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Stylish handwriting font with frisky strokes of brush or quill. Bravo Beate. 10/10 
comment by Frodo7 on “db Melitta” (Today, 16:54)


@CMunk - I debated putting in a double-storey 'a' - yours is better than mine, and I might use it :-) I also tried out that 's' but I really liked the... more
comment by LexKominek on “Apricot” (Today, 16:46)


Dear, you have the PULSE! You can make whatever you decides! It's will be gorgeous! My 10 still 2U 4ever! 
comment by elmoyenique on “db Melitta” (Today, 16:37)


comment by beate on “db Melitta” (Today, 15:40)


db Melitta
beate has just published “db Melitta
from beate (Today, 15:40)


10/10 impressive! About ogoneks: 
comment by riccard0 on “Manuale Neue Bold” (Today, 14:07)


I especially like the extra dingbats :-) 10/10 
comment by riccard0 on “AV04 Stenso” (Today, 13:56)


comment by kix on “Apricot” (Today, 11:19)


@TCWhite Thank you! Glad you like it. 
comment by ConEAP on “AV04 Stenso” (Today, 05:44)

cirque traumaccord

@TC/CMunk : Thanks! It wasn't clear on the previous sample but actually it's one and only font. Here's a sample with one UC in front of each word. I'll see... more
comment by cirque traumaccord on “forum: feedback” (Today, 05:24)


Looks good. It reminds me of one from System 7 Macs that I didn't like (Charcoal?) but I like this one. 
comment by SymbioticDesign on “Waremann” (Today, 02:04)


Very nice simple and elegant serifs. 
comment by RichardG on “SimplePix Serif 2” (Today, 01:13)


@AFT/CT: Very much so! The top one very elegantly plays with the shapes of the f, s, x and z. The bottom one is cool too: I especially like the M, N and W,... more
comment by CMunk on “forum: feedback” (Yesterday, 23:01)


@AFT: Sure. :) 
comment by TCWhite on “forum: feedback” (Yesterday, 22:18)


I know some Polish, and Cmunk is correct. I was also going to mention that. Ogoneks are generally the same length as the descenders, and roughly resemble... more
comment by TCWhite on “Manuale Neue Bold” (Yesterday, 22:15)


Thanks for the comments! @Cohnisgone like this: 
comment by Yautja on “Waremann” (Yesterday, 22:09)


Ehhhh... How d'ya do the curves? I'm assuming they're real curves, but I've hardly even contemplated getting them like this. 
comment by Cohnisgone on “Waremann” (Yesterday, 21:10)

cirque traumaccord

Hello fontstructors, to get some rest and freshness from my interminable series of updates, i worked on this new thing, sort of little hommage to "data" 70s... more
comment by cirque traumaccord on “forum: feedback” (Yesterday, 20:37)


fs 3x3 02
opipik has just published “fs 3x3 02
from opipik (Yesterday, 19:02)


Try this for better angles: or... more
comment by opipik on “Gangrenous Squares” (Yesterday, 18:35)

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