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New Bricks: Square Connectors

News | | November 6th, 2018

Square Connectors

By popular demand, we’ve added squared corners and terminals to the “Connect” brick pack, a total of 27 new bricks.

Happy FontStructing!


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  1. Sed4tives

    Very very nice, that will save a lot of people a lot of time especially when working @ 2:2

    Sed4tives — November 6, 2018 #

  2. Aeolien

    Thank you @Meek! These are what I had hoped for. When you published the original bricks I spent ages testing brick spacing to make those 90° angled bricks but the line thicknesses never joined correctly. Now I’ll revisit the font that got too frustrating to enlarge.

    Aeolien — November 7, 2018 #

  3. architaraz

    Great! Now I’m heading to editing that font. 

    Thank you!

    architaraz — November 8, 2018 #

  4. SymbioticDesign

    It’s all good, except I missed something.  Where do the one, two and three line stripes come from?  Thank you.

    SymbioticDesign — January 13, 2019 #

  5. djnippa

    @Symbiotic Desig In the left column, left click the down arrow, which is just to the right of the Bricks: Core heading. That should reveal Bricks:Connect. :)

    djnippa — January 14, 2019 #

  6. SymbioticDesign

    How long have those been there?

    SymbioticDesign — January 15, 2019 #

  7. djnippa

    @SymbioticDesign. Since June 2017. The Blog on it is here.

    djnippa — January 15, 2019 #

  8. alekoymostro

    Thanks for add this blocks!

    alekoymostro — January 20, 2019 #

  9. heartnotes

    Wow, never would have guessed that’s where Brick Connect was. In Firefox, the field is completely white, BTW. It’s only on mouseover that you can read it!

    heartnotes — March 10, 2019 #