KD Baba Yaga

by architaraz

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This was unnecessarily hard to make. Most of the glyphs are drawn with continuous line. Each letter might have other ways of achieving the same continuous effect. But the main purpose of this fonstruction is to request some bricks from staff, I'll mention them in the comments. Thanks.

Info: Created on Fri, 26th October . Last edited on Fri, 26th October.
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Comment by architaraz Fri, 26th October
Comment by architaraz Fri, 26th October

@meek and @staff:

So, the above image shows the red bricks that I think should be added to the connected tab (biline and filled variants will be needed too, so 14 bricks in total, ouch...).

I guess ever since the addition of these wonderful bricks many users came across a situation where they needed these square variants. In this fontstruction I did create the top two bricks but it required lots of stacking, nudging and rotating. I think all the rest red bricks can be created one way or another (except the last one), but it requires extra work...

Comment by architaraz Fri, 26th October

Incredible! Like a Bauhaus-design font!

Comment by Joseph McKay (CaillouFanJoseph) Fri, 26th October

2 days ago, I made a font just like this one but from the Sega logo. It is called Sega. It has got 0.00 votes. This also has 0.00 votes

Comment by Joseph McKay (CaillouFanJoseph) Fri, 26th October

Great! I started something based on the very same a, but yours is much better.

Comment by four Fri, 26th October

A continuous line, hats off, that was a lot of work and planning. I'm speechless looking at this innovative design, so like nothing else it's unique. I've wasted tons of time building 3 (unsatisfactory!) compos of your list. The reds would be a great addition.

Comment by nightpegasus Fri, 26th October

Wee NEED those square variants as well, I can create the square variants for the 1- and 2-line, but I cannot create the square variants for the 3-line...

Comment by Se7enty-Se7en Fri, 26th October

I agree. We need these new bricks

Comment by JingYo Sat, 27th October

Thanks for the very useful feedback. I will look at adding the bricks.

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Sat, 27th October

architaraz, ever thought of 1.5x1.5 filters?

Comment by FTrex Sun, 18th November

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