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10x10 fantasy- and RPG-related icons. The bigger they are, the better they look!

This is finished! I'm happy to hear out and possibly implement others' suggestions, though.


A - Knight's Blade

B - Warrior's Shield

C - Paladin's Helmet

D - Samurai's Armour

E - Wizard's Potion

F - Thief's Keys

G - Monk's Rosary

H - Dwarf's Pickaxe

I - Necromancer's Scroll

J - Sorceress' Staff

K - Shaman's Totem (Spider)

L - Ninja's Glove

M - Assassin's Bow

N - Cleric's Holy Symbol

O - Viking's Hammer

P - Bandit's Buckler

Q - Barbarian's Axe

R - Druid's Mandrake

S - Priest's Altar

T - Jester's Crowns

U - Warlock's Book of Shadows

V - Witch's Lantern

W - Dancer's Lei

X - Hypnotist's Charm

Y - Miner's Hat

Z - Explorer's Map

a - Trapper's Caltrops

b - Demolitionist's Arsenal

c - Vampire Hunter's Boomerang

d - Herbalist's Bag

e - Archaeologist's Fossil

f - Goblin's War Trumpet

g - Gourmand's Platter

h - Musician's Harp

i - Gladiator's Net

j - Oracle's Beads

k - Bard's Singing Sword

l - Spelunker's Rope

m - Merchant's Abacus

n - Gambler's Dice

o - Siege Operator's Catapult

p - Aztec's Warclub (Macuahuitl)

q - Drunken Master's Jug

r - Fighter's Headband

s - Judge's Gavel

t - Guru's Meditation Balls

u - Dungeoneer's Folding Ladder

v - Moneychanger's Scales

w - Cultist's Altar

x - Magician's Hat

y - Friar's Cross

z - Fisher's Harpoon

0 - Skeleton

1 - Kobold

2 - Goblin

3 - Bone Dragon

4 - Pumpkin Head

5 - Slime

6 - Vampire

7 - Imp

8 - Dragon

9 - Mimic

. - Chest

, - Pile of Loot


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Comment by zephram 9th august 2018

series 1

Comment by zephram 10th august 2018

@zephram - What a wonderful collection of fantasy gaming dingbats!

Comment by Goatmeal 10th august 2018

Thank you! They're quite fun to make so I'll keep it up as long as I can.

Comment by zephram 10th august 2018
Comment by zephram 12th august 2018

Finished! :D

Well, what theme should I make icons about next? I have done Fantasy, Military, and Travel related ones so far...

Comment by zephram 27th september 2018

Try BFDI theme next...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 27th september 2018

You mean Battle For Dream Island?

Comment by zephram 27th september 2018

@zeph Yeah, that's what BFDI means...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 27th september 2018

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