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Love Competition Results

Competitions, News | | February 12th, 2016


This was a really challenging competition thematically, but the FontStruct community once again proved their inventiveness, humour and skill in producing over 40 diverse FontStructions somehow related to the idea of “Love”. Yes, there were a lot of heart shapes, but they were almost always used in an original way or as part of a more complex idea. Congratulations to everyone who took part. You’re all winners!

Lorra Lorra Dates! (shown above), one of two strong entries by NAL, was one of the most conceptually surprising submissions and certainly put a smile on my face. Other conceptually clever entries were fs pixel heart by opipikheartbeat by ben17, and Lovers morse code by wicci. – Each either barely legible or downright cryptic, they would all lend themselves to secretive exchanges of billets-doux.

The Prizewinners

Given the high quality and diversity of the entries for this competition, there are four prizewinners. So, in no particular order, here they are:

1. floriitutaAD28 by jirinvk


jirinvk has been creating idiosyncratic, minimalistic FontStructions and using them in their design work for many years. Their three complementary entries are vaguely floral assemblages of amoeba-like modules. Superficially simple and restrained, The floriituta series is a great reminder of how it’s still possible to create original and attractive designs on a small grid.

2. db For You by beate


Note to self: Remember to invite beate to be on the judging panel for the next competition so others have a chance of a prize.
“db for you” is yet another display of spectacular technical skill and design sensitivity from one of our leading FontStructors. A clear, expressive script, perfect for everyone’s annual declarations of affection.

3.G1 Lovelines by geneus1


geneus1 has been spectacularly generous on FontStruct of late: sharing gems from his secret back catalogue on an almost daily basis. He made three strong entries to this competition, any of which could have won, but this one was the people’s favorite, with the most Favorites at the deadline. G1 Lovelines is a sumptuous piece of gothic hyperbole. The carefree, heady excesses of love are well represented here.

4. ztrangelovedoc eYe/FS by elmoyenique


A number of FontStructors looked to the decades of love-ins and the “summer of love” for inspiration – love peace happiness by four and G1 paloma by geneus1 for example. You could argue about the legibility of this entry from elmoyenique, but the extravagant psychadelic curls make each glyph a wonderful trip in itself.

Prizewinners will be contacted soon about their prizes.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who took part, and Happy FontStructing,



  1. time.peace

    Congratulations to the winners, they are quite beautiful fonts!

    Thank you for inspiring me to continue fonstructing and striving for that level of quality.

    time.peace — February 12, 2016 #

  2. Isaiah Garcia

    Love the results!

    Isaiah Garcia — February 12, 2016 #

  3. elmoyenique

    Congratulations to all who have dared to participate in this crazy and loving challenge, because we all (and especially myself) have learned something from all of the rest and this is the essence of this place, IMHO. And very special congratulations to the winners, they are always a big push to do better every day.

    elmoyenique — February 12, 2016 #

  4. elmoyenique

    I also want to express my highest appreciation to Rob Meek and Font Struct team for having made this challenge possible here. You’re the best, compañeros!

    elmoyenique — February 12, 2016 #

  5. winty5

    Congratulations to everyone who entered, as well as the winners. Good work, this was a fun competition to enter in, even if I didn’t win. Great job all around.

    winty5 — February 12, 2016 #

  6. architaraz

    Congratulations! 4 prize winners, wow, it means entries were really strong. Thanks for yet another interesting experience Mr. Meek!

    architaraz — February 14, 2016 #

  7. Yautja

    Congratulations everyone! The bar was high again. I didn’t have any ideas for this theme, but maybe next time.

    Yautja — February 14, 2016 #

  8. naveenchandru

    Congratz to all the winners and all the participants. Thanks everyone!

    naveenchandru — February 15, 2016 #

  9. laynecom

    Congratulations! Everybody did a great job!

    laynecom — February 15, 2016 #

  10. ETHproductions

    Congratulations to jirinvk, beate, geneus, and elmo, and to everyone who took the time to enter! The quality of competition entries never ceases to amaze me.

    ETHproductions — February 15, 2016 #

  11. four

    Congratulations jirinvk, beate, geneus1, and elmoyenique! Thanks meek, for organising another succesful competition, it was a joy to be part of it.

    four — February 15, 2016 #

  12. NAL

    Thanks for the mention, I’m irrationally proud that I caused Cilla Black’s digitised face to appear in a sitewide blog post six times! :) And congratulations to the winners – it still bemuses me how some of you can output such astonishing quality fonts with such seeming ease!

    NAL — February 15, 2016 #