT IDEAS here are accepted by meek, there's a chance for meek to make two types of account: PRO with full great features inside and REGULAR only consists features that we've used now :P
Comment by cablecomputer 15th June 2013
Comment by Noah (winty5) 15th June 2013
Haha, me too :P
Actually it's worth for someone whose a professional typographer, designer, etc. As it's says PRO means professional.
But I think the chance for it to happen is very little.
So don't worry! :)
Comment by cablecomputer 15th June 2013
I really want to make OpenType fonts.
L-apostrophe has L-caron as an alternate, L-comma has L-cedilla... etc etc etc.
Comment by minidonut 1st July 2013
I second Goatmeal's and architaraz's brilliant suggestions. Also, I have some of my own requests.

1) Someone had suggested a folder system for storing your fonts. I think that is a great idea, I definitely would use it a lot.

2) Along with that idea, the ability to create font families, and to be able to make different versions (bold, italic, bold italic) that actually download as Bold or Italic instead of Regular. That would allow users to click the Bold button in a word processor and have the bold version in place of the regular.

3) Also, the ability to clone fonts (or parts of fonts) into other fonts. One use of this would be to have two parts of the same font, saved as separate fonts--one with, say, Basic Latin and More Latin complete, and one with Extended Latin A--combined into one.

4) And finally, the option to save a font as a Fontstruct file, with an extension such as .fs1. You could then have the option on the 'Create a New Fontstruction' page to upload it. Or, if there is ever a standalone version of FS, you could upload fonts from Fontstruct to the standalone with the .fs1 file.

Speaking of which, a standalone version of Fontstruct would be fun... :-)
Comment by ETHproductions 19th July 2013
@ETH: Your suggestions are BRILLIANT!

And I think I suggested the folder system.

Here's some more of my suggestions, if anyone is interested.

1. I think we need to be able to draw with the eraser tool as we draw with the pencil tool. That would be VERY useful in negative fonts.

2.The ability to composite stacks. This could be very useful in creating very intricate large-scale fonts.

3.The ability to composite composites and stacked composites. I'm sure almost all of us of FS would find this very useful.

4.Make FS open source to allow people to make modifications to the original code (to allow us to create new features in FS ourselves, if we have any coding experience.)

5. If it is your first time on FS, upon opening the fontstructor for the first time, you could be presented with a video guide to all the ins and outs of FS. This would be a huge help for beginners and would help the community make better, more high-quality fonts.

6. You should be able to design your own bricks, using a specially made Brick Editor . This would be a good alternative to compositing and would allow much more creativity.

7. An official FS forum. The unofficial ones were a HUGE success, which is why i'm suggesting this now.

8. Being able to subscribe and unsubscribe to users. If you are subscribed to a user, you get updates on new fonts they make, and users can send out email updates to their subscribers manually. This would help the FS community.

9. On every user's profile page, you should be able to see the user's Balanced Rating for all of their fonts, and also their number of subscribers.

All of these suggestions are not necessary, but I think they would be a great help for FS's growing community.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 19th July 2013
Oh and one more:

10. Being able to have multi-user accounts. This would be very useful for collaborations.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 19th July 2013
Great suggestions, winty! I think p2pnut suggested the folder system way back in 2009, but you brought it back to everyone's attention.

1. I think this is a great idea.

2. This is already possible; you simply have to make composites and then stack them. (See the picture for an example.)

3. I'm not sure that's a good idea; it would open up infinite possibilities, but would make creativity no longer necessary. Maybe being able to make slightly bigger composites would work better?

7. YES!!

8. That would be awesome. Allow me to make my own suggestion: favoriting fontstructors. I'm not 100% sure it's a good idea, just a thought.

9. That would be cool, along with a total of their favorites.

10. Oh, yeah!
Comment by ETHproductions 19th July 2013
The image didn't turn out like I expected...
Comment by ETHproductions 19th July 2013
@ETH: Yeahhh, slighty bigger composites I think might be a better idea.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 19th July 2013
Oh and favoriting fontstructors, great idea!

On the profile page would it show the fontstructor's total favorites on his fonts, or on the fontstructor? (or both?)
Comment by Noah (winty5) 19th July 2013
FS is in Flash, is there even source code???
Comment by Umbreon126 20th July 2013
Oh. Sorry, i'm dumb XD
Comment by Noah (winty5) 20th July 2013
I completely agree with Isaiah's idea of the drag and drop system (1 block split into four). This would allow me to do most of my designs on a small scale, as opposed to the quite large scale I use now; granted, none of my larger fonts are viewable as they are for my personal projects, but they average about 100 blocks tall.
Comment by sarreyn 21st July 2013
I also rather like the idea of composite block stacking. :) However, all the suggestions are great.
Comment by sarreyn 21st July 2013
I’ve been mulling over a few new expert feature suggestion:

1) A row/column select tool.
2) A hotkey + arrow key function for shifting selected bricks one grid-space in a given direction.
3) A hotkey + arrow key function for brick-cycling selected bricks (non-trivial alternative to global brick substitution).
4) Quater-round bricks – of the same size and orientations as the extra-corner bricks.

The first three suggestions would be extremely useful for speeding up many iterative or macro-like brick manipulations (e.g. grid doubling). While the fourth suggestion is not entirely new, the extra-corner logic is a potential improvement.

Thanks in advance for considering them! :)
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 27th July 2013

1) That would be pretty useful.
2) YES!
3) That would be useful maybe for you, not for me.
4) Hmm...That would be nice. I always like it when we get new bricks :)
Comment by Noah (winty5) 27th July 2013
We might not even need new bricks if brick inverting and cutting/subtraction/whatever is implemented, although I get the feeling it's harder to implement than it looks...

Also, we need a better way to look inside composite bricks (you know, in the palette with the shift button), currently the parts just overlap in weird ways...
Comment by Umbreon126 27th July 2013
I agree with umbreon.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 27th July 2013
@Umbreon126: The best way I have found to dissect a stacked composite:

1) shift+click to invoke the palette
2) hover over the topmost brick which may be obscuring bricks below it
3) the cursor becomes the eraser tool; click once to erase the topmost brick
4a) press ‘z’ to invoke undo, which restores the deleted brick
4b) the restored component reappears only in instances contained within the canvas; notice how the floating composite palette remains unchanged by the undo operation
5) rinse and repeat: click to erase a brick to reveal what is underneath; press z to reverse the erasure while delving into the underlying layers of the composite.

Really step 5) says it all, but I wanted be thorough because will.i.ૐ.
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 27th July 2013
Oh, right. IMPORTANT OBVIOUS FOOTNOTE: make sure the cursor doesn’t leave the composite palette or it will disappear and you will have to begin again from the topmost layer.
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 27th July 2013
I didn't even know this existed. So sad. Anyway, great ideas listed here and the previous page. Now I know where those new bricks came from.

Existing suggestions I'd also like to see: Folders, subtractive bricks (I believe William was the first to suggest brick subtraction and other binary operations), Kerning of course.

Advanced suggestions:
1. Hiding Glyphs. Option to hide specific glyphs from publication. I usually have multiple versions of glyphs, some of which are failed attempts. It would be helpful to be able to turn off selected glyphs so they aren't made public. This would save space so an entire backup fontstruction doesn't have to be created.

2. Faster Fonstruction Navigation. A faster way to scroll through pages of fontstructions. It takes an extremely long time to get to page 114 going five pages at a time. I could just type in a page number at the URL but another option would be good.

3. Circle/Oval Drawing Tool. Draws regular oval shapes as a default, draws perfect circles when constrained with shift key.

3. Spacing Controls for All Drawing Tools. In order to efficiently draw in within the 2x2 filter space, the line drawing tool would need to draw a brick on every other grid space. Spacing controls would also enable a line or a circle to be drawn with only a specific number of bricks.

4. New Editing Shortcuts. Ctrl-Up or -Down to switch between Basic Latin to More Latin or other language systems.

5. A direct link to this page should be placed in the Support page.
Comment by geneus1 27th July 2013
Some great ideas pouring forth.

I fully support Gene's proposal for a link in the Support tab.
Comment by p2pnut 27th July 2013
@Geneus1: Here's what I think of your Geneus ideas:

1. Yes, great idea! That would be good when you are working on one glyph and don't want people to see your glyph-in-progress.

2. Yes, definitely.


4. I don't really think this would be really useful.

5. Yes! In fact, this forum is where I pretty much learned the ropes of FS when I first came here.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 27th July 2013
I would like font families. The inktraps vary and 1 would help for small, then medium, then large.
Small: Medium: Large:
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 27th July 2013
Opposite, sorry.
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 27th July 2013
I would like the possibility to remove erroneous images so that I can show 'correct' font samples, please ...
Comment by Aeolien 16th August 2013
Amen to that. =)
Comment by Icelar 16th August 2013
You can replace images by editing your comment and choosing a new file to upload.
Comment by Umbreon126 16th August 2013
@ Umbreon: I must have got it wrong... went to 'edit' my sample in the font comments, clicked on 'delete' which it did. Hence my surprise to find the image still available in the live feed. Should I have left it standing and add the new sample, would that have removed the previous version?
Seeing the sample is no longer in the font comments, how do I remove it from the live feed?
Comment by Aeolien 17th August 2013
I don't think there is a way of hiding a comment from the Live Feed besides becoming a FS staff member.
Comment by Umbreon126 18th August 2013
Aaah ok. Thanks, Umbreon :)
Comment by Aeolien 18th August 2013
There's something wrong with The Wall, it looks like it can only handle basic shapes:

(the first one is laynecom's Baby Elephant, I think it said)
Comment by Umbreon126 21st August 2013
(and it seems to be recycling the same small set of fonts over and over again, I saw will.i.aum's More Trajedy three times or something, along with other fonts...)
Comment by Umbreon126 21st August 2013
@Umbreon: I've noticed The Wall only uses Top Picks with 1x1 filters, which severely limits the possibilities...
Comment by ETHproductions 22nd August 2013
Yes! What's wrong with 2x2 anyway?

If you look at it for a while, it gets kind of boring. I think it would be much more exciting if you included somthing so that it picks a random Top Pick every time it generates a new font.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 22nd August 2013
I would like to see the eraser option "single, rectangle, line'. When we draw we have that option ...
Comment by Aeolien 29th August 2013
Here are a few more suggestions.

1) A Fontstruct Collaboration license, where the creator can let others directly edit the font. If they only want certain people to edit it, they can specify a password, then privately give it to them. The server should keep every saved version, just in case someone changes something that shouldn't be changed. This can be a different approach to collabs with multiple people on one account.

1a) A place on every fontstructors' profile page that says how many collabs they have participated in, and how many of them have been top picked.

2) A set of 'white' bricks, maybe in another section of the bricks tab. These bricks, when overlapped onto another letter, will whiten that part of the letter. However, they can be stacked with other bricks within the same letter. See the last picture for an example. (The white bricks are gray)

3) A few more bricks:
Comment by ETHproductions 26th September 2013
Could be nice if your own downloads on your fonts didn't count. (I often have to download several times and feel like "cheating"...)

@ETH, great idea on the collab license.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 8th October 2013
@Yautja : Why not make your own downloads on a private clone ? I do this, and it permits to have always a security copy, what is vital for me who makes so many updates and transformation tryouts, not speaking of technical issues...
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 8th October 2013
It could be an option, but I'd still have to make sure the downloaded file on the published font works.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 8th October 2013
I tried saving my fonts, and they got destroyed by random bricks?
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 29th October 2013
Ok, I hope I'm not suggestion something someone has done before, but this brick here is now officially on my wishlist...
Comment by laynecom 8th November 2013
You can't even design a font for East and Southeast Asian languages because they discontinued support for them a long time ago, I believe. And I think Arabic and related languages aren't fully supported as you cannot type them correctly? Glitch maybe?

Add support for more languages and fix the glitches in languages that already exist.
Comment by RussianGuy 26th November 2013
That would be quite nice to add more languages but the question is, is it worth it? (or rather, will anyone bother with them besides us two)
Comment by Umbreon126 27th November 2013
Create a contest where you have to create the neatest font you can in as many languages as possible?
Comment by RussianGuy 27th November 2013
FS staff: We're still unable to download.
Comment by architaraz 4th December 2013
Comment by tsrhobbies 4th December 2013
I'm looking into it.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 4th December 2013
Will someone tell me how to embed fonts?
I found in support an advice but it doesn't help.
Copy the text to your blog or website.
Comment by macossin 4th December 2013
ETHproductions: your white bricks might be possible inside a letter, as a sort of "subtracting by stacking". But not between letters, as this is not how truetypefonts work (or indeed opentypefonts). It's like asking for a pochoir* with automatic colours.

*I use this word for "stencil" here to differenciate it from stencil typefaces.
Comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) 4th December 2013
Comment by architaraz 6th December 2013
WebFonter is awesome :)
Comment by architaraz 6th December 2013
A suggestion to minimize troll voting. What seems to happen is that trolls lazily click themselves through a page of ten fonts, usually the first Gallery page of 'What's New' or 'Everyting', or 'Top Picks', giving each single font a rating of 1. How about removing the option to vote directly from the gallery pages, but leaving it on the individual font pages? It will probably decrease the total number of votes given, but it will also mean that those who do vote, will have looked at the font in more detail and made a more informed decision.
Comment by four 22nd December 2013
a brickwish
Comment by four 27th December 2013
@Four - Is this Composite close enough?
Comment by Goatmeal 28th December 2013
Comment by Goatmeal 28th December 2013
Thanks Goatmeal, that is the exact shape. But what I was really looking for was a brick to be used in composites itself.
Comment by four 28th December 2013
@Four - Yes, I see what you mean now. :^)
Comment by Goatmeal 29th December 2013
I would really like to be able to make composites from composites. :)
Comment by sarreyn 30th December 2013
ETHproductions said previously to winty5 about compositing composites (scroll up): I'm not sure that's a good idea; it would open up infinite possibilities, but would make creativity no longer necessary. Maybe being able to make slightly bigger composites would work better?
But I still think it would be good for faux-curves. Angles like 1:24 would be available or at maximum, 1:32 for compositing only twice. I might have obsessive-compulsive-composite syndrome if composite inception was implemented.
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 30th December 2013
I agree, composites from composites would be very useful.
And an eraser that removes lines, rectangles and single bricks (like the drawing tools give single, line and rectangle)
Comment by Aeolien 31st December 2013
I second Aolien, for low experts as us, because some high Fsers seem to be able to "erase" parts of composites and make much smaller composites than the regular 4 cases grids permit. I never understood how they did it. i just gratefully used these miniature bricks they left in various tools and clonable works...
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 31st December 2013
@Abneurone Shift click on the composite block and click on the unwanted brick(s).
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 31st December 2013
@J4s13 : Thanks! one mystery solved, but some these composites i talked about are thinner or smaller than only 4case grid and erase method could permit, for example this one (the 3rd in my sample below) found on an Intaglio work and i overused since then. The first half circle is the initial Fs set half circle, the second is obtained with classic composite brick method, erasing the unwanted one, ok now... But for the third ?... it's still a mystery...
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 31st December 2013
@Abneurone ...! A explanation appeared!
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 31st December 2013
Am i insane, i tried and it works: i thought we could only make composites on a 4 cases square, but actually the 4 cases of the composites can also be placed on a single line!!! Wow! THANK YOU! THAT's a great lesson, thanks! even if it comes a bit after the battle, my typographic art series soon coming to its end, maybe for a future effort after resting at least some months from typography to develop my other artistic activities more or less in standby because of it...
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 31st December 2013
@Abneurone - When making vertical (up/down) or horizontal (across) composites, you do not have to use all 4 bricks. You can make composites using only 2 or 3 bricks, too.
Comment by Goatmeal 31st December 2013
@Goatmeal: Thx for this last precision. Took me 3 years to know how the whole composite system works! Never too late, as they say. It could be precious when i prepare the final version of the typographic part of my BIG artbook project. Maybe i'll be able to refine some last details now that i have at last all keys in my hands...
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 31st December 2013
@j4s13: Yeah, that would work—say, being able to create a composite from say … a 6x6 or 8x8 box.
Comment by sarreyn 1st January 2014
@AFT: That's how I made the curves on Sunstone—1x4 composites. :)
Comment by sarreyn 1st January 2014
@sarreyn A 4x4 box would be equivalent almost equivalent to compositing composites. A 8x8 box= such smooth such big so large
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 2nd January 2014
@j4s13: True, a 4x4 box would work wonders. :)
Comment by sarreyn 2nd January 2014
I know it's not quite as powerful as compositing composites, but you can stack composites.
Comment by aphoria 3rd January 2014
@aphoria: Indeed. I wouldn't have been able to do some of the curves or joins, i.e., on Malachite and Azurite, without being able to stack composites. We just cannot currently make certain 3-angled bricks, i.e., bricks created on a 1x3 grid. This is why a 3x3 and even a 4x4 box would fix that problem. Plus, that may open up the possibility of creating 2x3 or even 2x4 blocks?
Comment by sarreyn 3rd January 2014
1)I want a 3:4 composite however you can create it! (and also useful if fs Fermat is in the composite phase..)
2)Larger "real" curves! 1x1 is good, bur not good enough! We can probably not make a good font without faux-curves! Unless it's a angle-and-line font, NO CAN DO.
3"Pixel View". I can't stand going back and forth between the preview that HAS a pixel view. Can you make it available as a window on screen while you fontstruct?
4)What's with always having a name structure error? I always get it. HALP!
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 3rd January 2014
1)I want a 3:4 composite however you can create it! (and also useful if fs Fermat is in the composite phase..)
2)Larger "real" curves! 1x1 is good, bur not good enough! We can probably not make a good font without faux-curves! Unless it's a angle-and-line font, NO CAN DO.
3"Pixel View". I can't stand going back and forth between the preview that HAS a pixel view. Can you make it available as a window on screen while you fontstruct?
4)What's with always having a name structure error? I always get it. HALP!
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 3rd January 2014
@j4s13 : you say "we can probably"not make a good font without faux-curves". For me it's the exact contrary. Faux-curves are last resort for works not adapted to the Fontstruct medium when we can make wonderful things with Fontstruct which would be difficult, if possible, with other softwares. Of course for those who think making a a good font is more or less copying Helvetica, surely Fontstruct isn't the best tool.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 3rd January 2014
But i absolutely second you to obtained even more varied and larger REAL curves, even if we already can make beautiful ones today
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 3rd January 2014
@AFT Unless it's a angle-and-line font, NO CAN DO (except some fonts). An almost-quote. And thanks for support (I'm a perfection) on the larger real curves.
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 3rd January 2014
Faux-curves are just another way of using FontStruct creatively.

Whatever size a curved brick is it will always limit the freedom to go beyond a simple quarter or half-round curve.

Faux-curves are used for a variety of fonts other than Helvetica copies ... as I think is demonstrated here

Let us explore all aspects of this wonderful software and allow everyone the freedom to use it in the way they desire. A narrow mind only allows for a narrow view.
Comment by p2pnut 4th January 2014
Though, if FS preview was more realistic, no more massacring detailed works and idealizing approximative ones...
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 4th January 2014
@AFT See below? Slightly larger than pixel view.
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 4th January 2014
Is it just me or is the saving server down? If it's everyone, I suggest meek helps us!
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 1st February 2014
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 1st February 2014
Comment by reggie12 1st February 2014
There would be an option that following letters stands backwards previous letters, and vice-versa : )
Comment by Noronha 2nd April 2014
I think that zooming out should go slightly further out. It would be no great sacrifice if zoom in didn't go as far in, because even if you are making a very small font, it is always clearly visible.

Also, I may be the only one with this problem, but I can't make composite bricks. The button for it is always grey.
Comment by Cohnisgone 2nd April 2014

1. Font Families

Being able to put multiple fonts into a family, so that when someone clicks on the fonts, they see the whole family.

2. Non-modular glyph outlines

You select a font from a list and you see a light gray outline of the font on your FS screen. It would be helpful for copying fonts or basing fonts off of a non-modular design.

3. A better preview
As many people know, the FS preview is quite abominable. It would be great if it actually displayed fonts correctly.
4. OpenType Features
It would be GREAT to have these.

5 Save As...
Where you can save your font as .ttf, .otf, .dfont, .fon, .fnt, .sfd, and more.

6 Most Used Bricks

It would be awesome if we had a section when we make fonts by My Bricks where it showed our most used bricks (just to help us)

7 Export to Dafont
This would be helpful for dafont users like me, to submit their font straight toward dafont.

8 Better images
FS always makes our images smaller, it can be quite annoying for large samples.

9. Premade samples
A set of samples (where the font is pasted onto a background just so you can see the font in use)

10. Language Options
Just so you can see FS in a different language if you speak another language and don't want to Google Translate everything.

11. Better Unicode Support
A lot of the glyphs in unicode show up as a letter from the language in a box, which makes it hard to do hyper-extended fonts. Also Umbreon126 mentioned that FS only supports Plane 0 of Unicode.

12. Better Privacy
There should be a system where all clones should be checked to see if they are exactly the same as another font, and if they show no difference, they should be automatically deleted.

13. FS Wiki
It would be good to have a wiki for FS so new users could learn how to use it easily.

14 Invert Colors/Night Mode
Where colors are inverted to make it easier to see at night (or when it's dark)

15 Kerning

16 More sample text
Maybe have Lorem Ipsum text after the standard pangram sample text.

Just some suggestions that would be nice to have.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 28th May 2014
1. one really wonders what's taking so long
11. This is related to the FontStructor's adherence to Lucida Sans Unicode (which only really works for Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, and Arabic, and basic support at most, at which point Windows' strange font rendering methods kick in and lets you see Armenian but not Dingbats, as well as China's single-bowl variations of āǎàá) Personally I'd go for the ability to choose which font is shown in the FontStructor (as well as adjusting the size of the character Current Glyph box)
As for everything outside Plane 0 (as well as the still unimplemented CJK, Hangul, and Yi), one has to consider if there is really any true need for it here. (Playing Cards and Emoji is nice and all but really :P)
12. You have to give someone the time to edit it, of course ;)
14. <s>shouldn't you be sleeping</s>
Comment by Umbreon126 28th May 2014
Maybe use multiple fonts:
"Lucida Sans Unicode, b, c"
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 28th May 2014
Also for umbreon:

17 Select which font is used for the letters, maybe some options could be like 7:12 Serif or 126Sans or 5Mikropix (because those are hyper-extended) but PLEASE not always be lucida sans unicode
Comment by Noah (winty5) 28th May 2014
Whoops 4got to close bold tag

Comment by Noah (winty5) 28th May 2014
@winty: if you use a mac, you can invert your screen by pressing control+option+apple and then while holding those three keys, press 8.
Comment by TCWhite 28th May 2014
@tcwhite it didn't work.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 28th May 2014
You have to hold all three keys down (control, alt/option, and apple/command), then press 8. Then again, maybe they removed that feature on the newer models?
Comment by TCWhite 28th May 2014
Command-Option-F5 will bring up a window. look at the bottom.
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 28th May 2014
Comment by Noah (winty5) 28th May 2014
I think it would be nice if you could combine the brick stacking option with the straight line tool. So if you draw a line that intersects other bricks it stacks all the intersecting bricks rather than replacing them.

This would save time if there are a lot of brick that are replaced. I've added a simple example to try and show what I mean.
Comment by ben17 24th August 2014
An awesome idea would to make a easy access menu for the commands and functions FontStruct normally allows with a collapse / expand feature as a secondary option to allow. In other words, the normal menu, but to the right of the screen. But rather to replace the old menu, allow the user to have a choice of using the legacy menu or new menu by will.
Comment by Ivy Meadows (Isaiah Garcia) 21st November 2014
add erase of a single diagonal line
Copying to:
add copy of basic Latin also to extended Latin A, extended Latin B, more Latin
possibility to make new composites using existing composites
Please ........ :)
Comment by Aeolien 21st November 2014
Up until now, I have done all my work in an old Java application with more glitches than options (TTFEdit). When I found out FontStruct supported Unicode, I decided to do all my initial work online. Fast. Simple, but not too simple. Large community. Open to improvements. Extremely well done.

At the moment, though, FontStruct lacks one thing that would enable me, and countless people from projects like MUFI and CYFI, to completely switch over: the Private Use Area has not yet been added.

The Private Use Area consists of 6400 code points that are deliberately not assigned a character, from U+E000 to U+F8FF. In academia, this block tends to be used for encoding ligature-heavy medieval writing systems. If it would not be too much trouble, could this area be added?

Anyway, thank you once again -- for everything!
Comment by Gvozd 17th December 2014
It's a request that has been made many times before, but has remained unanswered at the moment (my guess is because the currently layout of the editor simply wouldn't let it be efficient... what fun, scrolling horizontally in a little bar through 6,000+ chars. Or perhaps the sheer number of the characters itself is too much for the editor to display?)

It also should be noted that this 'forum' is acknowledged, but not official: "Contact" is another option
Comment by Umbreon126 18th December 2014
Ah, I understand. The bar is very full at the moment. Increasing the overall efficiency of the system should definitely be a prerequisite.

Still, within the BMP, a distinction can be made between 'areas' and 'blocks'. The term 'block', in a more mathematical sense, sometimes refers to the first two digits of any code point within the Basic Multilingual plane. There are 50 of these 'blocks' within the Private Use Area, each having about 256 code points.

Certain scripts are radically deficient in their unicode forms. Often, one will find duplicates or nonexistent graphemes within archaic scripts. Precomposed characters are often a must for efficiency, and sometimes the only way to implement them with hope of eventually introducing them into the Unicode system is to develop a viable working model.

Most scripts do not require any more than four or five of these 'blocks' (E0, E1, E2, E3, E4). Certain eastern scripts can go well beyond. Anyone here interested in Tibetan? Probably not. For the time being, Instead of adding the entire area (a sizable portion of the BMP), I think it would be best to add only the first few.

The problem that results is that the area has been left open, so all further subdivisions are essentially arbitrary. The way this has been overcome in my circle is by taking each two-digit block of the area and assigning it a letter: Private Use Area A, Private Use Area B … each roughly the size of Basic Latin combined with Latin-1 Supplement.

I can still work around even if this idea is never seen through, but it would make things a lot easier. Any idea who to contact?

Thank you!
Comment by Gvozd 18th December 2014
@Gvozd apparently you don't check messages:
Is the High Private Surrogate Use what you need?
If so:
1. Click on the "Expert Mode" button if it is not on. (If it's off, you will see a gray dot to the left of the text. It's on when it's green.)
2. Drop down the Menu and hover over the "Advanced" tab.
3. Click on "Unicode Letter Sets."
4. Pull up the languages/sections by clicking on "Basic Latin" on the bottom left.
5. Press the up button holding the mouse very still (as a movement will close you out) and stop when you see the "High Private Surrogate Use" tab.
6. Vow to not type with Comic Sans ever again, and don't pick your nose.
(In case you are the really no-humor guy, that was a joke.)
You're done!
Hope this helped! Feel free to ask any more questions and happy Fontstructing!
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 18th December 2014
High Surrogate Private Use≠Private Use This PDF explains what the "surrogate" area is for/how it works

*considers raising hand for Tibetan due to smatterings*
Comment by Umbreon126 19th December 2014
(Thinking about it, there is really no practical reason for the "Surrogates" to even be included in the Fontstructor at all)
Comment by Umbreon126 19th December 2014
Indeed. The Surrogates category is not in not Basic multilingual plane and is not even UTF-8.
Comment by Gvozd 19th December 2014
Forgive dittography.
Comment by Gvozd 19th December 2014
:( do i have to correct every glyph because of a bug that nudging is not supported in glyphs?
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 22nd December 2014
font murder. only got to g so far!
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 22nd December 2014
@j4s13 I'll look into that, send me the URL of the FontStruction please. Thanks!
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 22nd December 2014
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 23rd December 2014
Thanks. I'll look into it in the next few days and get back to you.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 23rd December 2014
Has anyone suggested this yet?
Comment by Zaratustra 14th January 2015
Optionally: the same as above, but only the two quadrants on the left, with two blank quadrants to the left of those.
Comment by Zaratustra 3rd February 2015
direct 1:4 triangles allow for more possibilities
Comment by PiotrGrochowski 22nd February 2015
I'd like to be able to organise my personal listing of my Fontstructions myself. I have 4 types of organisation in mind:
* by set (fonts having only Basic Latin first, followed by fonts containing All the different Latins in the sequence they are presently shown, followed by fonts of other languages in alphabetical order);
* by number of glyphs from low to high (alphabetically for ease of access where fonts have same number of glyphs);
* by date updated (this is the present type of listing);
* all Fontstructions alphabetically (own Fontstructions first, followed by cloned Fontstructions).

I'd like to have a folder for cloned and own tool sets (like the curves tools, the composites tools, the other useful collections).

And finally I'd like to be able to jump to a chosen page rather than having to go to page 10 and then jump only 4 pages ahead each time, which takes 'for ever' when one has more than 20 pages of Fontstructions and a slow internet connection...)
Comment by Aeolien 18th March 2015
an option to switch to windows-1252 and -1250, iso 8859-1 and -1? or cp852
Comment by PiotrGrochowski 18th March 2015
A "switch UC/LC" button would be handy, maybe separately for single letters and all letters.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 22nd March 2015
I'm sort of new to this, but it would be quite cool for there to be alternately colored bricks? It would kind of change FontStruct and start a riot... but... it's just a suggestion...
Comment by SilverfishJockey 26th March 2015
it would be nice if we could change the direction the font goes when typing and if we could curve and bend each specific individual would be interesting to see all of this stuff done.
Comment by Nementor 26th March 2015
@SilverfishJockey: The issue with colorizing fonts is the fact that you can't set a color for a font in an engine, because the other program is meant for the color. As cool as your idea would sound, it would never work.
Comment by Ivy Meadows (Isaiah Garcia) 28th March 2015
Hmm... For some reason... all shortcut commands don't work. In Safari, will try Chrome.
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 1st April 2015
!?? Safari, Firefox, and Chrome all have this gallery:
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 1st April 2015
Oh right, the update. I looks cluttered to the right and doesn't fit with the "chipped square" look. (Chipped square v)
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 1st April 2015
Yeah forget the colors. Did this ever happen to you: you're creating a font and it looks like you can't make any discernible lowercase letters. So you want to copy your capital letters onto the lowercase matrix (this happens to me a lot because I specialize in pixel fonts). But your font is too complex to copy all 26 characters onto the lowercase matrix! With a really cool option you should be able to copy the capital letters onto the lowercase and vice versa with 1 click! I know. You may say, "Why would you want to copy the capital to lowercase anyway? Just leave it be it's pointless. Never post suggestions again, SilverfishJockey." Well... the problem was that on my computer (idk if this ever happened to you) the fonts without lowercase letters weren't downloading properly. On my first font, in order to download it, I had to recreate the letters from capital to lowercase. This message is quite long so I'll stop here. Let the disagreement begin (because haters gonna hate)!
Comment by SilverfishJockey 6th April 2015
You can copy uppercase to lowercase though :o If you turn on Expert Mode, you can get this
Comment by Umbreon126 7th April 2015
Yeah fail... forget my suggestions
Comment by SilverfishJockey 14th April 2015
Number one on my wants is subtraction. I can't do a stupid geometric logo because of the lack of subtraction mode. Also the stupid lack of 3:4 angle.
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 15th April 2015
2x3 brick combinations!
Comment by truth14ful 16th April 2015
1)Being able to color bricks, or make them lighter/ darker

2)Being able to permanently save favorite bricks

3)Having a fill-in mode, where there's a tool which will fill in a certain shape blocked off by already-drawn shapes. (Basically a more advance version of the one we have already)
Comment by The Chosen Juan 30th August 2015
1) The issue with colorizing fonts is the fact that you can't set a color for a font in an engine, because the other program is meant for the color. As cool as your idea would sound, it would never work.
2) Sounds cool.
3) That is disputably the most suggested suggestion. RIOT!
Comment by EvanFonts 30th August 2015

do anyone know how to email your fonts to someone.

Comment by footwear95 20th January 2016

I believe that I am a creative person by all the fonts I have made here.  Some were great and others were not.  It's hard for me to come up with a new idea for a font.  Sometimes I feel a little constrained by the blocks that I am given to use.  It would be nice if I had something that would help me come up with new ideas.

Comment by Chris Burgess (maneman) 2nd April 2016

@ Chris Burgess: maybe this holds some inspiration >

Comment by Aeolien 2nd April 2016

Dear Mr Meek, I have 2 programming wishes:

# I'd like to 'park' cloned fontstructions either at the end or the start of my personal FontStructions list (organising our fonts)

# I'd like to 'jump' to a specific page of my own pages and the gallerys' pages, rather than having just one of 4 pages at any one time and the very last page to go to.

I'd like to look for inspiration on page 153 or 729 for example but I know that I'll be occupied for quite a long time.

If the page-choice cannot be programmed would a 'jump' within a set of 20 pages (as opposed to the current 5) be possible?

Comment by Aeolien 3rd April 2016

@Aeolien the parking suggestion is an interesting one, I'll bear that in mind. If you want to jump to a specific page in the gallery you can just enter the number in the address bar at the top of the bar and hit return e.g.

while take you to page 100.

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 5th April 2016

@ MR Meek: I used the address bar suggestion, it works fine for me, thank you.

The clones' "parking" out of the general gallery would be great. I now clone many of my more complex or decorative fonts to work on specific letters; this keeps the basic font in order while I work on further letters inside the clone so I wont lose too much work when the save doesn't want to hold every change made.

But clones clog up most published/to publish gallery views and when I clone others' fontstructions to see how something was done then this makes my gallery even more difficult to navigate. It would be great if it were possible to move all clones out of my general work gallery to the end or start of my fonts' listing (while retaining the recent worked-on clones at the top of the parking list as we can have now).

Comment by Aeolien 5th April 2016

@Mr. Meek: I've noticed a few site bugs recently, of which you may or may not already be aware:

1. Any search on a FontStructor page finds no results.

2. Any search on a gallery page finds only fonts whose names start with the first three letters of the search term, or fonts that have a tag where a word starts this way. For example, a search for "circus" comes up with several fonts tagged "Circus", but also some tagged with "Circles" or "Circuit" or "Inverted Circle", as well as fonts named "circle" and "cirus".

3. I don't know whether this one is intentional, but changing the search term or any search filter clears the term/filters the user has already set.

4. I don't see any difference between the "Selected" and "All" options on the Live page...

5. The full-screen font preview seems to have a black background (at least in Firefox), making it impossible to preview fonts in full-screen.

It would be nice to see more formatting options in the comment box, such as underline, strikethrough, and a button to insert an image from a URL. Some formats are possible by copy-pasting or dragging text that contains these formats, and you can drag images into the box to insert them, but it'd be nice to have an easier method.

In the upcoming HTML5 FontStructor, I'd also like Expert Mode and composite-making to be a little more obvious. (I went for a few months without knowing about the composite tool, wondering how other users made crazily-shaped bricks.) Maybe there could be a little tour of the FontStructor when a user opens it for the first time?

I was also going to suggest an "Invert" tool, but I see this has already been suggested (and I've already seconded it, haha). Oh yeah, and I'd also really like quarter-unit letter widths.

Comment by ETHproductions 7th June 2016

Thanks for the bug reports and suggestions @ethproductions.

I'll look into the bugs when I get a chance.

The upcoming HTML5 FontStructor, which I hope will be ready for live testing within the next two months, will be very similar in terms of layout and features to the existing one, to begin with. Having said that, the plan is that the new FontStructor will be much easier to improve and extend so we should be able to add new, and long begged-for features after it's launched. 

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 8th June 2016

This sounds absolutely exciting. Looking forward to using the HTML5 FontStructor!

Comment by laynecom 8th June 2016

On the topic of the comments box, this might sound weird, but I'd like the ability to edit the raw HTML instead of using the WYSIWIG editor. (also for font descriptions)

Comment by Umbreon126 9th June 2016

@Umbreon126. Thanks for the suggestion, but we won't add that as it would be a security issue. One thing that would be nice for the comments boxes would be the ability to easily add a link to another FontStructor or FontStruction, maybe with an auto-generated sample. But the current development focus is on the FontStructor.  

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 9th June 2016

Please continue discussion here.

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 9th June 2016

Comments are closed.

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