by Rob Meek (meek)

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Some candidates:

Heavy, Pattern and Round.

Past themes:

Serif, Reverse, Love, Inline, Handmade, Connected Script, Stencil, Illustration, Sportscomp, Future, Counter

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Thu, 18th march

The round candidate sounds intriguing and could create some clever prospects

Comment by time.peace Thu, 18th march

That being said, each sounds exciting

Comment by time.peace Thu, 18th march

Good news, Boss! Some interesting sugestions (IMHO): Italic - Fantasy - 3D - Outline - Recovering - NoSquare (no use of the square brick in the font) - Alienglish (alien glyphs can be reads in english, well it's so simiar to Fantasy, ehem)... I'm still thinking on it!

Comment by elmoyenique Thu, 18th march

Talking about your three proposals, any of the three will be great to see in FS, but if we talk about the wildest I go for "Pattern".

Comment by elmoyenique Thu, 18th march

I was thinking abouts Sans-Serif

Comment by BWM Thu, 18th march

Medieval, Fraktur, Blackletter

Comment by Frodo7 Thu, 18th march

Dot comp

Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) Fri, 19th march

I propose a change from a known typographical 'style'  : how about intertretation of a thought or concept? I think it could be challenging as well as opening rarely explored paths. Suggestions are "Hidden" , "Liquid" , "Across Borders" , "Merry" , "42x24" , "Signs" , "Midsommer" , "Bad Hair Day"

Comment by Aeolien Fri, 19th march

I think the 20s would be interesting, between Fraktur and Art Deco - especially in the area of public space: stores, street names, metro, advertising...

Comment by beate Sun, 21st march

I love Aeolien's line of thinking. Would be really fun to see how people run with a more abstract assignment. "42x24" and "Bad Hair Day" in particular avoid any specific visual prescriptiveness and so I think would result in a more diverse and imaginative bouquet of creations. I can't think of any other ideas right now but I like that direction.

Comment by m_cm Mon, 22nd march

About 42x24, you could upscale a 7x4, 14x8, or 21x12 design by 6, 3, and 2 times the size respectively…

Comment by BWM Mon, 22nd march

Wide: Many or all glyphs must be wider that they are high.

Comment by erictom333 Mon, 22nd march

There are many great suggestions here. I’m only going to go with one concept for the upcoming comp, but the list of ideas for future comps is many times longer now so I’m glad I asked. Thank you all! I’m going to prepare the blog post in the next few days/week.

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Mon, 22nd march

HeavyComp. PatternComp. HeavyPatternComp.
LightComp. HeavenlyComp. HeavenlyLightComp.
3DComp. DecorativeComp. StreetArtComp. 3DDecorativeStreetArtComp.

Comment by geneus1 Mon, 22nd march

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