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Scifi font based on the Tesla Motors storefront. I wondered what a full font set based on that theme might look like. All caps, wide font, with open design and strong horizontal lines. This is my first font and I'm going to go ahead and publish it as it's pretty much done, but I might tweak it some as things go on. If you use this font please drop me a line - I'd love to see how it's used in the wild... Hope you find this useful. Enjoy!


Not sure which version of capital E I like best, but I think the one with the vertical on the right speaks to me a bit more than the 3 horizontal bars. I like the lower case E fine, but the capital needs something a little extra I think, but problem is ambiguity in words where the E might could be confused with a B (like in Ear vs. Bar)
Comment by fartheststar 8th september 2012
I do like that “backward” E.
Comment by demonics 8th september 2012
Very nice start! Looking further more...
I'm no sure about the capital E, I think it's better if its like an "E" losing its neck :P
And, the width of the font should be same and balanced, you can use helping line by pressing "U" on the FontStructor.
Btw, I love the "o" :)
Comment by cablecomputer 8th september 2012
thanks for comments. I've vacillated back and forth on it, but I'm just gonna go with my gut and use the backwards E. It's just got more character and weight, even though it might cause reading problems in certain situations.
Comment by fartheststar 9th september 2012
@cablecomputer - thanks for comment about constant width. I tried to use one width as much as possible, but some letters - like the "N" had adjustments due to angles available. I'm new at this and just used the standard box set and tried to make it work aesthetically (sp?) as best as I could. Was lots of fun... Credits to site designers+++ (btw I went back and looked and saw a couple letters I made narrower - can't remember why now - and widened them - thanks)
Comment by fartheststar 9th september 2012
Good first font! Remember to keep a consistent style, now the numbers don't quite match the letters.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 9th september 2012
@Yautja - thanks for comment. I adjusted to make the numbers wide like rest of font per your comment. Everybody's comments are very helpful for me to learn... thanks all
Comment by fartheststar 9th september 2012
The base letters from Tesla Motors storefront that inspired this set
Comment by fartheststar 9th september 2012
A good start, Basing a design on the few letters gleaned from a logo is often a rewarding challenge. 10/10

To help you with those extra angles you might want to clone (and keep handy) the following:


Comment by p2pnut 9th september 2012
If I were you, I'd erase the extra bricks on the capital E's vertical stem to make it the same width as the horizontal bars on the E. For me, it diminishes the consistency.

I like E in the word "Especially" on the 3rd line of your first sample.
Comment by demonics 14th september 2012
Hi demonics, I put the thinner reverse E back in there. thanks for your comments.
Comment by fartheststar 14th september 2012
This font is awesome! Great job of making it from the few letters in a logo. 10/10
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 18th november 2012
thanks for comment. Wish I could do better on the N and Z, with fat diagonals, but don't really know how.
Comment by fartheststar 18th november 2012
I might also change the R.
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 22nd november 2012
Can you do ARCADIA for me?
Comment by Arcadiaroof 13th april 2014
It looks very good, but the top bar on the Capital "A" is upside-down.
Comment by SMyers75 9th june 2014
Example of the proper "A"
(on the Tesla Factory building)
Comment by SMyers75 9th june 2014
Ha! you are right. The top bar of the A is different than what the set has. I hadn't noticed. :-)
Comment by fartheststar 9th june 2014
Uniformity is the key to a successful font. Your capital "E" should resemble your lower case "e." All horizontal lines should end the same way. of your characters should all look the same way. There should be missing part of every letter that resembles an "A" or "E" in the exact same location the "A" and "E" are missing part of their lines. Your "s" does not resemble the "S" in the Tesla logo. Your "M" should have rounded corners at the top on both sides. Diagonal lines should have the same thickness as vertical and horizontal lines. The "M" should look like a rotated Tesla "E." Do not white out lines in the lower half of letters. Look at the Blade Runner font, and the Katie Che font.
Comment by Frank Truth 13th july 2014
Look at this Blade Runner font.
Comment by Frank Truth 13th july 2014
I am trying to upload images but they are not working. Go to

and look at this Katie Che font.

Comment by Frank Truth 13th july 2014
Here are more characters from the original Tesla font set.

Comment by Frank Truth 13th july 2014
I thick the Tesla "E" should be upside down to match the "A" from the font set you used. I think the "E" on the Tesla store front is "wrong."
Comment by Frank Truth 13th july 2014
Trust my judgment. If you don't ask others. My graphic design judgment is infallible, my taste in art impeccable.
Comment by Frank Truth 13th july 2014
Comment by kix 13th july 2014
Comment by p2pnut 13th july 2014
Comment by fartheststar 13th july 2014
I see there is a normal E and a backwards E. When I pull in the E in Photoshop, it only pulls in the backwards E.

How do I pull in the normal E?
Comment by graham.w.bartlett 26th september 2015


Comment by xariskolios 22nd october 2016

sorry for delay in reply.  It's been a long time since I looked at it, but I think the "normal" E is from the lower-case set of letters.  The reverse E is from the upper case.  I think the set is modifiable if you need to change anything.

Comment by fartheststar 22nd october 2016

So well done... I like the subtle differences between UC abd LC.

Comment by Aeolien 23rd october 2016


Comment by anonymous-1379525 23rd october 2016

Great stuff. You inspired my to make a T-shirt. "Be The Change" as we are waiting for model 3. http://www.cafepress.co.uk/bethechangetesla

Comment by smedhus 27th december 2016

Smedhus,  that's awesome!  thanks for sharing that.  ;-)

Comment by fartheststar 28th december 2016

Thx! I'm gonna use this on my youtube!!

Comment by -TAKASAN- 3rd october 2018

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