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I wasn't satisfied with either of the current logo expansions, so i made my own. With Cyrillic characters. IF YOU LIKE THIS FONT, PLEASE GIVE IT A GOOD RATING!


I've been having alot of fun with your Structurosa series Paul. I'll be looking for your latest entries!
Comment by grant 9th april 2008
and i finally settled on a name... if i could combine them all, it would be Structurosa Pro! with lots of stylistic sets, of course. :D
Comment by pauldhunt 9th april 2008
Being one that actually uses Cyrillics all day, I'm not very keen on your Cyrillic "ф", as well as some others.
Comment by neogrey 15th april 2008
would you have liked a double wide ф better? what other characters do you not like?
Comment by pauldhunt 15th april 2008
It would be very nice if you made æ ø å chars to. Living in Norway :S
Comment by christer88 24th april 2008
A great one!
P.S. I've vote 5 stars for you!
Comment by Sirakorn 28th april 2008
Excellent! Love it.
Comment by hisham4444 4th may 2008
you rules !!!
Comment by NEOFAN 10th may 2008
great, it looks so simple and clear
Comment by Angelika 18th may 2008
A really smoot looking font.
5 stars and a DL 4you
Comment by anonymous-40894 19th may 2008
i love it.. but uuuh its the fontstruct font :P

im kiddin'
Comment by kix 27th may 2008
Very sleek, clean font. Great for headlines.
Comment by ReneeM 6th june 2008
Wow! Great font! I give it a 9/10!
Comment by subway24 29th june 2008
This font could go well with more glyphs. The letters a, o and u will have a dieresis along with
the sharp s
Comment by JH34 6th july 2008
This font could go well with more glyphs. The letters a, o and u will have a dieresis along with
the sharp s
Comment by JH34 6th july 2008
done and done. :^D
Comment by pauldhunt 6th july 2008
Now those glyphs is what i asked for. The a, o and u do have the dieresis and the sharp s is here
Comment by JH34 6th july 2008
Practical and elegant.
Comment by sinohkapa 7th july 2008
I love its rounds & the lines in between i think i would use it in making ma 3D logo i would inform you with it :)
Comment by Gaberism 9th july 2008
I might make a picture this way
Comment by JH34 14th july 2008
now with accented characters + greek! criticism is welcome.
Comment by pauldhunt 25th july 2008
When i saw the change you made to Structurosa. I thought i would change StructPlus to include more latin and Hebrew characters.
Comment by JH34 26th july 2008
ß ä å æ ö ø ü
They were nice but i like it the way it is now
Comment by JH34 2nd august 2008
Great Job!
Comment by smoore8211 4th august 2008
a fine font. My silk screen beckons!
Comment by fromyshed 6th august 2008
the non-latins might be a bit dodgy, esp the hebrew. any critiques are certainly welcome.
Comment by pauldhunt 10th august 2008
Yes ... something about Bubble Collorbration
After bryndlefly's K and L
Can you make the M and N
Comment by JH34 19th august 2008
Maybe you need more characters
(e.g Thai and Arabic)
Comment by JH34 7th september 2008
Comment by freak27 20th october 2008
very nice you typography :)
Comment by cheche83 12th january 2009
Thanks for this man, goes great in Xara.
Comment by sapopas 21st january 2009
good cyrillic :)
Comment by dada 24th january 2009
nice one, but just to ask: did you take inspiration from fontstruct right? anyway, I liked it.
Comment by leandrolisboa1 6th march 2009
yes, of course. if you read the description it says: 'I wasn't satisfied with either of the current logo expansions, so i made my own.'
Comment by pauldhunt 6th march 2009
Comment by atomikbomb 23rd march 2009
I like this one
Comment by m.a.raihan 24th march 2009
nice font
Comment by chillywillyx 15th july 2009
My version of the Fontstruct logo.
Comment by jenjes232 23rd august 2009
Comment by rurizpe 18th september 2010
just super!
Comment by shericanzon1 26th september 2010
Where are the capatals???
Comment by geekygenius 28th november 2010
Comment by pauldhunt 28th november 2010
This is one of the best font's I have ever seen, all my friends know that I am very hard to impress, so there you go. There are lots of clones, and way more downloads than mine. See for yourself! 4 fontss, 1 download. I give it a 9.9999999999999999999/10.
Comment by ExtremeFontMaker 5th december 2010
:) I Luv it!!!!!!!
Comment by breakfeel 9th december 2010
@ JH34, @ Sinohk-Uh-oh. Your avatars are exactly the same.
Comment by Bismuth 8th january 2011
Thanks :X
Comment by winter_sonate 10th january 2011
One of a kind :D!! Looks Awesome!!! Keep up the good work!!
Comment by Xp11708 4th february 2011
Comment by urielnegro 7th april 2011
very nice i like it !!
Comment by ninabwoy972 1st may 2011
.......HiIihi.) I Luv it!!!!!!!
Comment by N-poy 5th may 2011
Very Nice This Font
Comment by Prince_MaDa 9th september 2011
Happy Halloween! I carved this myself.
Comment by Agent Demonic Ladybug 31st october 2011
It's a picture of a pumpkin I carved with the FS logo on it, for those of you on the live feed.
Comment by Agent Demonic Ladybug 31st october 2011
amazing bro !)
Comment by scors 18th january 2012
this is AWESOME it is the most popular font on this website! :) can you guys rate my font Fill Me Up and Pixelated Round?
Comment by mpdr 5th february 2012
nice job
Comment by Foo Bar ( ibirover) 21st march 2012
He guy's, go to my fond sharpoint plz.
Comment by 19florisk 13th december 2012
Comment by demonics 16th december 2012
@demonics: Hehehe… :)
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 16th december 2012
Continuing on from Halloween, happy holidays FontStruct! On this last day of Hanukkah and with Christmas approaching fast, I hope these FS cookies spread the holiday cheer. :-)
Comment by demonics 16th december 2012
YUM! I want to eat some fonts right now...
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 16th december 2012
@demonics: Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat sample! Merry Xmas 2 U 2!
Comment by elmoyenique 16th december 2012
Edible typography ... Blissss!

Seasons Greetings to you :)
Comment by p2pnut 16th december 2012
Thanks @winty5 + p2p + elmo :-) hope you have happy holidays!
Comment by demonics 16th december 2012
Comment by Lee c,h 23rd october 2013
wow, I never knew it was possible!!
Comment by Awesome Sauce (williamtoon) 16th may 2015

Copy of ferrari testarrossa font?

Comment by Icefly 21st august 2016

Is there the greek characters? I couldn't find them.

But it's a good font! I rated 10/10!

Comment by ThisIsMeYes 1st march 2017

@pauldhunt's first comment: That would mean an OpenType font.

Comment by ImmaPooh 20th march 2017

He's a designer at Adobe now, I think he's aware of that. :p

Comment by Houlaiziaa 20th march 2017

ф - I like the idea of adding this because it is russian.

Comment by HorobecS30 28th april 2017

I like the font itself.

Comment by HorobecS30 28th april 2017

FontStruct original font.

Comment by Capacelan (Crazyhex) 10th february 2018

I can't believe you did Arabic too, in such a confined space! excellent handiwork

Comment by Kimeiga 1st july 2018


Comment by Dislabel 21st may 2019


Comment by KyYay 6th july 2019
Comment by lh0907669 19th september 2019


Comment by chupztugz 4th november 2020


Comment by tetraus 11th may 2021

if you want to use this font for coding purposes (for some reason), you can use the monospaced version of this font i made:

Comment by anna but erik 21st august 2021

Here's the Pumpikin.

Comment by Nice3333 Fonts (Joao lucas vieira) 2nd september 2021

kinda looks like the fontstruct logo font

Comment by lililboioimanan2343 19th december 2021


Comment by Pszczół 9th april 2022


Comment by DecearingEgg 15th july 2022

But I do have ONE tiny suggestion. Use the top and bottom halfbricks to make a bar in the 8. Thanks!

Comment by DecearingEgg 15th july 2022

i think that it should be uppercase too, but it looks cool
also i think that the "i" should have a dot rigth (a not dotted i character exists "ı")
therse also a fey characters missing "()~´"
i think it should have a monospaced edition for it


Comment by 2012bruh 29th august 2022

@2012bruh Especially in Turkish, and other languages that use the dotted and dotless i. Those fonts typically utilize a seperate glyph called i.locl or idotaccent via locl feature. The same goes for small capitals, the dot on the I should still be there.

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) 30th august 2022

what are all this languages?

Comment by Biyi 18th october 2022

In This Logo The N Is Wrong for some Reason ?

Comment by UnixFonts21 (AlphaUnicodeFonts) 30th july 2023

10/10! Great and identical font to the fontstruct.logo, but without uppercase chars! I like it!

Comment by 28th august 2023

@Macaroni4836482765 can i borrow your unsee juice?

Comment by Logan Roman (Logan2020) Tue, 13th february
Comment by Love Rose (vishvesh) Sat, 17th february

Looks good. I've cloned it as Stucta Gothic and I've added capitals, made minor improvements and implemented more glyphs. Still working on expanding it

Comment by HM100 Wed, 21st february

Good rating dude! I'm working on my PixelGNU project on FontStruct

Comment by NZWStudios2024 Mon, 6th may

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