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A strong and bold sans serif typeface. This font is not completed yet, since it was published to be discussed in my class. Please leave your comment of what you think about this font :)

Ps. I'm still new on fontstruct, so please understand if this isn't perfect. Thank you!

Info: Created on 27th March 2016 . Last edited on 30th March 2016.
License Creative Commons
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Comment by jessicaalicias 30th March 2016

Huruf P nya kurang lebar sedikit, harusnya kan lebarnya sama dengan font lainnya.

Kemudian huruf s kecil ada stroke yang ukurannya tidak sama, sehingga tampak kurang rapi.

Anyway, semangat! ^^

Comment by alexander14072 4th April 2016

perasaanku aja apa memang lebarnya beda? wkwkwk. Hurufnya lucu! tingkatkan konsistensinya~ semangat! I feel you sis XD

Comment by regina15143 4th April 2016

P nya trlalu kurus jess, dan Y nya trlalu gemuk

Comment by claudiach15063 4th April 2016

UOOO KERENN!!! Itu huruf P nya di gedein lg j, trs kl menurutku huruf Y nya terlalu lebar dikitt

Comment by karina_k 4th April 2016

kan s nya udah lengkung tuh, gimana kalau E nya juga bagian dalem dibuat lengkung ? biar sama gitu hehe, overall great job jesss !

Comment by deandra15093 4th April 2016

Sudah bagus, hanya kurang di konsistensi lebar hurufnya :D

Comment by yunitasalim 4th April 2016

Bagus jess , cuma kurang konsistensi huruf P kurang lebar sama s nya terlalu kurus

Comment by Ellysa Evellyne 4th April 2016

stroke huruf 's' kurang tebal(?)

Comment by Winny Melina 5th April 2016

stroke huruf 's' nya agak kurang tebal. but nice font miii, good job! :)

Comment by bellacornelia07 6th April 2016

Sangat rapi!

Comment by eunike_15009 7th April 2016

Hallo... Fontnya rapi bange cma perhatiin lebarnya juga biar enak diliat mata sama di tingkatkan lagi modifikasi fontnya biar lebih keren... good job

Comment by Bryan Tj 7th April 2016

the font just perfect! you should fix the 's' :3

Comment by kristina82 7th April 2016

beberapa kurang konsisten tapi baguss!

Comment by ornellaayu2306 7th April 2016

rapii cool

Comment by marcia42415176 7th April 2016

Ada beberapa yg kurang konsisten jess.... But overall GREAT JOBBB!!!!! 

Comment by teresastephani 7th April 2016


Comment by Felix10 7th April 2016

simple and neat! A little fix on the stroke thickness of the small letters would make it better :)

Comment by cherlita 7th April 2016


Comment by Karensuherman 7th April 2016

Simple dan konsistensi nya Jelasss,  beberapa lebar hurufnyaa tidak samaa, mungkin nanti bisa di revisi lagi :D

overall good work jesss, keep it upp!

Comment by pieterenaldi 7th April 2016

s kecilnya kurang tebel mngkn? overall ok

Comment by ameliarahmannn 7th April 2016

simple and nice

Comment by 42415062_MichelleVania 7th April 2016

nice work!!

Comment by vaniaseputra 7th April 2016

bagus jes, tapi P nya kyknya kurang lebar, Y nya kyknya kelebaran, hehehe :D

Comment by Ivana H W 7th April 2016

Bagus sekalis jess fontnya. sayangnya huruf "s" kerempeng sendiri

Comment by natalia devara 7th April 2016

Kerenn Jes fontmu. Engga terlalu kaku. Good job! 

Comment by Arini dina yasmin (arinidina_15080) 8th April 2016

sudah bagus cuma huruf S kecilnya kurang proporsional

Comment by kevinrich 8th April 2016

hurufnya bagus jes tapi huruf g nya kurang besar sedikit :)

Comment by ameliajesica 8th April 2016

Bagus jes :) tapi, huruf s nya kurang tebal..

Comment by Celine Lawinata 8th April 2016

Nice typeface. konsistensi dapat ditingkatkan lagi.

overall, great work

Comment by naomnaomi 8th April 2016

good joob!

Comment by sampradipta 8th April 2016

mungkin tebal tipis dari masing-masing huruf perlu diperhatikan lagi. tapi overall, bagus kok! semangatttt :)

Comment by tania_15065 8th April 2016

Bagus jes, tapi huruf p besarnya kliatan lbh slim dari huruf yg lain hehehe

Comment by Kenny Kusuma Darmawan 8th April 2016

Nice, cuman ketebalan tiap huruf perlu diperhatikan lagi

Comment by Celia Ivana (celiabenboy) 8th April 2016

keren, cuman beberapa kurang konsisten strokenya

Comment by tifannysaverinap 8th April 2016

Dah bagus jess, cmn huruf 'A' mesti diperbaiki bentuk lubangnya hahaha.. 

Comment by jeremyadriansutanto 9th April 2016


Comment by repratantra 9th April 2016

udah bagus.. tebel hurufnya diperhatikan lagi biar tambah sip.. sma lebar huruf P dibetulin

Comment by stevenligo 9th April 2016

bagus poll font nya,,,

Comment by oliviaCB_15104 10th April 2016

good job!

Comment by m42415096_felita 11th April 2016

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