Japanese syllabary

by speliq

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1:--k 2:--y 3:--w 4:--t 5:--tsw 6:--chy 7:t 8:--h 9:--n 0:n -:m ^:r

q:-yu w:w- e:-e r:r- t:t- y:y- u:-u i:-i o:-o p:p- @:-ya [:--kw

a:-a s:s- d:d- f:e g:g- h:h- j:i k:k l:o ;:h ::k ]:--ky

z:z- x:a c:-yo v:u b:-b n:n- m:m- ,:, .:. /:? _:t

!:-k ":-y #:-w $:-t %:-tsw &:-chy ':' (:-h ):-n =:accent (Chinese loanword V) ~:accent (CV) |:accent (V)

W:w E:-we Y:y U:-wu I:-wi O:-wo P:p {:-kw `:accent (Chinese loanword CV/VC)

A:-wa D:d F:-ye G:g J:-yi L:& +:accent (CVC) *:: }:-ky

Z:z B:b <:( >:) ?:!


Comment by speliq Wed, 17th March
Comment by speliq Wed, 17th March

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