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After spending hours scouring the net for the original font from the original 1993 SNES Shadowrun game without success, I recreated it from scratch, based on every character that appears in the game (US & German versions).

The font is a 1:1 rebuild and appears exactly as in-game. I have also added a vast array of more common characters, diacritics, and other gylphs that don't show up in the game. The super- and subscript numbers are modeled after the game's tiny damage battle popups.

I will add a separate font for the set of the game font's hiragana and katakana glyphs that can be found in the Japanese version of the game.

The base font size and recommended setting for Steelflight is 8pt and multiples of that. Use metric kerning and no additional smoothing effects for the ultimate pixel experience. Also note that, when using a (faux) bold style, the glyphs also appear identical to the bold in-game keywords.

Shadowrun on the SNES was developed by Beam Software and released by Data East in 1993. I picked the name of the font (Steelflight) after my favorite NPC from the game. The whole reason I rebuilt the font is that I needed the original appearance in an indie game project of my own.

~ Steelflight - created by Caveras after the original font used in Shadowrun for the Super Nintendo. ~
Info: Created on 23rd August 2013 . Last edited on Mon, 28th January.
License Creative Commons
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Pretty cool! :)
Comment by Noah (winty5) 23rd August 2013
Thank you winty :) as a newbie to FontStruct, I'm really amazed at the supportive and constructive community over here. And it definitely makes me want to be more creative with that great FS editor in the future :>
Comment by caveras 23rd August 2013
When I was a newbie, I was too ;) You'd be amazed at what people make with FontStruct these days.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 23rd August 2013
Avery comprehensive set - great work. 10/10
Comment by p2pnut 23rd August 2013
Thanks again for the nice feedback, you two!

I just made a new preview image. but more importantly, I also corrected quite a bunch of the diacritic glyphs that looked inconsistent and some misplaced characters. Pretty satisfied with the rebuild now ^^

For a larger version of the preview image click that:
Comment by caveras 24th August 2013
Super sample! love it. =)
Comment by Icelar 24th August 2013
Thanks Icelar, had a lot of fun making it =)
Comment by caveras 24th August 2013
@caveras - Congratulations on the recreation. That's the beauty of FontStruct - when you can't find what you want, you can make it yourself! :^)
Comment by Goatmeal 24th August 2013
Ha, that's true, Goatmeal ^^
Comment by caveras 24th August 2013
Just a note for downloaders: I found out that this font has hiragana/katakana characters that appear only in the Japanese version of the game, and I'm adding those right now, but it might take a few days (perhaps into the new year) to get them all together. Will post another comment here when they are complete.
Comment by caveras 18th December 2013
Superb as always!
Comment by SpotOnJ2K 2nd May 2015
Thank you, SpotOnJ2K!
Comment by caveras 2nd May 2015
Nice pixel font with fairly comprehensive character set. The demo picture is cool, and the original looks razor sharp at 100% - unlike here on FS. You've done a great service to us, pixel font lovers, as well as to digital archaeologists of the coming centuries to preserve this beauty. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 2nd May 2015
Frodo7: Too much praise! But I honestly appreciate the kind words. Always nice to be of service =)
Comment by caveras 2nd May 2015

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