5x7 Type 2

by erictom333

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I'd like to get everyone's opinions on which of the above you think looks better: old (1) or new (2) for each text sample (bdghpqy, r, nu, AVWvw, <>, 69).

Comment by erictom333 Sun, 11th October

@erictom333 - Personally, I prefer the bottom/#2 set.  They are more visaully interesting/distinctive, and legibility would be better.

Comment by Goatmeal Sun, 11th October

@Goatmeal For all? Treat this as six different polls for six different samples of text.

Comment by erictom333 Sun, 11th October

@erictom333 - Yes, new/#2 looks better to me for all 6 sets.  :^)

Comment by Goatmeal Sun, 11th October

@Goatmeal Thanks for the feedback. I'm currently making a new font, 5x7 Type 3, with the new characters.

Comment by erictom333 Sun, 11th October

Hi, it’s an awesome work! I love the way you handle letters with ring above.

Focusing on letters with ring above, I found that ǻ (U+01FB) is drawn wrong. It should be an acute rather than a grave.

Comment by ChenZheChina Mon, 12th October

@ChenZheChina Thanks for pointing that out! I'll fix that now.

Comment by erictom333 Thu, 15th October

Support for the Metelko alphabet for Slovene has been modified (moved to 1F00-1F14 in Greek Extended block). If you want to know what it looks like, take this sample, from Valentin Stanič's adaptation of the poem "Der Kaiser und der Abt" by Gottfried August Bürger.

Comment by erictom333 Sun, 18th October

Full support for Vietnamese has now been added to 5x7 Type 2. Shown here is a Vietnamese pangram in sentence case and all caps, to showcase the diacritics used.

Comment by erictom333 Wed, 21st October

Just asking: What makes a Top Pick?

Comment by erictom333 Sat, 7th November

@eriktom33 There is no strict criteria for it to be a top pick. If meek thinks it deserves a top pick, he will, I think?

Comment by BWM Sat, 7th November

and by it, I mean a font…

Comment by BWM Sat, 7th November

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