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INNERCITY — Geometric future retro display grotesque
Geometric unicase display sans with a stylistic filled counter-like (Uc) set and monolinear 'bare-boned' geometric grotesque (Lc) set.

— Full alphanumeric dual-variant font !!

Elmoyenique's "zenzura" (a very stylish work in it's own right, make sure to check that one as well) anyway,
His 'zenzura' font kind of struck me with a healthy fresh dose of motivation. In the past I've explored somewhat similar style designs, but none of those ever really got consolidated into the extensive and complete work Elmo delivered with his stunning zenzura.
So I decided to dig up one of my older such projects and see if this new motivational boost could turn 'half'-a-font into a complete piece.

Long story short, this update is the result of that venture.

Where previously this project came in just one style (filled counters), with no additional glyph alternates. Basically a complete absense of the lowercase-string all together, and only very limited complementary set of symbols and punctuation marks were present. Neither did the previous version had a great deal of refinement in terms of metrics / kerning and overall horizontal distribution of type-set material.  So, it was nothing more than a plain doodle of the idea I had back then, that had to be preserved for a later stage.  
But being drawn into more recent projects at the time I eventually ren dry on motivation to fully finalize this I ended up publishing it in its rough state.


The'bare-boned' lowercase is a somewhat futuristic geometric looking form, whereas the filled uppercase set has a strong retro vibe.  

Combined in 'mixed-case' it can make a cool optional decorative style capitalization for your text. Used in isolation the two styles (Uc, Lc) both could be used as two seporate fonts, allowing stylistic text hierarchy.

In addition to the stylish retro-like, and partially filled forms I included a glyph-alternative set that strips the letterforms down to their monolinear core-geometric essence.
The design of this set is characterized by the spacious, sharp and clear appearance, that looks slightly futuristic but fashionable still.

With this new addition being the more legible and clean form of the two style sets, I placed this variation into the lowercase-string, making this the default-style for the font.
For the numerals, symbols and punctuations, I tried to remain committed to the stylish filled nature of the uppercase set.

A full alternative monolinear and 'bare-boned' numeral counterpart is located in the 'Full Width' Unicode block. Two extra weight variations for the brackets are also included for a more precise personal preference..

— And so it finally could respectably considered being a full font after all.

Thats all folks.. Enjoy !



Comment by Sed4tives 21st november 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 21st november 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 21st november 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 21st november 2022

[UPDATE 11-22-2022]

Added Multilingual support for Latin script-based writing system. (63 Languages total)

Comment by Sed4tives 22nd november 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 22nd november 2022

Thanks for the mention, pal. You makes me blush ?. Very honored that my little font has been used for something like this. Also, your lower case reminded me of an attempt I made some time ago, trying to build the font for the excellent Sci-Fi series "The Expanse"... Then I found a very similar one, called Protomolecule. I add a sample. Good work.

Comment by elmoyenique 22nd november 2022
Comment by elmoyenique 22nd november 2022
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “STF_INNERCITY” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 22nd november 2022

@Elmoyenique: No problem man, I consider you as my trustworthy FontStruct-sparring partner.. Your font sample is looking superb as usual, (S) is simply amazing!

But, c'mon 'boxeador antiguo'.. jajaja ¿Qué carajo? ¿Qué había pasado entre el número 1 y el 2?  ¿Pelea?

But again, that (S) pshhh... you!

Comment by Sed4tives 22nd november 2022

@Rob: Thanks for the special mention b0zz!

Comment by Sed4tives 22nd november 2022

Excellent work, the upper case is particularly striking!

Comment by four 23rd november 2022

Here are the alternative numbers for those that do not know how to type them:


Comment by Logan Roman (Logan2020) 30th january 2023


Comment by e12220231 16th march 2023

What blocks did you use? I want to be able to get those nice curves/circles while still having a thin and monolinear typeface.

Comment by Aldeninator 7th june 2023

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