Discopatentiously Obstructivenating *FS

by SymbioticDesign

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Discopatentiously Obstructivenating font Copyright 2016-2019 Doug Peters.

This is my own clone of the original version. It may look a little like my Kindegraf or Sketchy fonts, as it's my handwriting with a mouse, and I bet there isn't a lot of deviation there (with the handwriting) but it IS different. More characters would require more work.  Happy to do it, but not for free. 

Categories: Pixel font.
Types: Hand printed lettering.
Weight: Regular, Curly.
Web font: I don't think that would be a good idea, NO.
Commercial use: When Purchased.
Derivatives: NO.
Redistribution: NO.


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Trying to get the line height right (as it's all wrong). 

I fixed it for Fontstruct with some tall characters (I think the unknown character, vertical bar and some floating accents did the trick in here) and for Photoshop I had to take off the .5 x .5 grid.  Then, it worked.  The leading in the sample text (not the font name, though) below is all auto leading...

Comment by SymbioticDesign 31st january 2019
Comment by SymbioticDesign 31st january 2019


Comment by JingYo 1st february 2019


Comment by alekoymostro 1st february 2019

At pixel view, I see anti-aliasing... When working with pixel fonts, make sure to set spacing in intervals of 1 unit (1 unit = 1 grid square)...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 1st february 2019

So... you are all saying that a pixel font should be treated as a monospaced font with the same sized working character area for each and every character?


Comment by SymbioticDesign 1st february 2019

@DP It doesn't have to be Monospaced... Just that the spacing of a Pixel font should be snapped to the pixel grid...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 1st february 2019

I'd only suggest widening the space. 10/10

Comment by Cookielord 1st february 2019

It is.  Every filter is set to 1.  The left line and the base are starting points and characters snap to them, though there are overshoots of 2 pixels on characters with curves and maybe pointy ends.  It is a 37 pixel high font, otherwise.

Comment by SymbioticDesign 1st february 2019

@DP Did you check the width of the letters and the Global Spacing?

Comment by anonymous-1520403 1st february 2019

Nice! It certainly creates interesting effects whether it's rendering smooth or pixelated.

You'd be surprised what kinds of fonts people will buy. I think this one could succeed commercially on the right websites. It's really expressive and versatile, two things which I cannot say about the majority of generic script designs which people buy every day.

Comment by zephram 1st february 2019

You know, @77, there are optical illusions in there.  I know a little bit about anti-alaising and used it at times, from a human perception perspective.  But hey, I started out as a pixel artist.  At 640x480 you learn how to take advantage of pixels to faux in a look.  There should be lots of gray spots when rendered at the correct size because of how we perceive stuff.  And the font will look widely different at different (non-optimal) sizes.  At multiples of 37 it will just look pixelated, though, unless you throw in a little magic and upset the math.  Which can have good or bad consequences, depending on how it is used. 

Comment by SymbioticDesign 1st february 2019

Wait.  I responded once before this last one above, and then I edited it twice.  Where is it?

Comment by SymbioticDesign 1st february 2019

Comments vanish when edited too much. Or it's when edited too often in too short a time window, I don't know which.

Comment by zephram 2nd february 2019

Fine.  I'll stop correcting my typos and just let everything fly from now on.  The only reason I do it is because of spelling naggers.  I am happy to do it so that I can communicate better with everyone, and seem more intelligent, but if my posts are going to be blasted away into oblivion, I could care less. 

I was telling 77 that the letters all snap to the left line and the baseline.  That there are overshoots under the baseline for curves and pointy things.  The letters and characters are the width they are, not some specific width.  Aside from overshoots and high hanging accents and marks (or the low line, the cedilia and descender tailed letters), the letters are all 37 pixels talls.  The exception being the vertical bar and the unknown character glyphs (3 of them), which were created (along with the accents) specifically to correct the issue where Fonstruct would overlap the letters in preview (quite dramatically). 

The skinniest glyph may be the vertical bar which is extraordinarily tall and deep for increasing line height, but is only 10 pixels wide. 11 if you count the extra pixel of cushion.  The gap between letters is 2.75 globally (I think I remember that right -- I hope so, but I will check and if not I will make another post instead of correcting this one). 

Comment by SymbioticDesign 2nd february 2019

Or just draft your comments in a text editor. I've been known to do that!

Comment by zephram 2nd february 2019

Maybe the 2.75 global spacing gap is the issue that @77 wants resolved?  Is that a measure of pixels?

Comment by SymbioticDesign 2nd february 2019

@DP Yes, you can round it up to 3... It is also a measure of bricks too...

Tip: Decimal Values on a pixel font at pixel resolution can cause Anti-aliasing (at pixel size)...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 2nd february 2019

Hmp, whatever... this looks wonderfully handwritten (at whatever size it's printed), using a pen that doesn' ink on evenly: so clever! So natural! Spacings are natural under that angle of thinking, too. BTW, I simply love the name! Hyperrifically well done!

Comment by Aeolien 2nd february 2019

OK, Global Spacing Gap set to 3.  I guess that makes sense. 

Hi, @Aeolien!  ;)   Lately, I have been trying to come up with font names that no one else would want.  This was probably one of the first of those.  I was going to change it, no one will ever be able to remember it, or much less spell it.  But, who would really want it?  I guess the name grew on me, too.  Anyways, I never did change it, so I guess I thought it fits.  I'm glad you like it. 

Now to decide where to take it from here.  Hah!

Comment by SymbioticDesign 3rd february 2019

Lol, the Space is finally been addressed (18 pixels wide, now).  Not used to moving around that width bar on space.  Thanks, @JingYo & @Cookielord.  Photoshop must've over-wrote the few pixels it was at, because in my sample text images it was fine.  That's crazy.

Comment by SymbioticDesign 3rd february 2019

@DP You can also round the right bearing of the lc j up to the nearest pixel...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 4th february 2019

@77... The right bearing of the lowercase j?  What is the right bearing?  The width?  I looked at it.  There was an extra pixel of space between the left border line and the j, so I moved it over 1 pixel.  The width bar didn't move, so maybe that's what you are talking about, but I hit the x on that line so that it would snap to it's default.  I also thought the bottom of the j was a bit flat so added a single row of pixels at the bottom to round it out.  Thanks for the catch on the strangeness of that character, I hope I addressed what you were talking about.  I think I might have nudged the width line somehow by accident, the whole font was supposed to use the default character width. 

Comment by SymbioticDesign 4th february 2019

Hmmm... It seems the i and 4 are also 1 pixel off...  I am going through all the characters now.  The 4 width snapped correctly, but I had to make the i width snap to the default setting.  You sure are thorough in your critiques, thanks!  ;) 

Comment by SymbioticDesign 4th february 2019

It looks like the Q is an exception to the default width scenario because of the under baseline tail.

Comment by SymbioticDesign 4th february 2019

I moved the t over a couple of pixels, too.  Added a small pixel line to help round out the top of the f and s.

Comment by SymbioticDesign 4th february 2019

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You will lose future commenting priveleges, and risk having your FontStruct account deleted, if you do so. Read more.

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