fs crossword

by ETHproductions

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Download this to make your own crosswords, word searches and sudokus! :-) Works best at size 12.

period = wall for right side of crossword
comma = wall for top of crossword
hyphen = black block for crossword
question mark = empty block for crossword
space = blank block
colon = wall for left side of word search
semicolon = wall for bottom of word search
low line = corner for top left of word search
À to ÿ (excluding å, æ, ñ, ø) = numbers for crosswords (thanks to minidonut for these previous two ideas)
lowercase = letter without frame
shift + number = number with frame
See the first comment for an example.
Info: Created on 25th May 2013 . Last edited on 17th June 2013.
License FontStruct License
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Comment by ETHproductions 25th May 2013
Ingenious! 10/10
Comment by p2pnut 26th May 2013
@p2pnut: Thanks! I've added plain letters on the lowercase that can be used for creating word searches.
Comment by ETHproductions 27th May 2013
How about numbers for sudokus?
Comment by minidonut 27th May 2013
@minidonut: Great idea! Numbers added. I'm also going to make a non-monospaced version to make it more customizable.
Comment by ETHproductions 30th May 2013
It would be awesome if FS allowed us to change the leading.
Comment by minidonut 2nd June 2013
The leading is automatically set to zero whenever you download a font from Fontstruct, which works in your favor when you want the top and bottom to connect, like here. That would be very cool, though. :-)
Comment by ETHproductions 4th June 2013
@minidonut - By leading, you mean the space between lines, right? You can manually change it; I've done it with several of my pixel fonts for programs that don't have vertical line spacing capabilities (usually non-word processing programs):

Simply choose how many pixels you want between the bottom of the descenders (g, j, y) and the top of the next line of text (the top of the ascenders). Then, raise all letters above the baseline by an equal amount (helpful if you make a new horizontal guide), and bam! -- you have manual vertical spacing.

Example: You want 3 pixels between the bottom of the g/j/y and the next line. So, add 3 to the number of descenders pixels below your current baseline (assume 2 pixels here for the example) = 5. Raise all characters to a new baseline of 5 pixels above the traditional baseline.

I can show an example when I get home from work tonight, if needed.
Comment by Goatmeal 4th June 2013
Manually changing the Leading in FontStruct (see example above):
Comment by Goatmeal 5th June 2013
Comment by Goatmeal 5th June 2013
Er... I'll try.
Comment by minidonut 7th June 2013
Dutch crosswords and word searches contain IJ, could you please make ij?
Comment by minidonut 15th June 2013
My font Handword is based on this one.
Comment by minidonut 15th June 2013
@Goatmeal: Very clever! But there's no way to adjust the leading negatively. That would be a great option.

@minidonut: I've included IJ and a couple others. I also added some characters that you have in Handword. I'll publish the non-monospaced version shortly.
Comment by ETHproductions 16th June 2013
@ETHproductions - Hopefully you found that trick useful.

I have a similar wish of being able to set the overall height of the font, and not have it dictated by FS conditions I cannot change.

I believe your desire for adjusting the leading is part of that same wish... :^)
Comment by Goatmeal 16th June 2013

You might want to try dotted edges for Killer Sudokus?

Comment by johnstev111 21st June 2019

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