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See also Hunstruct Tall by afrojet.

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Hunstrüct is my first attempt at designing a contemporary blackletter typeface within Fontstruct. The typeface draws inspiration from the long tradition of German Fraktur styled blackletters. The name Hunstrück is taken from a mountain range in Germany called the Hunsrück. Primarily I was aiming to build a face that would work well as a display type for gig posters and larger headlines but as I reworked the typeface I tried to strike a balance between text and display.

Big thanks goes to djnippa for his hard work in spacing this font properly.


Comment by afrojet 1st september 2009
So beautiful. You rock !
Comment by igorrossi 1st september 2009
Well, what can you say... Excellence at first attempt! Awesome stuff as always from you. :)

As for the kerning: definitely a font that could benefit from a letter-to-letter kerning function... Rumor has it this is on the roadmap for a future version of fontstruct.
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 1st september 2009
Your stuff is always enlightening.
I wish I had the same understanding of Blackletter styles to create something as good as this one, but I'm kind of "font blind" in that area. I'm a sans kind of guy :)
I love how the 2 diagonals in the upper left of the a, o, q and 8 make a subtle curve.
And I also dig how the circles around @ and copyright glyphs got solved. Simple yet very practical.
Comment by cayo 2nd september 2009
10 points is not enough! Amazing work, afrojet!
Comment by SquarePeg 2nd september 2009
Comment by Magic Sam 2nd september 2009
Truly brilliant 10/10.
Cool Sample as always, you always impress.
Have you sorted out the advanced spacing with it yet, as a few letters look a bit suspect.
Comment by djnippa 2nd september 2009
An instant classic. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 2nd september 2009
marvelous medieval madness meshing mashing mixing making magnificent :)
Comment by funk_king 2nd september 2009
uh... magnificence :)
Comment by funk_king 2nd september 2009
I love the way how you've used the two angles to your advantage. Very pleasant result. The i j dots and the quotes are particularly well done.
Comment by thalamic 2nd september 2009
Thanks all for the encouragement. Everyone's recent work has been crushing so hard that I really wanted to step up my game.

@cayo I have to admit that I was a bit "font blind" myself to the blackletter. Only when I studied the amazing work of other Fontstruct blackletter pioneers did my eyes begin to focus on the silhouette of the form. As is the case with many things, just diving in and getting my hands dirty with it proved to be entirely eye opening. Still learning, but perhaps now I'm only half blind. I encourage you to explore the style. You'll learn a ton.

@djnippa Good sir, thrust upon this 'Struction your wisdom of advanced spacing. I've tried many things and now my quiver of ideas is depleted. Short of real kerning and spacing, I'm not sure where to push, pull, deflate, and heave.

@funk_king My mind melts - magnificently malnourished - managing my majuscule malpractice.

@thalamic I use all the angles to my advantage. Until they betray me. Then I kill 'em.
Comment by afrojet 2nd september 2009
It's all been said, most elequently, above. All that is left for me is to give it well earned 10 and stand back in awe.
Comment by p2pnut 2nd september 2009
Great simple/clever solutions all around, wonderful work!
Comment by jmarquez 2nd september 2009
Brilliant and beautiful.

Great samples too!
Comment by aphoria 2nd september 2009
I've done a clone with all the spacing and kerning changes. Should I publish it so you can see?
I've basically changed the spacing on every character, and you can adjust the letter spacing using the Advanced Spacing in Preview to what ever you desire. I settled for 2.5.
Comment by djnippa 2nd september 2009
@djnippa. Oh yes! Please publish and I'll make a clone to decipher your accomplishment. Then I'll apply to this font. Thank you so much for taking the time to add your skills to make this font better.
Comment by afrojet 2nd september 2009
I've published it.
Comment by djnippa 2nd september 2009
I love love love this font!

Makes me think twice about publishing my own blackletter…
Comment by sebastianberns 2nd september 2009
My eternal thanks to djnippa for taking the time to improve the spacing and overall usability of this Fontstruction. Respekt.
Comment by afrojet 2nd september 2009
This is turning into a nice collaboration. Thanks to djnippa, I've updated B,E,F,P, Z and f. Original letters can still be found in the Extended set.
Comment by afrojet 3rd september 2009
Love the new ones...esp the E.
Comment by aphoria 3rd september 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Hunstruct” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by gferreira_admin 4th september 2009
God what a masterpiece. That s is a killer.
Comment by intaglio 5th september 2009
Silly I didn't see it before. Great one!
Comment by typerider 8th september 2009
simply great!!
Comment by mguerrero 17th september 2009
Just great.
Comment by thedaft 18th september 2009
Simply Incredible!
Comment by PhaistosDisk 24th september 2009
Well done! Love the angled glyphs.
Comment by wolfkrim 29th september 2009
A-Pho, FS Management Services Inc., Tag, T-Ride, Daft, P-Disk, Wolfmother - Thanks for the kind words. Appreciate it much.
Comment by afrojet 29th september 2009
Beautiful. I'm using it this month. If you want to see how it ends up, check around mid-November.
Comment by Steve Cullen 13th october 2009
Looking forward to seeing where you take it, Steve.
Comment by afrojet 13th october 2009
great font!
Comment by nialfo 6th march 2010
Lovely. Thank you.
Comment by hilaryjn 26th march 2010
Slanted #10 - Heavy Metal. Lovers is out. Pick up your copy to see some great examples of modern blackletters. I'm pleased to have my FontStruction's HunStrüct and HunStrüct Tall featured in the 'Fontlabels, Fonts and Families' section. For my sample I chose to do a Heavy Metal valentine to some of the metal giants that have influenced me over the years.

"In “Heavy Metal. Lovers.” we look into blackletter fonts and their modern applications. Slanted presents the innovative work of Invisible Creature (Seattle), historic type-treasures from the archives of Linotype (Bad Homburg) and Klingspor Museum (Offenbach), the photo documentation “True Norwegian Black Metal” from Peter Beste (New York) etc. …"

Photo lifted from
Comment by afrojet 15th april 2010
That rocks!
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 15th april 2010
Yeah, that's awesome afrojet. Congrats!
Comment by aphoria 15th april 2010
A recognition well deserved. Hunstruct is My Fave, a fascinating new face in the ever changing continuum of German blackletter tradition. Congratulations.
Comment by Frodo7 15th april 2010
congrats that's really nice.
The page looks really good !
Comment by zen_killa 15th april 2010
Thanks all. I'm pretty stoked. Can't wait to get my hands on it.
Comment by afrojet 16th april 2010
Nice one aj :)

Even though we are creatures of the web, it's great to your own work in good old print.
Comment by p2pnut 16th april 2010
Very Nice, Congrats!
I see one of my favorite Modern Blackletters, Kaas by Hugo D'Alte!
Needless to say yours is just as good!
Comment by jmarquez 16th april 2010
Excellent stuff, some truly brilliant fonts, and you're smack bang in the middle of it all. Well Done.
Comment by djnippa 16th april 2010
That is so cool. Totally well deserved, of course. :-)
Comment by thalamic 17th april 2010
Great achievement: it is always exciting to see a grown-up fontstructrion to fly away from its nest!
Comment by Em42 17th april 2010
congratulations on a major achievement. your work looks great in print. very natural, like it belongs there. and it does.
Comment by funk_king 18th april 2010
Super classic font!You rock !
Comment by shericanzon1 26th september 2010
Comment by lovemachine 6th february 2011
Beautiful(: just beautiful(:
Comment by Ken Bruce (crispycraker) 7th february 2011
Another attempt is a font called Moyenage, which even inclueds most Cyrillic characters. I know of one other Blackletter font, Blonde Fraktur which also supports Cyrillic but neither include either the big or little yus. Could Cyrillic characters be added to Hunstrüct?
Comment by Myrtonos 1st april 2012
Comment by artofobia 11th february 2013
@artofobia: What?
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 11th february 2013
Comment by Aeolien 11th february 2013

Nona Loggi

Comment by staubb 16th august 2022

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