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    Hi Everybody,

    Check out the new HTML5 version of Fontstructor experimental version. It's been quietly introduced, without much fanfare. It looks and works just like the Flash version. Yet it is the most fundamental change of FS since the very beginning of FS. 

    This forum seems to be the proper place to discuss all issues regarding the new HTML5 Fontstruct. I encourage all members to test the new version, and report the relevant issues here. 

    I say a big thank you to Rob Meek for his great undertaking.

    Comment by Frodo7 Tue, 12th July

    I 'saw' it yesterday and used it for working on my latest font. While I like the idea of HTML5 I find that flash places the bricks immediately (like manual drawing) showing each as it is placed, and drawing lines/boxes, erasing and moving glyphs is shown in realtime.

    On my computer I notice lag in HTML5 which gets more pronounced as the drawing speed increases; in the case of large freehand drawing the bricks show only when the tool is released through mouse click.

    In this new version I find the double arrow for highlighting irritating. The lag for this tool and the eraser is more pronounced than for line drawing or placing single bricks. When erasing I can't see a highlighted area before it disappears unless I draw the box very slowly.

    I think the lag in displaying is due to HTML5, I am sure I will get used to it when I use it more often. But for the moment I will stick to the flash version, specially when correcting or adding to previous fonts. I will use the HTML5 version for new fonts with the basic set of glyphs, to get used to it.

    Comment by Aeolien Tue, 12th July

    Thanks for the feedback! Please note that the HTML5 has only been rolled out for a few users - for testing and bug fixing. It has not been quietly introduced – it is not released yet. Most people do not see the buttons to access the new FontStructor. 

    Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Tue, 12th July

    My last font, zyklopedia, was made between FS and FS HTML5. I have not see differences on both working on it.

    BTW, Btw, the Tools icons in FS HTML5 seems me a little... hmmm... pale/soft/evanescent?

    Comment by elmoyenique Tue, 12th July
    Comment by elmoyenique Tue, 12th July

    @elmo point taken.
    @Aeolien I'll look into the lag. 
    Remember there is a google group for the test group to discuss issues with the new FontStructor. Let me know if you didn't get an invite.

    Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Wed, 13th July

    Thanks Meek, I have sent a message :)

    Comment by Aeolien Wed, 13th July

    @meek: Well, the FS invitation to the FontStruct Development group is expired for me... Can you send me a new one, please? Thank you.

    Comment by elmoyenique Wed, 13th July

    @elmo Should be in its way!

    Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Wed, 13th July

    About commenting: I want to remove/hide a comment made under my font, from the live feed and incidentally also from my font's comments list. I can't find a 'delete' nor a 'hide' function.

    I don't want to provide a public platform to people "advertising" by providing access to their profile through following the commentator's name. Maybe a simple 'hide' would be useful to the FSor, with staff deciding to delete all trace of the comments or just keep them hidden in the live feed, when they are signalled. 

    If this is in the wrong forum I apologise; I can't find a list of the various site linked and user founded pages.

    Comment by Aeolien Sat, 3rd September

    Such functions used to exist before the website design was updated.

    Comment by Umbreon126 Sat, 3rd September

    I want a feature that will help to place the bricks between cells, and something for resizing them (bricks)

    Comment by KAYOver Tue, 27th September

    more bricks and custom bricks...

    Comment by Brynda1231 Meyerholt (brynda1231) Wed, 28th September

    Is there any way of making a glyph that prints when a word processing program instigates a line return ... or ... when the return button is pressed ?  Thankyou in anticipation of your response.

    Comment by wicci Tue, 18th October


    Comment by Brynda1231 Meyerholt (brynda1231) Thu, 27th October

    Make it remember if you're on Expert Mode.

    Comment by ImmaPooh Thu, 27th October

    We can add “Private Use Area” block in BMP (has 6,400 characters), and higher planes of Unicode including Supplentary Private Use Areas A and B. We can also add a Unicode character map to create characters faster and easier.

    Comment by cxxcxcxcxcxc Thu, 3rd November


    Comment by Brynda1231 Meyerholt (brynda1231) Thu, 3rd November

    Not a suggestion but rather an observation: these past weeks I noticed live feed errors: I can't see new/updated font images. Why does it happen, can I change something?

    Comment by Aeolien Sat, 5th November

    The samplers show up ... just the font presentation doesn't.

    Comment by Aeolien Sat, 5th November

    The image display problem is also on the general and personal galleries and less frequent on the 'splash screen'.

    Comment by Aeolien Sat, 5th November
    Comment by Aeolien Sat, 5th November

    I'm with Aeolien. Whats happens?

    Comment by elmoyenique Sat, 5th November

    This also happens to me. 

    (I was wondering why the images don't show, but I thought it was just my internet connection)

    Comment by opipik Sat, 5th November

    Happens here too, also seems like the "show more" button on live feed skips a page.

    Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) Sat, 5th November
    Comment by elmoyenique Sun, 6th November

    Where the name letters?

    Comment by Baljinima Batomunkuev (MadSheep3) Sun, 6th November

    Please, add to the group "More Latin", the characters:
    œ (U+0153)
    Š (U+0160)
    š (U+0161) 
    Ž (U+017D)
    ž (U+017E)
    Belonging to the codepage Win-1252 (Western languages)

    Comment by ecluniverso Wed, 9th November

    @ecluniverso: those chracters are part of Latin-A.

    Comment by TCWhite Wed, 9th November

    I would suggest adding one character from Latin Extended-E: small chi, i.e., U+AB53. The capital is part of Latin Extended-D.

    Comment by TCWhite Wed, 9th November


    I know. Thanks for reporting something I already know.
    But, the intention is to simplify the location, because the Win-1252, is the codepage most used.

    Again, I'm sorry for giving a suggestion in the suggestion page.


    Comment by ecluniverso Wed, 9th November

    @TCWhite: I would suggest adding the whole block, though.

    Comment by opipik Fri, 11th November

    Please do empty brick so that we can change bricks into empty bricks (deleting them) and make a line with it.

    Comment by PiotrGrochowski Sat, 12th November

    @meek - I've noticed that when you are in a FontStruction, pressing the yellow Help button (Next to grey Expert Mode button) results in a "404 Not Error"...

    Comment by Goatmeal Sat, 3rd December

    @meek - Also, the nudge feature improvement is great.  Is there any way to make 4 nudge keyboard shortcuts ( U/D/L/R - hopefully near each other) for the next FS iteration/upgrade?

    Comment by Goatmeal Sat, 3rd December

    Shortcuts are ok but 'near to each other' depends on the keyboard. In our buildings are French, German and English depending on who/which computer/room is FontStructing.

    Comment by Aeolien Sun, 4th December

    @Aeolien - You are correct.  However, of the 4 obvious ones (the 4 arrow keys), the <- and -> are already in use to cycle through the glyphs.  I was only think 'near one another' in a directional/layout sense; it wouldn't make sense to have them strewn across the keyboard, or where the UP nudge key below the DOWN nudge key, or the RIGHT nudge on the far left side...  :^)

    Comment by Goatmeal Sun, 4th December

    In that case some shortcuts would be ok :) although I don't nudge enough to find it beneficial.

    Comment by Aeolien Sun, 4th December

    @Aeolien - While I usually don't nudge, either, I _am_ thinking of making another "wonky"-type font...

    Comment by Goatmeal Sun, 4th December

    @Goatmeal thanks for the tip about the help page, I'll look into that.
    There are keyboard shortcuts for the nudge feature – just shift and then press the relevant arrow key (only works in expert mode). Looking forward to your wonkiness!

    Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Mon, 5th December

    @Meek - Thank you, Rob.  Would it be possible to add that information (Shift + Arrow key = Nudge) under the Expert Mode section of the Keyboard Shortcuts page, as well as add any other new keyboard shortcuts for the most recent update/upgrade of FontStruct?

    Comment by Goatmeal Mon, 5th December

    @ecluniverso: "Thanks for reporting something I already know", is an assumption, which is a really bad habit; I was unaware of what you were referencing, until I looked it up. :) However, you can create your fonts here, then open them in FontForge, which is free to download. You can then select the entire font, then change its encoding. FontForge has an encoding button in its menu.

    @architaraz: Sure. However, most of that block is specific for Teuthonista, and only one other character aside from chi is used outside of transcription purposes, and that is the curled u. But, I agree, if you're going to add a couple of characters, you might as well add the whole block. :)

    Comment by TCWhite Wed, 7th December

    @TCWhite I will not argue. I'm sorry if I offended.

    Comment by ecluniverso Mon, 2nd January

    Please. Add a piece of Unicode "PUA".
    For example: U + F000 to U + F07F (128 Characters)
    So we can use it to create alternate writings that are not in FS. 

    Comment by ecluniverso Mon, 2nd January

    ALL of unicode 0000-10FFFF

    Comment by Brynda1231 Meyerholt (brynda1231) Tue, 3rd January

    Is it possible to speed up loading the Fontstructor? So far I have waited 8 minutes for it to go past 20%, thrice ... My new font's height fills the grid and has more than the first 2 Latin sets.

    Comment by Aeolien Wed, 11th January

    impossible date. last edited 11/01BC?

    Comment by Brynda1231 Meyerholt (brynda1231) Wed, 11th January

    An anti-spoofing system that detects similar letters.

    Comment by Brynda1231 Meyerholt (brynda1231) Thu, 12th January

    @Aeolien. Let me know the name of the FontStruction and I can have a look. 8 minutes is a very long time.

    Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Thu, 12th January

    @ Meek: Thank You. I have sent the details in a PM.

    Comment by Aeolien Thu, 12th January

    Another puzzlement for Meek rather than a suggestion. Since extending a Romaeo version to LatinA I get a scripting error when opening the preview.

    The preview loads up to MoreLatin, gets stuck for 30 seconds or so, then the error is declared. The remaining glyphs jump into the preview after a few seconds when I have clicked on "continue".

    > A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, open the script in the debugger, or let the script continue.


    Comment by Aeolien Mon, 16th January

    How about to release FontStruct on Android and iOS? The ability to make fonts abroad without a laptop, in a offline. What are your ideas for mobile FontStruct?

    Comment by Baljinima Batomunkuev (MadSheep3) Tue, 17th January

    @Aeolien It’s because its a very, complex FontStruction with a lot of letters. If you split it into multiple FontStructions you should no longer see the error. You can message me about this if you need more help.

    Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Tue, 17th January

    @MadSheep3 Thanks for suggesting that. It’s a recurrent thought and request. With the HTML5 FontStructor at least you can now work on touch devices, and it’s also a good step towards appland. The offline thing is a bit tricky but I'm sure we will work on that at some point. 

    Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Tue, 17th January

    @ Meek: thank you. I hope that I can access those of my complex fonts that need updating and/or 'splitting'.

    Maybe we could chose between the old and the new Fontstructors, on the log-in page?

    Comment by Aeolien Tue, 17th January

    @Aeolien I'd rather build a split function. For now, just let me know in a message if there are FontStructions which you need and want to split (and how you want them splitted) and I can do that for you.

    Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Wed, 18th January

    As you can see, there are floating blocks in the download window. I don't know where's the problem. (Disregard that it's a conscript and there are some letters missing)

    Comment by opipik Tue, 31st January

    @opipik I will have a look. It may take a few days.

    Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Tue, 31st January

    The biggest features I would like to see from working around with FontStruct is:

    -A way to subtract shapes from other shapes. I know this was suggested before, but it's something that is really needed

    -Either a way to subdivide bricks into bigger shapes, sort of like reverse-composite bricks, OR a way to make composites of composites. Currently, there are only so many ways to use round bricks. The limit of a one-by-one brick just does not do enough.

    -FontStruct for Windows!

    Comment by TygerSport Mon, 24th April

    I can't read the news (all I get is "Make your comment:" on an otherwise blank page and served with an HTTP error 500) and the new bricks don't show up for me.

    Comment by Umbreon126 Sun, 4th June

    @Umbreon126 maybe clear your browser cache. I did see the 500 error yesterday but it seems to have gone now(?)

    Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Sun, 4th June

    @Meek - Rob, to follow up yesterday's FS Message: I'm still getting the "Make Your Comment:" message on FireFox 53.0.3, while my IE 11 gives me the 500 error.  I also received the "MYC:" message on Chrome at work on Friday...

    Comment by Goatmeal Sun, 4th June

    I get the "Make your comment" message on the latest Firefox and Chrome. One can't comment though as there's no way of getting the page to accept text °.°

    Comment by Aeolien Sun, 4th June

    @Meek - Rob, June 2 news link about "Connecting Brick Pack" works again on IE 11 and Chrome 58...

    Comment by Goatmeal Mon, 5th June

    It now works for me too.

    Comment by Umbreon126 Tue, 6th June

    Is there a general problem with the page about the Reverse comp? Or am I the only member seeing "Make your comment:" on a blank page without anywhere to comment ? :/

    Comment by Aeolien Mon, 19th June

    I'm having that page as well.

    Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) Mon, 19th June

    @Aeo, @Juta I am having that problem as well.

    Comment by Brynda Mon, 19th June

    thanks for the tip. basically ok now.

    Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Mon, 19th June

    This isn't a 'suggestion", just a question. Is there a help page about inserting html codes in comments? I wanted the words "see here" clickable to send someone to a help page but my html text disappears every time.

    Comment by nightpegasus Fri, 23rd June
    Comment by nightpegasus Fri, 23rd June

    I made 4 attempts at this font for the ReverseComp, every time I meet a save problem. This last result is hilarious, right? But oh so infuriating. Do I start from scratch this close to "the day"? Do I give up ? 

    Comment by nightpegasus Fri, 23rd June