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Made for your upcoming Halloween Parties, and your future gravestone.
Info: Created on 22nd February 2014 . Last edited on 23rd June 2015.
License Creative Commons
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Give me a feedback pls.
Comment by aaronamar 25th August 2014
Nice one.
Comment by p2pnut 25th August 2014
A very neat serif font with a hint of ArtDeco, the M and W solutions are good. Legible at smaller sizes.
I find the Z and 2 a little confusing although when looking more carefully at larger sized text I can see the differences. 10/10
Comment by Aeolien 25th August 2014
I love this. Great design. I like the daggers through the $ and ¢. :)
Comment by TCWhite 25th August 2014
Thanks for the comments, guys!
Comment by aaronamar 11th September 2014
Hi, @Aeolien! I edited '2' so it won't look like 'Z' from afar. What do you think? :)
Comment by aaronamar 19th October 2014
Oh yes, now it is clearly different :) I just noticed 2x U on 'extended' without their diacritical, should they have the ° above?
Comment by Aeolien 19th October 2014
@Aeolien! Ooooh It was in the Extended Latin A! I was looking for that mysterious character U. Done editing! Thanks so much! :)
Comment by aaronamar 21st October 2014
I missed that one first time around. Very beautiful with special ingredients here and there!
Comment by laynecom 23rd June 2015

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