by regina15143
Cloned from Like a Tofu by regina15143.

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This font was made for street food vendor which we call PKL. My team got tahu campur which means mixed tofu. Inspired by the tofu, I made the font literally square like a tofu (lol). Tahu campur has bold taste which result in also a bold font. Shadow made by request. Hope you like the font! Please leave some comments for a better changes so we all can improve. Thanks~


thumbs up !

Comment by deandra15093 30th march 2016

woww, Luar biasa sekalii! Font nya menarik juga nih! ada efek 3d nya getooh! bisa buat jualan tahu campur, bisa juga dipake buat jualan keyboard xD. Secara keseluruhan frame nya menyebabkan fontnya terlihat konstan, memiliki apalah itu istilahnya aku lupa.. --' keep up the good work, segera diselesaikan biar orang orang yang memerlukan bisa mendownload nya sesuai dengan kebutuhan... 

Comment by pieterenaldi 30th march 2016

Kereennn! Konsisten banget, jd enak diliat. Dan konsepnya jg bagus XD itu yg segitiga huruf A kah?

Comment by jessicaalicias 4th april 2016

WOW!! keren banget font nya

Comment by eunike_15009 7th april 2016

nice font! goodjob

Comment by Anita Sylvia 7th april 2016

So Cool !! neat and cute

Comment by marcia42415176 7th april 2016

lucuhh, bisa di pake untuk produk prmainan scrabble juga nih :3

Comment by kristina82 7th april 2016

wow, cool font! very consistent and unique:)

Comment by stefanithejapuspita 7th april 2016

Cool font! A little fix on the X stroke would perrfect the font!

Comment by cherlita 7th april 2016

stroke di x nya kurang konsisten, but good job, cute font!

Comment by bellacornelia07 7th april 2016

keren, unik goodjob

Comment by Ivana H W 7th april 2016

woww.. kerenn pol!

Comment by Felianaagustin 7th april 2016

what a cool font! like the 3D effect :D

Comment by nikitaolivia 7th april 2016

Since I haven't finish the R so in english

Comment by regina15143 7th april 2016

cool kak typefacenya

3D bangett.... extraordinary job

Comment by albertsuryaaa 7th april 2016

good font good consistency :)

Comment by Kevin Christopher (kevinchr_) 7th april 2016

bagus reginaaa, simple enak dilihat

Comment by jordanlilin 7th april 2016

konsepnya unik banget! goodjob! konsistensinya kurang dikit di beberapa huruf

Comment by theresiamarseli 7th april 2016

Wow.. so creative good job!

Comment by natalia devara 7th april 2016

Hallo... keren fontnya bisa dibuat 3d... good job

Comment by Bryan Tj 7th april 2016

Keren font ny good job enak di lihat

Comment by vinsen15174 7th april 2016

Wihh, hurufnya kerenn unik. Good job! 

Comment by Arini dina yasmin (arinidina_15080) 8th april 2016

I like its concept! Good job!

Comment by kezialanita 8th april 2016

Your font is fun to look at, keep up your good work.

Comment by cyntia15029 8th april 2016

keren bangetz!

Comment by kevinrich 8th april 2016

Great concept and well executed! Nice job!!!!

Comment by naomnaomi 8th april 2016

Konsepnya keren :D

Comment by Celine Lawinata 8th april 2016

huruf "A"nya memang dibikin gitu ya..? somehow.., kerasa beda banget dari huruf yg lain.. terus.., arm.nya "X" sama "Y" tipis banget.. after all, nice work..

Comment by CynShin08 8th april 2016

wii looks like scrabble, good job!

Comment by ElviChen97 8th april 2016

LIKE LIKE!! Greatt job :))

Comment by teresastephani 8th april 2016

Nice... very consistent

Comment by Celia Ivana (celiabenboy) 8th april 2016

keren, bagus pol, rapi, konsisten, nice font!!!

Comment by tifannysaverinap 8th april 2016

Nice font! Well executed! Very consistent! Nice design!

Comment by jeremyadriansutanto 9th april 2016

apik gin, kaya tombolan keyboard, .... lucu 

Comment by repratantra 9th april 2016

kueren pol sumpah

Comment by febrina2397 9th april 2016

Keren reg, inovatif

Comment by ameliarahmannn 9th april 2016


Comment by RobbyGun 9th april 2016

very simple and creative, love it

Comment by katriel 9th april 2016


Comment by dewi mega 10th april 2016

Very good idea to create this font. Simple and cute ;)

Comment by yunitasalim 10th april 2016

huruf k nya agak aneh, but overall good job!

Comment by Maria Fransiiska 10th april 2016


Comment by oliviaCB_15104 10th april 2016

Sip bagus! 3d font nice !

Comment by Andreasevanc 10th april 2016


tapi sekilas lebih mirip ky tombol2 :'>

but overall looks good heheh

good jobb cecehh~

p.s; next time bole deh aku pake fontnya buat cover artbook yaa ;P 


Comment by celinejardinia_15182 10th april 2016

keren hehe

Comment by richardo_15162 10th april 2016

cool concept!!

Comment by tania_15065 10th april 2016

keren banget sungguh kreatif sekali pembuatan fontnya

Comment by yonatanchristie 11th april 2016


looks like tofu haha..

keep trying!

Comment by bel'f 11th april 2016

wew keren unik banget!!!

Comment by stevenligo 11th april 2016

bagusss reg, lucuu fontmuu

Comment by DikkyA 11th april 2016

Bagus font-nya :) Kayak keyboard, ada feels retro-nya ^^ Great Job!

Comment by Nadya Ferina (Redcapecat) 11th april 2016

good job!

Comment by m42415096_felita 11th april 2016

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