TRON Legacy Full

by smallbar

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This started out as an update to my TRON: Legacy UC font, but I made so many changes that I cloned it and made it separate. During its creation, I realized how few complete fonts (all 99 characters) there were, so just for kicks I made it 100% complete. That's right, every single symbol (you have no idea how hard it is to make a TRON ampersand...). However, I made the '~' a 'TR' symbol so you can make it like the logo (cause who seriously uses a tilda?). If you like this, tell all your friends and vote for it, I'd like it to get a top pick. And just a warning, this is NOT the exact font as used in the film, etc. It is an *interpretation* inspired by the logo. HUGE UPDATE: Adding all of the accented characters, etc.
Info: Created on 22nd November 2010 . Last edited on 10th January 2011.
License Creative Commons
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Cool! I love that you included the TR ligature. Could one make any other interesting ligatures I wonder?
Comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) 25th November 2010
Yes, excellent work on the full set.

There are several short "making of" preview videos around the internet now; some make use of a solid version of the new TRON font when listing titles, character names and actor names. If you wish greater accuracy, you may want to seek them out.

Here is one:
Comment by Goatmeal 26th November 2010
I couldn't resist
Comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) 26th November 2010
Very nice one.
Comment by Frederic F. (Star Script Writer) 26th November 2010
Thanks for the advice, Goatmeal, but in my opinion in looks more "TRON-ish" with all the gaps in it. I made this font more for my own use than for accuracy, so I think I'm gonna stick with my interpretation. And if you have any doubt about how awesome it looks over black, check out CMunk's pic.
Comment by smallbar 26th November 2010
@smallbar - Agreed, your's does look more TRON-ish. And the more I see of the "official" font, the more I actually like your character designs instead...

And CMunk's picture is indeed awesome!
Comment by Goatmeal 26th November 2010
Just out of curiosity (I'm pretty new at this whole fontstruct thing), how does one go about getting a "Top Pick"?
Comment by smallbar 26th November 2010
The powers that be reach their hand down from the heavens, not unlike Michelangelo's "God Creates Man", and place the holy "Top Pick" Star symbol upon your FontStruct, instantly deeming your font as worthy for one and all to see...

Seriously, Rob Meek (FontStruct creator) and Afrojet (FontStruct staff member) pick them. It has little to do with the number of votes or comments, but these things can bring your font to their attention. It also helps to make quality fonts that show off the possibilities or push the boundaries of type creation using FontStruct...
Comment by Goatmeal 26th November 2010
Also, how did you get your profile picture to be animated. Mine is supposed to be a GIF, but when I upload it it becomes a still shot.
Comment by smallbar 26th November 2010
I used a freeware GIF animation program called "UnFREEz 2.1" by WhitSoft Development. It is very simple to use.
Comment by Goatmeal 28th November 2010
This is an amazing piece of work!
Comment by Pasclone 15th December 2010
Because it's the only way to make large circles without putting in huge amounts of time.
Comment by smallbar 23rd December 2010
Love this font. It was just about perfect for a project I was doing.. but I needed a solid version, so I cloned this one, and spent a couple hours filling in letters.

Really gave me an appreciation for what all went into the design of this font. Awesome work.

Solid version, if anyone wants it:
Comment by zebragrrl 7th January 2011
perfectly done! kudos :)
Comment by sgtkate 16th January 2011
I cannot thank you enough for this font. I was needing the font from Tron: Legacy for a parody video I was making. Many thanks. =)
Comment by Flappdude 2nd February 2011
I made an account on this sight. I made it for your font.

Just say'n.
Comment by coreyfro 12th July 2011
Hats Off to your collection.
I made my account for this reason only
Comment by mohdaquib93 30th November 2011
thanks for the great font, i used it as a front end font for my arcade.
Comment by bryanteeuwen 24th August 2012
Comment by bY SCORPION73NBB 26th February 2013

Could you please make a solid version?

Comment by jlnhlfan 21st January 2016

Actually, someone else has already put in the work to make a solid version cloned off of mine. You can find it here:

Comment by smallbar 22nd January 2016

But it doesn't have all the characters.

Comment by jlnhlfan 3rd October 2016

Hello? U dead?

Comment by jlnhlfan 26th January 2017

This is truly amazing work! I've seen a few different Tron-inspired fonts before, but not any this extensive and detailed. Major congrats for completing this, and thanks a bunch for sharing it!

Comment by Moviefan2k4 19th January 2019

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