The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (GB)

by Patrick H. Lauke (redux)

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Recreation of the pixel font from Nintendo's "The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening" (1993) on the Game Boy.

This recreation includes the special/accented characters from the french and german releases of the game. In game, the characters with a diaeresis use an additional tile above them - in this recreation, the characters have been combined properly (and as a result, the height of the font overall is greater than 8px).

As an aside, this font was also used for the fan translation of "For frog the bell tolls" (aka "カエルの為に鐘は鳴る" / "Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru", 1992/2011).

Only the characters present in the game's tile set have been included.

Updated 9 July 2022 to include additional accented uppercase characters, and the star icon.


Comment by Patrick H. Lauke (redux) 30th june 2018

"Wow! This looks pretty heavy! You won't be able to Fontstruct it with just your bare hands..."

Nice work. :D

Comment by zephram 30th june 2018

@zephram yeah, whenever i manage to find a very complete font in my research, i'm equal parts excited and terrified about the amount of work :)

Comment by Patrick H. Lauke (redux) 1st july 2018

It's a Link's Awakening quote. "Wow! This looks pretty heavy! You won't be able to pick it up with just your bare hands..." :D

Nice to see this font on here. A lot of YouTubers, Zelda streamers, etc. are fond of using the Link to the Past style fonts, but now they have an alternative.

Comment by zephram 1st july 2018

oh crikey, i missed that reference completely even though i've been playing it recently (for the first time). then again, i now have the power bracelet anyway :)

Comment by Patrick H. Lauke (redux) 1st july 2018

Hi, I looked in the French version and I found other characters, like the "À" (LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH GRAVE), the "È" (LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E WITH GRAVE), and the "Ó" (LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH ACUTE); can you add them? Thank you!

Comment by GiAnMMV (verusca) 9th july 2022

@verusca I just "sourced" the french and german versions, so will have a look

Comment by Patrick H. Lauke (redux) 9th july 2022

Sorry, I didn't specify how I got these characters: I replaced a random string in the ROM with every byte from 0x00 to 0xFF.

Comment by GiAnMMV (verusca) 9th july 2022

@verusca ah, I see. yeah, digging into the actual tiles, I don't see the uppercase accented ones, as they're made up of two tiles stacked vertically. I'll dig some more and use your screenshot there as reference, but: is there any chance there might be more such accented uppercases anywhere? Any uppercase with a circumflex accent etc?

Comment by Patrick H. Lauke (redux) 9th july 2022
Comment by Patrick H. Lauke (redux) 9th july 2022

@verusca sorted...worked out where the tiles were that make up the composite/accented characters, and backfilled all other uppercase accented ones

Comment by Patrick H. Lauke (redux) 9th july 2022

A nice Italic pixel font. I like you kept the original color palette on the demo pictures. 10/10

Comment by Frodo7 12th july 2022

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