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Got a craving for a general forum? Chat away on general typography here!

Also, don't forget about all the other forums.
I just "challenged" myself to rate the newest 10 fonts on the Gallery after reading this.

Sometimes I think FS has gotten too deep, you know? All these fierce discussions about trolls & whatnot has slightly dampened the effect of this wonderful program. Don't get me wrong, I love it. But I ask myself: does rating and being in whatever place on the top picks really matter?
Comment by demonics 9th May 2012
I think this reflects human society in general. There's always a kind of primitive (even if absurd) need of leaders. The myth of a "natural" leader left its place to an "artificial" one which is built by a system full of tricks and cheating and unfairness, in order that some smart people keep conserving their obscene priviledges or to new ones, even smarter, or more pervert than the precedent which will establish the new form to be obscenely priviledged in exactly the same way than the precedent ones. Being honest with your own skills does not lead anywhere in todays human society. It is the way HOW it is put in light and how it can use the obscenity of the "system" that gives a small chance to simply exist. You must find the exact pervert way which will exactly fit. Candidness is absolutely not allowed. In the best case, some will try to use your skill and distort it to their own smart little power in this vast and complex and obscure society system. In the worst they will simply SMASH you down if you get the mad indecency to believe you could be recognized by the system just being what you are and not the preformatted "dull" model they have decided to be representing their own little power. The problem is that in our modern societies, those little powers are not coming by physical persons with hearts,skins, bones and brains, but by the unpalpable and insidious artificial "flux" that took advantage on individuals.

@ demonix : Just some thoughts inspired by your comment above.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 9th May 2012
I don't mind the ratings too much myself, and I don't rate that often (I rather give comments). But I do appreciate the ratings I've gotten, and everyone's free to give their opinion, whether they think a font deserves a 1 or a 10 (but comments would be desirable). I like to say that no matter what you do, there are people who like it, and people who don't.

I read the link given by demonics, and it got me thinking - doesn't the balanced rating encourage people to give more extreme ratings?
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 9th May 2012
@neurone Thanks for your input. Finally, people are using this forum.
Comment by demonics 9th May 2012
As an example of how little I think ratings matter, I can honestly say that I haven't the slightest idea of how any of my fonts stand in the ratings.

I never give ratings without a comment ... that would be meaningless. My standard 10/10 is given in recognition of excellent work - or as encouragement, especially to new 'structors who have made an effort that I think should be recognised.

I have said it many times before, and will always believe, that the comments of my peers is of infinitely more value than the simple click on a rating.

My advice has always been - enjoy the act of designing for its own sake. The first person to satisfy should always be yourself. If you have done something that pleases others - then that is a bonus.
Comment by p2pnut 10th May 2012
@p2pnut, @yautja Right.
Comment by demonics 10th May 2012
Designer vs Artist:
- Designer is obsessed by Universality
- Artist is obsessed by Unique (even the most desillusionned postmodernists propose unique pieces on the market).
- Designer is obsessed by versatility on a maximum of contexts, or at least on a target with a large panel of consumers responding.
- Artist builds himself his own context, even if he may take the real world as starting point, even if he takes it literally, the destination is completely different. The piece he creates is a world, a context within itself which does not need necessary to take part on the "real" world while it is a crucial part of the the designer approach.
- Apart from some very few VIP artists who earn obscene amounts of money because they , or some smart people around them succeeded convincing some very rich people that their work was their taste and that they could speculate on this, generally artists are much poorer than designers, because design is considered as a "real" job by society.
- Designer is obsessed by functionality in the already existing modalities of the world. So many traditional rules can blind creativity.
- Artist is also obsessed by functionality, but "within" the limits of the Beta world he is elaborating. This Beta world could seem unfunctional regarding the usual standards, but perfectly, and precisely functioning in its own context.
- Deigner is aiming to make evolve or at least to be the everyday life best companion of people.
- Artist is not interested by everyday life, if he is, it's to push it to different level or angle. It's only materia, not the end of the process, as it is for the designer.
And to finish, a little joke, sorry in advance : Designers have much more chances to get top picked than Artists at !
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 10th May 2012
Still, it's a good job that we are big enough to welcome and embrace everyone .... isn't it?
Comment by p2pnut 11th May 2012
@p2p Yes, at least we try.

@neurone Good comparison.
Comment by demonics 11th May 2012
@everyone This is a must-see.
LAIKA is a new dynamicfont. This is a genius idea, but it may put us all out of font-related work :)

If you don't want to click on the link, I'll tell you what LAIKA is: It's a font of which you can control the weight, serif size, contrast, slant, and more right from your computer. It can look like Arial or Rockwell, Bodoni or Clarendon! Please click on the link; it's mind-blowing.
"Type has always been something static.
"In considering type we speak, for example, in terms of bold, thin, grotesque, classical, roman, italic: terms that all describe a defined variant of the font family. Thus we only ever see individual fixed points in what is actually an infinitely wide space of possibilities.

"With digitalisation, however, typeface has left its manifest image – cast in lead – behind, and with it all the associated limitations. Computer-based applications, the Internet and new, fluid advertising media allow us to go beyond the existing, static view of typography.

"LAIKA is neither bold nor thin, but swings between these two extremes. Its form is no longer defined statically, but alters dynamically. As well as the font’s weight, the stroke contrast, serif lengths and italic angles of the font all behave dynamically too. All these parameters can be driven and influenced by a range of inputs, in order to create a typeface that changes constantly in real time.

"LAIKA requires a whole new, dynamic understanding of typography.

"Why should a typeface be rigidly set, if it is not going to be printed? In a dynamic medium, why shouldn’t the form and the character of the typeface be understood dynamically as well? Why shouldn’t its forms change, transform, and respond to circumstances?

"Prototypical applications show their potential in combination with interactive, audiovisual inputs, data requested from the Internet in real-time (RSS feeds), and electronic components such as sensors or simple switches. In this way, an advertising text could react to passers-by, stock market prices could influence a corporate typeface, or ECG measurements taken while writing could breathe new emotional life into digital love letters.

"With LAIKA, there is finally a font that can seamlessly use the whole spectrum of its cuts. A font that is able to move between its extremes in real time. An interactive font that is able to respond to its surroundings. A font that questions deadlocked dogmas and throws up completely new design questions, and thus has the potential to revolutionise the understanding of digital typography."

from the LAIKA website
Finally, one more link:

The LAIKA video on Vimeo.
It seems to be some sort of Wii console game applied on Typo. Why not? Simply a gadget to me. And the "font" used is desperately boring.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 16th May 2012
@neurone No, click on the link in my first comment. You can play with it yourself.
Everyone, please do look at the links. They are worth it.
Comment by demonics 17th May 2012
Pretty cool.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 17th May 2012
@Yautja It's revolutionary!
Comment by demonics 17th May 2012
It made me think if it would be possible to make fonts by mathematic calculations, so that you would just write commands for the font's characteristics, and then you could easily make different weights etc.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 17th May 2012
Ah, but that would take all the fun out of designing fonts!
Comment by demonics 17th May 2012
Yeah, I'm just a bit of a perfectionist myself so I like to do things with mathematic precision, which is why I like FS. But there are always some designs that are best made by hand.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 17th May 2012
I wonder if a machine could be programmed to create fonts like mine that are a new unique much undecidable but perfectly coherent coherent world each time. I doubt it. This (Laïka) only goes for obvious standards and i still dont get the "revolutionary" point of it, as you say, even after having seen the links.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 17th May 2012
The letterforms themselves aren't revolutionary. What's revolutionary is that you can essentially create fonts with a click of a mouse. And maybe they will make a program that uses more beautiful letters. The point is, right now it's not so much about how the letters look as it is that you can make entire font families by waving your mouse. I think it's a good concept that could be further developed.

I completely agree. FS is great at clean fonts but not so good at handmade ones.
Comment by demonics 17th May 2012
We can agree that typography aimed to be legible and design-ish is not a form of art (I don't, but not at all though), but it's needed. It also can be boring and soulless, but we can't be intolerant about it, if there was no readibility there wouldn't be any books, newspapers, programming, even no mail, non-verbal communication between people and the Internet.

I classify myself both as an artist and as a designer. I really appreciate unique and visionary forms that are being illustrated in a form of an art, but also a perfection of a design is important to me. Perfection is there when you stand before an inaccuracy in a font, even if it contains 300 varieties. No matter it's shape, I mean it's thickness, amount of it's obliquity or size of the serifs. It needs to fit within your overall style of your design, so for more modern-looking everything else I'd (and many would) pick a sans serif font. A black or a bold type goes to a title, thin goes to the rest. But sometimes you need to be exact, especially when dealing with colors and single pixels, spacing, distances between sections and all. Sometimes you just can't decide.

So, LAIKA, in my opinion is a great tool with bright future. This tiny application seems to be a cool font generator for those who can't decide which fits better - black or extra black? Moreover, I think that tools like this should be implemented as features of software like Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, office applications and so on.

That's right, LAIKA isn't a font, it's more like a tool. Letters can be more beatiful or just different, shaped in another way, higher or wider. Computers can't create art by themselves. There is no doubt. They don't have any soul, they're only tools that help people doing their tasks faster and easier. They don't think, those who think are their users. Letters have their own shapes and they need to be created by a human being. I can agree that "boring" typefaces that we meet all the time (like Arial, Helvetica, Futura, Avant Garde, Times, Garamond) are somehow "standardized" and it's possible for a computer to randomly generate for example the R's "cane", it can make it straight or rounded, but infinite beauty of an art can be crafted only by a human. The base shape of the font used in LAIKA was created by someone, it wasn't generated. SOOOO... why not to put an option to design it by self, for example by creating the base shape with... Bezier curves? They could also add a slider for adjusting the amount of distortion (in many ways to choose), of rounding, of height, of width, of rounding between sheriffs and the letters or of WHATEVER. Programming is also a kind of art, there are infinite possibilities ;).

The creators say that LAIKA is a full-fledged typeface for dynamic media like computer displays or smartphones. The only difference is that it can move and change in realtime. Cool. Much less "boring". In my opinion it's just a tool, but let them have their own vision. I think that fonts like LAIKA shouldn't be used frequently on websites for two reasons: I have an EXTREMELY poor computer (1,6 GHz, single-core Sempron, COME ON!!!) and it just won't work for me and many others. The second reason is that, as I said before, it works better as a tool for creating still types for still designs. Let it shine on banners, logotypes, but not as a common text. In future - maybe it's range of usability will expand.
Comment by Neoqueto 18th May 2012
nice application by yannick mathey
Comment by regular_one 18th May 2012
One cannot forget the Meek•FM. Art meets Design meets Technology meets...SOUND! Watch these videos.

In the context of this conversation, Rob’s project has a lot to say about where all these disciplines meet. The links above (especially the videos) establishes beyond a shadow of a doubt how Rob Meek has a far more experimental, boundary-pushing, even revolutionary aesthetic than is often acknowledged here.
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 18th May 2012
@neoqueto I agree. Nice to see you on this forum!
Comment by demonics 18th May 2012
@will.i.ૐ definitely! I've seen that before, I love synths and would love to try that.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 20th May 2012
@will.i.ૐ + @regular_one

Excellent, both of you.
Comment by demonics 25th May 2012

I need some input. I am thinking about doing a forum font-of-the-week-type of thing, and I was wondering:

Should I get people's input and let the FS community choose a font every week for this forum to showcase, or

Since that might be too much like the Top Pick system, should I just choose a non-FS font and showcase it every week?

Another idea is to have type battles like on We could hold contests! I do think the annual FS contest doesn't happen enough.

Let me know what you think!
Comment by demonics 25th May 2012
@demonix: There are different sensibilities here. The eventual font of the week being different for each. This couldn't work without seeming unfair for many. For instance, for me the font of the week is with no doubt "Drysfa gwallgolf" by Qimplef, but i barely think that this choice could be shared by many! Type Battles... why not? but i think it should be only for the pleasure of working together on the same theme, without any contest or judgement spirit, decause we would get the same discrimination problem then.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 25th May 2012
@abneurone I absolutely agree. Type battles it is, then.
Comment by demonics 25th May 2012
@abneurone + everyone //

Any suggestions?
Comment by demonics 25th May 2012
@demonix: I'm with neurone for the ideas.
It seems you have to make a single site if you want to make a forum font-of-the-week-type of thing or to have type battles like on with contests.
Comment by cablecomputer 26th May 2012
Well, there's already Top Pick, and like Abneurone said, some people might not agree with the font chosen for the week.
Comment by Umbreon126 26th May 2012
@demonix : even if we often react negatively to your propositions, i appreciate your efforts to bring a bit more life in this site at a period when it has so much decreased in passion compared to 2 years and a half ago when i signed up. And i know how hard it can be, having myself tried some things like the Weird Pick i proposed to attribute to the most innovative extreme, bizarre, out of norm works generally ignored by top picks, even more at this time when Meek top picked quasi exclusively blackletters and bad helvetica copies, what made me mad, it has a bit changed now, maybe the weird pick was not completely in vain, and 2 weird picks becamed top picks too), but it failed and i received comments of pure hate, a guy had even made the efforts to post samples with images of excrements, you see the level...

Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 26th May 2012
I agree that font of the week may not work, but type battles sound better. There have been contests and collaborations before, we could have more of those!

@AFT on the bright side, at least there doesn't seem to be as many trolls now. For the year I've been here, this has been an awesome community.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 26th May 2012
Collaboration sounds good. I've seen some great examples on FS that were done a good while ago.
Comment by four 26th May 2012
I've just set a reminder on my iPhone to “Start type battles” :)

Every two weeks sound good to you guys?
Comment by demonics 26th May 2012
Also I'd just like to point out that I love how far this forum has evolved: we're starting not to use the @username tool to direct comments to one person. Instead, we really are having a group discussion, even though there are only 5-6 of us! I find it great.

On another note:

I think type battles could be successful. So any thoughts on what an FS type battle would look like? Getting people to collaborate on logo design? A font challenge like the official FS contest? Contests? No contests? What should the rules be?

Let me know, and I'll hopefully get started this weekend! Thanks guys.

PS abneurone, thank you for recognising my work. It did seem like My ideas were instantly rejected sometimes.
Comment by demonics 26th May 2012
An idea : what about a remixing party ? And try to propose many different derivations from a same basis ?
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 26th May 2012
@Yautja : Ha Ha! Someone just rated 1/10 this forum, just after you said there were less trolls.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 26th May 2012
I just noticed that too, heh. I like the remix idea, I don't really have other ideas now. BTW maybe this should be in the suggestions thread, but I guess it doesn't matter much.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 26th May 2012
I'm up for type battles! But how would it work? On typophile they upload sample images, but I suppose our object is the font itself (with or without additional sample images). In my mind that means the rules would be a bit different, and therefore maybe we should find a different name for it. Maybe a play on words would be in the FontStruct spirit: "FontPetition", "FontOut", "FontStruggle" (my personal favourite) or even "FontFeud" :P

Here is a sketch of some rules (input is very welcome):

1) All FontStruct users may participate in a FontStruggle, and can do so with as many entries as they like.
2) An entry in a FontStruggle is a public font on FontStruct, with or without accompanying sample pictures in the comments. (I don't think we should put limits on the licence)
3) The font should be tagged with "FontStruggle#" where '#' stands in for the specific number of the FontStruggle.
4) Each week/month (month seems more managable, at least in the beginning) a FontStruggle will be announced (how? in a font? by whom?) and participants can publish fonts all week/month and at the end (a quite specific time, midnight UTC?) a winner will be announced (democratically? using favourites? partly judged? by whom?).

I think it's a great initiative to get some social activity here! I've been lacking inspiration lately.
Comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) 26th May 2012
Yeah, two weeks may be better than a full month ;)
Comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) 26th May 2012
@Abneurone: Yes. FontStruct is already very good for remixing. One user could make a basic font, and others could clone it and work on it. The next ones could clone from the first one again, or from one of the derived fonts. And with the clone function one can always go back and see where each font came from :D
Comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) 26th May 2012
We are so creative.
Okay. CMunk, other FSors have said that they don't want a competition. I say that we can have a competition but I don't think a winner should be announced.

I like your rules though. I also like the name FontOut!

Guys, let's just ignore the trolls, ok? They just want attention which is what we're giving them. So let's not pay attention to 1/10 raters.

Can someone elaborate on this remixing idea?

One more thing: I think forum (me) should post a forum dedicated to being the place where people upload their sample images for the competition.
Comment by demonics 26th May 2012
I've slightly revised CMunk's rules, and we're ready to FontOut! This is not a final copy. I need input on what to fill the blanks with.

Welcome to the very first FontOut!

Rules & Guidelines:

1) All FontStruct users may participate in FontOut, and can do so with as many entries as they like.

2) An entry in a FontOut is a public font on FontStruct, with or without accompanying sample pictures in the comments. It can also be a picture. There are no limits on licence.

3) The font must be tagged with "FontOut#" where '#' stands in for the specific number of the FontOut.

4) Every two weeks, a FontOut will be announced and participants can publish fonts or images within that two-week time period.

This FontOut
Create a font that has ___ and ___. The font must include ___. Sample images must have ___.

Let's see what our FontStruct community can do!

Any suggestions?
So are we looking for a specific category/style to fill the blanks in? As in "blackletter" or "serif" or "techno"...? Or just something generic like "create a font that has a handmade quality" like the previous FS contest?
Comment by 3moDuDe 27th May 2012
Comment by demonics 2nd June 2012
Something I'm working on in the style of X-height is 4. Any suggestions! Almost no real curves!
Comment by demonics 2nd June 2012
I wasn't sure of my ability to survive 48 hours without FontStruct!
Comment by demonics 7th June 2012
Same here :) I was just working on a font when it froze and I couldn't save it, but fortunately not all was lost.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 7th June 2012
Finally they're free a from a kinda creepy works to move 1,877,491 glyphs from one computer to another...
Comment by cablecomputer 7th June 2012
Thanks Meek, was kind of worried would FS come back on again...
Comment by four 7th June 2012
Thanks a million to Mr M and the team for all the hard work restoring the site.
Comment by p2pnut 7th June 2012
@meek - I echo p2pnut's sentiments whole-heartedly: thank you again so much for this wonderful tool! That was a LONG 24 hours... ;^)
Comment by Goatmeal 7th June 2012
I can't imagine how difficult it must have been to move everything from one server to another. Thanks to the FS staff this wonderful website is back :)
Comment by Umbreon126 7th June 2012
I'm working on a font called Special Kerning. I got the idea from here.
Comment by anonymous-479865 8th June 2012
Should I expand 126 into a font family?
Comment by Umbreon126 8th June 2012
Also, I'm not thinking of a normal family. I'm thinking of something more along the lines of Proportional (Sans serif, serif), Typewriter (monospace2), Monospaced (Serif). Instead of Bold, Bold Italic, Italic etc....
Comment by Umbreon126 8th June 2012
I have just stumbled across two sites that are illegally displaying my fonts, available for FREE DOWNLOAD. Even though they have been removed from public view on my personal account for some time.
The sites are and
There are a number of other FONTSTRUCT fonts on each site.
I have contacted both of them stipulating that unless they are removed immediately further legal action will be pursued due to copyright infringement. So a warning to you all, when you make a font PRIVATE, it does not make it secure.
Comment by djnippa 8th June 2012
Thank you djnippa. That is indeed frightening. Thanks for contacting them.
Comment by demonics 8th June 2012
@Demonics. They have removed all five fonts from their two websites. I can now get on with selling them. Although I think the damage has already been done!!
Comment by djnippa 9th June 2012
Comment by anonymous-479865 9th June 2012
Hey, recently I see funk_king is active again in MyFonts. And I think (I'm not sure) he's submitting his new fonts. "Kingdom", "Carousel", "Vibration", "Lyrical", "Keyboard", "Jelly Bean". Anyone ever seen them?

If no, it's his new fonts and he's ever working here not so long ago!
Comment by cablecomputer 10th June 2012
I had this weird FontStruct dream. I dream that my font "One-Brick" went from eight comments to eighty comments. I didn't look at 'em, though.
Comment by anonymous-479865 10th June 2012
@cable: thans for news on FK.There are some i did not recognize but you know, he had published more than 700 fonts when he was there so i'm not sure this is new staff
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 10th June 2012
Hi, not sure if this is for questions - but if so... I'm trying to learn how compositing works right now, and I'm kindof baffled.

Trial Case: I'm wondering if it's possible to create a composite using "blank" or "empty" bricks? For example. If I want to take this 22.5 degree angle that's flush against the left and make an 11.25 degree angle flush against the left,

1) can I select the 2 bricks w/ the shape and the 2 bricks to the right to create the smaller angle? (This is more a generic question - not just for this particular case, because I can see cases where I might want to do something similar, like taking the curved shape below to do similar composite curve.

2) Messing around I see I can do this using the horizontal brick size filter - I can get to where I can visually create the 11.25 degree angle as shown - but the created composite brick itself is a 45 degree angle. I've tried to copy the created 11.25 degree angle that I see to another fonstruct set open on another browser tab, but it still copies as a 45 degree angle. Am I going about this in the proper way to create the 11.25 degree angle brick? (again, similar question could apply to a composite of the curve shown below - this is more a generic "how" to question rather than specific).

3. Can you quickly make the inverse of a brick (an option to create an inverse making the dark areas clear and the clear areas dark)?

thanks in advance for any pointers if this has already been discussed somewhere else before. thanks

Comment by fartheststar 9th September 2012
sorry- here was image that should've gone w/ previous post
Comment by fartheststar 9th September 2012
sorry- here was image that should've gone w/ previous post
Comment by fartheststar 9th September 2012
@fartheststar //

1) Not quite sure what you mean.
2) Yes, this is possible.
3) As far as I know, you cannot make an inverse of a brick.

To make a 1:8 angle, I usually:

1) put a 1:2 angle on the grid
2) put 3 square bricks lined up on the right side of it
3) select the whole contraption with the arrow tool
4) hit Shift+G
5) hold down Shift while clicking on the newly created composite in My Bricks
6) erase the 3 unneeded rectangles.

Comment by demonics 9th September 2012
@demonics - ahhh. I see how to do this now. appreciated.
Comment by fartheststar 9th September 2012
@demonics - ahhh. I see how to do this now. appreciated.
Comment by fartheststar 9th September 2012
Hi, had a question from any compositing experts out there. I'm trying to create a single block to reflect the intersection of two differing angles and am thinking I can't do it, but was wanting to see if anyone thought it could be done. see attached photo for reference - but I'd like to create a single brick that looks like the exploded area in red and have it fit in the overall font design as shown. Is it correct that this is not doable? thanks in advance,
Comment by fartheststar 10th September 2012
I don't think that's possible.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 10th September 2012
@fartheststar - In your pic, the 45° angle gap on the right side (the white space between the outline) looks a tad wide. If you narrow that gap, your problem might disappear. By that I mean you might be able to make the composite you need:

Tutorial - 45 degree angles
Comment by Goatmeal 10th September 2012
@Goatmeal - thanks for link. I'll rethink using good ole sqrt(a^2+b^2) !
Comment by fartheststar 10th September 2012
@fartheststar - There are many others here who are much, much better at compositing and/or stacking, but this is a passable work-around. The blue arrow shows the 30°/60° cheat, while the green arrow shows that the 45° white space is a little narrow as a result. The red arrow shows the two bricks needed to stack to get the tail of the Q (the little triangle is a composite).

It's difficult enough as it is to get the bricks to line up using only 45° angles, but when you start adding 30º and 60° to the mix -- not to mention the numerous angles permitted by FontStruct 2.0's compositing (22.5°, 11.25° and 15°) -- difficulty and design limitations rise quickly...
Comment by Goatmeal 11th September 2012
Comment by Goatmeal 11th September 2012
@Goatmeal - here's what I ended up doing. I changed the channel size based on your pythagorian theorem discussion and here's what I ended up with. The change ended up w/ a workable composite as shown below. Thanks so much for the discussion - it really did help me think about 45 degree slanted line width properly. I reworked the entire font based on it
Comment by fartheststar 11th September 2012
All, had a question about preferred setup for a font that contains both forward and backwards letters. Do you prefer the backwards letters in the capitals or the lower case? I've currently put them in lower case, but didn't know if there was a preference/standard/default. Below is a sample of output with both forward backwards being referred to. thanks (sorry for graininess of image - I use powerpoint because it's easy)
Comment by fartheststar 11th September 2012
@fartheststar - Your solution looks great! Glad to have helped. :^)
Comment by Goatmeal 11th September 2012
So are we going to keep having FontOuts, or what?
Comment by truth14ful 11th September 2012
@truth14ful // I felt like everyone (including myself was losing interest. If you really want me to, I can keep doing them. It just seemed like AFT was basically the only one participating, and now that he's gone, I fear it will be a lost cause.
Comment by demonics 11th September 2012
@demonics, It's OK, I was just wondering. By the way, what happened to AFT?
Comment by truth14ful 11th September 2012
@truth14ful // I think he got mad because everyone was excluding/saying bad things about him.
Comment by demonics 11th September 2012
I for one did not participate in any Fontout's because of Abneurone's irrational, irritating behaviour and comments. It's like you had to create a whole new set of rules, just to stop him going over board, and producing tons of really substandard work.
Comment by djnippa 11th September 2012
I'm with djnippa.

That said, any word on a new official FontStruct competition? Meek?
Comment by aphoria 12th September 2012
@aphoria // Weren't handmadecomp, sportscomp, etc. in the spring (April)?
Comment by demonics 12th September 2012
@demonics The Illustration competition was in April-May, 2011.

The Handmade competition was in September-October, 2010.

The Sport competition was in March, 2010.

So, it's been quite awhile.
Comment by aphoria 12th September 2012
I think the FontOuts are really a wonderful initiative. I hope they continue. But it is also time for an official competition.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 13th September 2012
@meek // Thanks for the compliments on the FontOuts! I may just do them monthly at this point. They were becoming a hassle.

I'm looking forward to the next official competition!
Comment by demonics 13th September 2012
Yeah, for now, we lost one of our friend, AFT. I hope he's getting better...

@demonics: I'm with the Mr. Meek, "The FontOuts are really a wonderful initiative." Even makes a riot at the end.

Waiting for the next competition!
Comment by cablecomputer 13th September 2012
Punctuation question: Should a period (.) generally be on/above/split the baseline, or is it ok however you want to do it?
Comment by fartheststar 14th September 2012
@fartheststar Usually it sits above the baseline with little or no overshoot.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 14th September 2012
@meek - thank you. I'll track down a book at the library to read more about design. Ever since I found this site I've been examining fonts everywhere I see them (restaurants, billboards, shampoo bottles, company logos, etc)
Comment by fartheststar 14th September 2012
@fartheststar: I found Karen Cheng's book 'Designing Type' really useful. It covers the design and proportions of serif and sans-serif faces really well.
Comment by p2pnut 15th September 2012
Comment by demonics 25th September 2012
I add a web bookmark to my home screen and this is what I get! Meek, do you know about this and what does it mean?
Comment by demonics 25th September 2012
This font is just beautiful //
Comment by demonics 26th September 2012
@demonics Just a side effect of changing servers yesterday. Should be fixed now. Thanks for letting us know!
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 26th September 2012
Meek, I have a suggestion for FS: All blocks LIKE 'More Latin' (Yes, Unicode too,) need a special "Copy from [Latin/Greek/other language]" button, so it'd take less time to copy every glyph in a HUGE font. (Working on my font Extra Extreme...)
Comment by minidonut 26th September 2012
Now that would belong in fm FontStruct Suggestions, no? ;)
By the way, copying diacritics too.
Comment by Umbreon126 27th September 2012
when did this happen :Q

Comment by Umbreon126 27th September 2012
Thanks Meek
Comment by demonics 27th September 2012
@Umbreon126: I didn't know there were multiple forums. Now I do. :P

@Umbreon126 (again): What's so AWESOME about the Sau.. rash.. tra letter vocalic R?
Comment by minidonut 27th September 2012
More Unicode blocks have character names in the FontStructor now (not only Saurashtra) (eg. Devanagari Extended, Kayah Li,...) yaay
Comment by Umbreon126 28th September 2012
16 hrs to go and I only have 6 glyphs done for my final entry! Gotta finish! :-)
Comment by demonics 13th October 2012
I love finding typographical “Easter eggs” in movies. What I mean by this is finding fonts in a film that were designed after the time period that it’s set in.

For example, I was watching the recent movie “Secretariat,” set in 1969, and lo and behold, there was Arial!

Anyone else experience these? ;-)
Comment by demonics 18th October 2012
Comment by demonics 21st October 2012
I designed this logo with FS. (Except for the circle, of course.) What do you think?

FontStruct is beginning to be even a more powerful font editor than some paid ones. I love it.

Comment by demonics 21st October 2012
Beautiful in its simplicity. :)
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 21st October 2012
@demonics: The best thing about FontStruct is it's simplicity and... it's limitations. Rather than struggling with adjusting X and Y positions of guides, points, anchor points and all of stuff like that you are given a grid and a set of shapes inscribed in squares. Sometimes, especially when you're dealing with modular typefaces it's A LOT more efficent and easier to manipulate. You don't have to input any numbers (or even worse, arithmetic expressions), you just have to put those bricks wherever you want. No need to measure, sketch, no trials and errors if one wants to keep exact letter weight everywhere, spacing, dimensions and so on.

Can't agree with you completely, as long as FS doesn't have some kind of bezier curves (I hope it will never ever have anything like that!) it can't compete with paid editors. Paid editors - it takes long to achieve results using them, but they provide unlimited possibilities, FontStruct - ultra-fast for some specific tasks, but inefficient when it comes to curves, in other words: limited possibilities. Not like it's no good, long live FontStruct the way it is.

I also made a logo in FS (actually it's a logotype). It's a lettering for my game (it says "Vorteks") - never published it here, just downloaded the font. As I wrote two paragraphs above, coming up with something like this in a vector graphics editor, a design where thickness of all it's elements is always the same, would be extremely painful.

(of course only the silhouette was made with FontStruct, the effects were added in Photoshop)

In FS the whole thing is only 13 bricks tall, beat that, Illustrator, beat that, FontLab Studio.

Hey, demonics, it sounds like a cool idea for the next FontOut - to create a purely pictorial logo for an imaginary company, a dingbat, pictogram, symbol, but without any letters. We've been dealing with letters all the time, but dingbat fonts are fonts too!

(and sorry if there's something that you don't understand, my English skills are still horrible)
Comment by Neoqueto 21st October 2012
@Neo Pfft, your english is great. I totally agree with you on all of that except for the no bezier curves thing. It'd be more of an advanced thing, and most of the newer fontstructors wouldn't have to deal with all those complicated numbers and such! But the possibility for the more advanced fontstructors to be able to use those curves would be a fantastic addition.

Limitations are good in some ways, because that's where the human race becomes the most creative. However, in this case, because we already attempt to do bezier curves with fontstruct, I think that it'd be best to just have the option for them in it.

Yeah. Rant over. xD
Comment by Echo (Rahi-Tak) 21st October 2012
Now that I look at it out of the comment box, it looks like much less of a rant! xP
Comment by Echo (Rahi-Tak) 21st October 2012
I completely agree with you. Thanks for the input.

@neoqueto // I guess by “more powerful” I meant “able to spur more creativity,” which is where your message was headed. I think creativity is more important, maybe, than raw power :-) PS great logo! And I'll think about starting up FontOut again after Stencilcomp. (once a month maybe)

And Rahi, amen about limitations! That's what I love about FS!

Thanks Yautja, you're the minimal type yourself!
Comment by demonics 21st October 2012
Btw, I'd love to continue FontOuts. I think it should work more like the Stencilcomp did, in which you're only allowed three entries, tho. That'd prevent entry-spamming like AFT's, and most people don't need more than 3 anyway!

If you're running out of ideas for themes, then you could easily ask for suggestions, too! There are many fontstructors out there that could probably come up with good ideas for FontOut themes.

But yeah, I would really like to do more fontstructing for a purpose, such as FontOuts. I like feeling productive. ;P
Comment by Echo (Rahi-Tak) 21st October 2012
@rahi // I've already decided to limit the number of entries per person (I think 5 is a better bet).

And, for the last 6 FontOuts, I've asked for as many suggestions as possible and only gotten about 2 responses. I tried :-)

And amen to feeling productive!
Comment by demonics 22nd October 2012
Ouch. Well, I know I have some ideas. I didn't participate until one of the more recent ones, so I don't actually know what's been done and what hasn't. So disregard anything that's already been done, kay?

•Every once in a while, make it an advanced font out. Which means, it'd require more out of the participants. For instance:
1. A font using fake Bézier curves.
2. A filter font using negative space (Like fs Light and Teris)

Idk if that'd work, but I feel like the fontouts are geared more towards the entire community. Which isn't a bad thing! I just think every so often, more challenging fontouts would be nice.

•Other fontout ideas:
1. Make a font based on cursive
2. Make an italicized font
3. Make a font based on a one you find on a sign/advertisement
4. Draw a picture with fontstruct (A generalization of Neo's suggestion)

I'll prolly think of more tomorrow. These are all off the top of my head. xD
Comment by Echo (Rahi-Tak) 22nd October 2012
Some suggestions from the previous FontOuts include 3D, graffiti, and optical illusions. I like the logo/symbol and negative space ideas too.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 22nd October 2012
@Rahi // Wow, thanks! I'll keep all that in mind. No, wait, I'll write it down. OK. Thanks again !

@Yautja // Whoops, must have missed those. Thanks for reminding me. :-) I will take note of those as well.
Comment by demonics 22nd October 2012
i got a serious hinting problem. and googled for hours to find tutorial but hinting without font lab seems to be a kind of magic.
i would be endlessly thankful for good tutorial (for beginners) or (auto)hint tool besides ttfautohint.

PLEASE HELP! - the font is hurting my eyes but i need to use it and i need to learn how to hint
Comment by regular_one 25th October 2012
I don't know much about hinting apart from the general idea. I'm sure you can do some hinting in FontForge. They have a page of information about hinting:
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 25th October 2012
Having some fun with the new bricks :)
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 2nd November 2012
You're rockin' it Yautja :-)
Comment by demonics 2nd November 2012
@meek: thanks for your reply. i found a fair solution after a long search full of terminal agony and adobe confusion. – i was a hugh fan of fontforge but i gave up on it since i can't get it to work on my macbook.
Comment by regular_one 5th November 2012
There are some strange new FontShop ads here now... Helvetica, Gill Sans, Stone Sans, very strange that they're advertising these common fonts!
Comment by demonics 7th November 2012
Hi, I'm an aspiring young FontStructor who needs some ideas for fonts, I'm running out of ideas. (and I still need to finish Kallum Sans and make a serif version out of it.)
Comment by Noah (winty5) 22nd November 2012
FS staff, always wanted to ask this:
Where is that logo glyph "F" located? You know, the one that substitutes every missing glyph? Can we customize it in fontstructor? Or should we use some other software? Thank you!
Comment by architaraz 4th December 2012
I'm guessing it's in the FontMortar or whatever it's called.
Comment by Umbreon126 4th December 2012
if you open the font file in a font editor, you will see the f is in the null character position. this is usually the first glyph that is displayed. in other font files, it is usually a block with an X inside :) can't customize, unless you download the file and open it elsewhere.
Comment by funk_king 4th December 2012
@funk_king you are correct.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 4th December 2012
I have question regarding kerning and ligatures. Look for the sample image below. I created kerning pair for ap, pp (seconnd picture). So my question is: Am I doing it the right way? Or should I create "app" ligature using OpenType feature?

And thanks for answering previous question, I knew that it's editable using software, I just wanted to know if it was possible to edit it in FS, so, it's not editable...
Comment by architaraz 10th December 2012
Has anyone else noticed that Beate's hidden a lot of fonts? :s
Comment by Umbreon126 5th January 2013
@Umbreon: Yeah, so download 'em before they disappear! I don't do that with my fonts (except if they were really, really bad)

My favorite thing about FS is its simplicity. No bezier curves, no vector points, no complex math, no smashing your computer in frustation. Just placing little bricks on a grid, nothing hard, nothing complicated. And you can even "be advanced" with stacking and compositing! It's so simple even 10-year-olds like me can use them. FS is my favorite website, and my most visited website. Thank you, Rob Meek.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 5th January 2013
There's a bug, FS staff. It says 0 shared fontstructions on everybody's public profile page.
Comment by architaraz 8th January 2013
@architaraz. Thx! fixed.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 8th January 2013
Comment by demonics 13th January 2013
I think they need a logo redesign.
Comment by demonics 13th January 2013
@dm: Yeah, that logo looks dated. I like designing logos, maybe i'll make one for this company.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 13th January 2013
Not sure if this is the 'right' place... I wanted to share following image (had something similar earlier today, and discovered 5 brick types exchanged on a new font I am doing after I clicked on one of the pairs of bricks *hmph* costing 3 hours' work) Is that a simple cache problem?
Comment by Aeolien 23rd January 2013
@Aeolien: No, it's not a cash problem. Fontstructor has the option where you can replace the used brick with another by dragging it to the top of a brick.
Comment by architaraz 24th January 2013
Here, just read the brick swaps section:
Comment by architaraz 24th January 2013
@archi : thank you! I had not seen that information. Now all is clear to me :)
Comment by Aeolien 24th January 2013
Just because a font is hidden doesn't mean you can't see its rating, LOL. Which also means that it seems like one could sneak a (rather limited) peek at any font...
Comment by Umbreon126 26th January 2013
Franklin Gothic. I lol'd

(note: the tumblr's name contains one swear word)
Comment by Umbreon126 6th February 2013
AHEM. I haz a question: is it allowed for two people to share 1 account?
Comment by minidonut 18th February 2013
Seems to be allowed. No one got mad at me for sharing 2012 Collab with, like 7 other people. xD
Comment by Noah (winty5) 18th February 2013
Comment by Noah (winty5) 26th February 2013
...And here are the three great typogames (Kern, Berzier curves and Color) from the Method of Action website. Enjoy!
Comment by elmoyenique 26th February 2013
Ah, I need to get back to FS. I don't know how long I've been gone — photography is pulling me in. I need to get back. I miss this site.
Comment by demonics 9th March 2013
@demonics : maybe you could insert some of your photograhic work on some of your samples, at the occasion...
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 9th March 2013
@AFT — good idea!
Comment by demonics 9th March 2013
Yeah! That would be cool to combine 2 of your interests. I recenttly combined 2 of mine with 5Circuitboard, electronics and font design. :)
Comment by Noah (winty5) 9th March 2013
Is it possible to make the brick on the left? (2x2 filter settings)
(The right 2/3 of the picture is just a clarification of the top half of what I'm trying to make here.)
Comment by Umbreon126 14th March 2013
@Umbreon126: I don’t see a way to make that brick, currently.
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 14th March 2013
@Umbreon126 - I think that might be too complex. Looks like you would need a 4x4 composite for this (16 bricks to make 1 composite).

You can do with 4 bricks as a 1x1 filtered set. Just add the two square bricks underneath...
Comment by Goatmeal 14th March 2013
Ah, okay. Thanks for the help though :)
Comment by Umbreon126 14th March 2013
I found this ..... ...
I think it fits the feel of FS ;)
Comment by Aeolien 15th March 2013
@Aeolien: Fun!

@Umbreon126, Goatmeal: I could be wrong, but would only a 2x4 (8 brick) composite would be required?
Comment by ETHproductions 15th March 2013
@ETHproductions - You are correct! :^)
Comment by Goatmeal 15th March 2013
coming soon!
Comment by demonics 23rd March 2013
That looks great!
Comment by Noah (winty5) 24th March 2013
Why so many dafont downloads? 196 in 24 hours!
Comment by demonics 13th April 2013
Does this mean something? :3
Comment by Umbreon126 18th April 2013
Dear colleagues: I'm searching for another (and better) solution for this (f%$&//##!!!) B and R and others in a 2:2 grid double arc... Can you help me, pleaseeee? I'm blocked with that. Thanks a lot.
(Sorry for the two precedents comments. Delete them, please.)
Comment by elmoyenique 23rd April 2013
@elmo: Not much of an improvement, but I think this is your best bet.
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 23rd April 2013
elmoyenique — Comments deleted.
Comment by User-Founded FontStruct Discussions (forum) 23rd April 2013
A tip for users of the FontStruct forum: Bookmark this page in your browser, so you won't have to spend time searching for it in the Gallery.
Comment by User-Founded FontStruct Discussions (forum) 23rd April 2013
@will.i.ૐ: Thank you very much, compañero!
Comment by elmoyenique 24th April 2013
Funny... FontShop's advertising Arial Unicode Pro MS and a Japanese font on the right side, LOL!
Comment by Umbreon126 18th May 2013
I just wrote a short article about fs on my website:

Hopefully it'll bring in a few new users! :-)
Comment by demonics 19th May 2013
oh yes!
Comment by demonics 22nd May 2013
Hooray! My first FontStruct competition! I can't wait!
Comment by ETHproductions 22nd May 2013
And my 2nd comp!!! Good luck everyone!
Comment by Noah (winty5) 22nd May 2013
How exciting! It will be my first comp, too! I wish us all some great creative brainwaves!
Comment by Aeolien 22nd May 2013
Comment by opipik 22nd May 2013
Hmm, seems like I won't pass my exams this semester then...
Comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) 22nd May 2013
Ohhh, what’s the theme, what’s the theme? Text face. Boom.
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 22nd May 2013
You know what, we're going to postpone FontOut8. :-)
Comment by demonics 23rd May 2013
Everyone, I am very sorry that I didn't have a chance to partake in the Scriptcomp. New fonts in the pipeline!
Comment by demonics 15th June 2013
I'm curious to see what you might have done
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 15th June 2013
Can we start up FontOut8 again now that we've got in all our entries for the comp?
Comment by Noah (winty5) 16th June 2013
Do you like this font? (sneak preview)
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 17th June 2013
AFT — thanks, I will put what I started out.
winty — not many people were doing it though!
Comment by demonics 17th June 2013
Do you like this font? (sneak preview)
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 17th June 2013
I certainly was!

Everyone say YES! if you want the FontOut to continue!

Comment by Noah (winty5) 17th June 2013
Sorry for double post (could you delete it?).
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 17th June 2013
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 17th June 2013
Cmon guys, let's get some more YES!'s!
Comment by Noah (winty5) 17th June 2013
The sneak preview is here.
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 17th June 2013
Did you know that WasteOfPaper has at least 2 fontstructions? It is a fact because when I clicked the 'Apostle' tag, it said 2 fontstructions were shared!
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 17th June 2013
winty — it's also a lot of work for me... I don't feel it's worth it. I'd like to get others' opinions on it (should we continue?)
Comment by demonics 17th June 2013
Maybe somebody else could help with it; I think it's a great idea.

@winty: YES!
Comment by ETHproductions 17th June 2013
It would be nice to have this one completed, so yes!
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 17th June 2013
I’ll throw in an F* YES!
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 17th June 2013
Hey, great more YES's! Even will wants to continue, and he's a PRO fs'or, so we shoud definitly continue!
Comment by Noah (winty5) 18th June 2013
Comment by Noah (winty5) 18th June 2013
Oh fine.
Comment by demonics 18th June 2013
"Fave Tags". Is this a new feature?
Comment by architaraz 23rd June 2013
I think not really new, I've seen it weeks ago... (I don't really remember), or maybe it's a really new feature that I've never seen before but I think I've seen it?? XD
Comment by cablecomputer 23rd June 2013
No, Fave tags has always been there
Comment by Noah (winty5) 23rd June 2013
New font "dm No" coming soon!
Comment by demonics 24th June 2013
@demonics this puts a smile on my face. awesome. looking forward to seeing the rest.
Comment by laynecom 24th June 2013
It looks amazing!!! I can't wait to see that new font!
Comment by Noah (winty5) 24th June 2013
Comment by Noah (winty5) 27th June 2013
Preview of "13work"
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 3rd July 2013
@j4s: Nice!
Comment by Noah (winty5) 3rd July 2013
@winty It's my first "ink trap" font, and perhaps my best.
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 3rd July 2013
I like ink traps!
Comment by Noah (winty5) 3rd July 2013
Smth's wrong. I can't edit any fontstruction.
Comment by architaraz 9th July 2013
Hmm, I can edit, but I can’t download from either the fontstructor or a fontstruction’s page...

@architaraz: Maybe a flash issue? Emptying your browser cache might help.
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 9th July 2013
I've tried it, but no help. Smth's wrong with Flash, it keeps crashing, and some recently edited fonts are not displaying at all (meaning preview is blank).
Comment by architaraz 9th July 2013
@architaraz: Yeah, I see what you mean. All my private fontstructions are displaying as empty (and won’t load in the fontstructor) while still showing the correct character count. Probably a server issue that Rob is working out.
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 9th July 2013
Sorry. I just saw this. Looks like we ran out of disk space. Hopefully ok again now.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 9th July 2013
Thanks, Rob! Looks like you solved the problem.
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 9th July 2013
Is this as smooth as it can get?
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 9th July 2013
Is this as smooth as it can get?
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 9th July 2013
Delete the above comment and this, please.
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 9th July 2013
I think if you used some composites it could be smoother, but you only really used basic bricks, so yeah it probbably could by smoother.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 9th July 2013
Well, could someone could help me by making an image of how it could improve if it could. 1x1 filters.
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 9th July 2013
I've been wanting to ask this, why doesn't Tell the World's choose a thumbnail option display glyph overview? I remember it did that, where it would display font's name and glyphs (ABCDEF...), but now it only asks to choose from some images that mostly don't have any relation to the font.
Thank you in advance.
Comment by architaraz 10th July 2013
@meek: Thanks, it worked only for a day, I'm experiencing this problem again...
Comment by architaraz 11th July 2013
@j4s13: You can try something like this sample, using the wonderful set of bricks made by the great djnippa!
All Composites saved in MY BRICKS
Comment by elmoyenique 11th July 2013
Comment by elmoyenique 11th July 2013
I can't upload the sample. Why? It's a jpg image, 380x380 px size, absolutely normal... I'm trying with another one... Sorry.
Comment by elmoyenique 11th July 2013
Testing why samples don't appears...
Comment by elmoyenique 11th July 2013
OK, Confirmed: my images don't appear today here.
Comment by elmoyenique 11th July 2013
Does it end with .jpeg/.jpg, .png, or .gif?
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 11th July 2013
Of course.
Comment by elmoyenique 11th July 2013
I'm trying now to add an image I've loaded before, in my font "zouvenir2U eYe/FS" BTW...
Comment by elmoyenique 11th July 2013
Well, I can't add any image. SOS Fontstruct's Staff, pleaseeeee!!!
Comment by elmoyenique 11th July 2013
SOS STAFF here too! For me the problem is even worse! At home with my Windows/Googlechrome connexion i can't even sign in! Here at work we have a Linux/Firefox connexion and i could sign in and could work on fonts (private as public), but i can't download the result ! We have also at work another Windows/ internet explorer-googlechrome as i have at home but i can not sign in either!
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 11th July 2013
Flash is crashing today everytime I try to do anything.

Is anybody else having these problems? It has happened to me from three different computers.
Comment by Alqamar 11th July 2013
@algamar My flash is crashing too. Worked fine last week. :(
Comment by corbinh 11th July 2013
Flash is crashing today everytime I try to do anything.

Is anybody else having these problems? It has happened to me from three different computers.
Comment by Alqamar 11th July 2013
Oops. Sorry. My comment got sent twice. :/
Comment by Alqamar 11th July 2013
Comment by elmoyenique 12th July 2013
Flash crashes in FF 22 every time I load the Fontstructor. The reason seems to be that it (Flash) flushes the RAM. I stopped the process when it took up half of the RAM on my laptop. Obviously, other have the same problem, too.
Comment by laynecom 12th July 2013
Sorry about the problems everyone. Should be fixed now.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 12th July 2013
Flash keeps on crashing on Ubuntu 12.04. I'll try on a Windows system in an hour.
Comment by Alqamar 12th July 2013
I can't open none of my fonts! (no in Firefox, no in Chrome, no in Safari, no in Opera...). What happens? It's an attack to FS?
Comment by elmoyenique 12th July 2013
Flash crashes on Windows Vista business. Everything worked fine on July 10th. It looks like I'm not the only one having these problems.
Comment by Alqamar 12th July 2013
I cant download any fonts. Everytime I click download I am asked to sign in... even if I am already signed in.
Comment by kulan 12th July 2013
I cannot EDIT any of my fonts. Shockwave keeps crashing. Also two recent fonts are not even showing any visible characters.
Comment by djnippa 12th July 2013
I can edit my fonts, but I can't download them, from inside the Fontstructor or outside. When I hit the download button while viewing a font, it takes me to the download page, which shows up as a blank window. When I download inside a font, Fontstruct says it downloads, but it doesn't actually...

I have a newer version of Flash that I downloaded just a month ago, so that may be why the Fontstructor works for me. And at least for me, the image uploading still isn't working.
Comment by ETHproductions 12th July 2013
I had also downloaded a new version of Flash a month ago.
Comment by djnippa 12th July 2013
meek, still not able to download the font I've been working on...Hexatrek 2 -

Any chance you can look into the issue please? Thanks!
Comment by macvintosh 12th July 2013
It's also not fully displaying some of the larger more complex fonts.
Comment by djnippa 12th July 2013
Like this:-
Comment by djnippa 12th July 2013
I can't even upload images either. Head desk!
Comment by djnippa 12th July 2013
Okay people, let's go over the problems here:

We can't edit or create new fonts (Which is REALLY ANNOYING)
We can't upload images
We can't download our fonts
And FS is loading REALLY slowly.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 12th July 2013
@winty: Don't worry, Mr. Meek is much more of a wizard than I am. ;-)

Also, I only have problems 2 and 3. Strange...
Comment by ETHproductions 12th July 2013
I have ALL FOUR! D:
Comment by Noah (winty5) 12th July 2013
It looks like Flash is screwing up around the "Loading FontStruction" part due the the server errors FS it obviously having, and using up gobs of RAM until it freezes and crashes... (It's even using more RAM than Firefox... I thought that was impossible!)
Comment by Umbreon126 12th July 2013
Ugh. I had that same problem with Flash on my laptop on July 7. But when I switched to our desktop computer later that day, Flash worked fine. I don't currently have a problem with Flash on either computer.
Comment by ETHproductions 12th July 2013
And another small issue: the 'Hide' button isn't working.
Comment by ETHproductions 12th July 2013
FS is back and seems to be working again :D
Comment by Umbreon126 12th July 2013
All bak to normal for me now. :)
Comment by djnippa 12th July 2013
YES! FS IS BACK! Thanx Meek ;)
Comment by Noah (winty5) 13th July 2013
FS is back, and I've been working on a Bodoni-based font. Should I make it serif or sans-serif? Which serif (if you picked serif)? Which base?
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 13th July 2013
Comment by elmoyenique 13th July 2013
@j4s13: This is my (&%%$!!!...) sample!
Comment by elmoyenique 13th July 2013
This is my letters with the use of fs curves.
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 18th July 2013
Smth's wrong with downloads counter. All of the recently produced works have 0 downloads, which isn't true, cause generally, each font must have at least 1 download by its creator.
Comment by architaraz 24th July 2013
Yes, I noticed that. The recent top picks will not show any download at all. I've contacted FS about it and they say I should send a font with that problem.
Comment by Jamie Place (FontBlast) 24th July 2013
Ah, a problem with the counter. I thought it was the downloads themselves. I will look into this.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 24th July 2013
Thanks, Meek, seems you've taken care of it. There's one more thing, I'm unable to hide comments, and maybe other users too, a message with server error pops up. Thanks in advance.
Comment by architaraz 27th July 2013
Just stumbled upon this!
Click the image for a bigger version.
Comment by Jamie Place (FontBlast) 27th July 2013
@FB: Where's the image? :P
Comment by Noah (winty5) 27th July 2013
Been working on a font lately (it's called [insertmylastname :P] Humanist:
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 28th July 2013
@meek and staff: Thanks for fixing the hide button and the download counter. I'm not sure why, but it seems that downloading has stopped working again. I think that it may be related to the counter? Are any other fontstructors experiencing this problem?

@j4s13: Wow, is that really made with Fontstruct?? That is a very impressive start! The only thing I might suggest is to lower the stems, just a little, so they don't look so tall against the rounded arches.

BTW, nice use of fs curves!
Comment by ETHproductions 29th July 2013
I have been looking at font editing programs - most of which are just way too expensive for my pocket.

TypeTool3 however is reasonably priced and generally gets good reviews. Has anyone used this program and, if so, what do you think of it?
Comment by p2pnut 5th August 2013
@p2pnut: You could consider Font Creator Pro, they've added this new feature "color fonts"...

And I don't think it's just about price tag. I somehow found it very difficult to adapt to fontlab studio for example, even if it's the most expensive font software out there, while with fcpro it was just a few minutes and you already know a little what's what in it... But it's just me of course...
Comment by architaraz 6th August 2013
And of course, Happy Birthday to you-know-who :)
Comment by architaraz 6th August 2013
Happy Birthday m!
Comment by four 6th August 2013
@p2pnut: I'm currently using FontForge, zero price with professional features. Includes kerning, custom ligatures, and an easy-learned interface.

Although it may not as handy and effective as FontLab and FontCreator does, but it is a great choices for those who have a low budget but needs a high quality font editor...
Comment by cablecomputer 7th August 2013
@architaraz: When I looked at the following: I saw that TypeTool 3 (which is essentially FontCreator lite) was rated higher than FontCreator and came second only to FontLab. It is half the price - and sadly price is a big factor for me ... FontCreator Pro costs exactly one week of my pension.

@cablecomputer: I had a good look at reviews on FontForge and decided that I am just not tech-savvy enough to get to grips with it.
Comment by p2pnut 7th August 2013
I remember that review, but it was done before release of version 7 with opentype features and now with color fonts, so I'm sure they should reconsider it, but it still may remain on the 4th place cause they keep relating everything to Fontlab studio. And they didn't even mention Fonstruct. It maybe a flash program, but it's still a font creating software.
FontLab Studio also changed, it now supports 65535 glyphs too.

I've tried almost every one of those software and chose FC cause I actually could do smth in it. I think you should do the same and choose what best suits your personal taste.
Comment by architaraz 7th August 2013
@p2pnut: If you use a mac … you can try Glyphs - - You can get a mini Version (This is a slimmed down version) for 45$ in the apple store.
Comment by MF-Lab 7th August 2013
INKTRAPS -- F**k Yeah Typeface Design
Comment by Umbreon126 8th August 2013
Eid Mubarak to all the Muslim fontstructors and around the world!
Comment by cablecomputer 8th August 2013
Thanks! It was really a challenge fasting considering the weather here in Shanghai.
Comment by architaraz 8th August 2013
Oh yes! This would make FS a better place.
Comment by Jamie Place (FontBlast) 9th August 2013
@architaraz Wow congratulations for passing it! Are you going back to your home town this Eid to meet your family?

Comment by cablecomputer 10th August 2013
@FontBlast - Just like past case. When spam or spam-like comments were around, meek instantly make a new FAQ about comments ethiquette...
Comment by cablecomputer 10th August 2013
@MF-Lab: Thanks for the info - but I am still using my trusty, steam-driven old PC :)
Comment by p2pnut 10th August 2013
@cc: Thanks! I've been fasting since maybe 16 years old, but it's always been a challenge. Back to my hometown... Maybe a year ago I would, but now I have a family of my own. I go to Kazakhstan only when I have to.
And since Chinese use Chinese characters, it's really hard to get inspiration for typography here :)

@meek: Great news yet again! You could add a report button to make things easier.
Comment by architaraz 10th August 2013
Comment by demonics 11th August 2013
I closed my fonstruct this morning in perfect conditions and when I opened it again this evening THIS happened. ¿Is this happening to someone else or is it just me?
Comment by Icelar 16th August 2013
Comment by Umbreon126 20th August 2013
I'm working on a font outside of Fontstruct (News Antique):

Any suggestions on how to improve the 'a'? I don't really like it.
Comment by FTLogomaker 23rd August 2013
Whoops, what just happened there?
Comment by FTLogomaker 23rd August 2013
FTL — Here's what I'd do.

1 Make the whole character more condensed, narrower.
2 Lower the bar in the middle.
3 Make the tail not have a pointed tip.
Comment by demonics 23rd August 2013
Post a sample when you're done!
Comment by demonics 23rd August 2013
@FTL: Shorteneing/narrowing the top, so that it is not as wide as the bowl, might make it look more balanced.
Comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) 23rd August 2013
@FTL: Umm, more curved head (a bit) and fatter stomach (a bit), for more balance...
Comment by cablecomputer 23rd August 2013
Hello, I'm new here. I would like to be a good font maker, I've started on one (hello (unfinished) ) but its unfinished and not great. does anyone have any tips or suggestions to help me?
Comment by prettylittletrumpet 25th August 2013
@prettylittletrumpet: just keep making a lot of fonts and study how other fonts are made — you're already off to a good start. Remember to read the FAQ and help pages.

There are also these to help:
All Composites saved in MY BRICKS
Angle Tutorial

Tutorial - 45 degree angles
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 25th August 2013
thankyou :)
Comment by prettylittletrumpet 25th August 2013
Like this?
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 14th September 2013
@FTLogomaker I think
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 14th September 2013
Can someone help?
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 18th September 2013
AFT might like this
Comment by demonics 4th October 2013
Yes indeed, but actually i already saw it because it is published at Hellofont where i began to show mine
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 4th October 2013
Who is old enough to remember this:

Somewhere in our house is the original newspaper supplement where the article appeared. I think it would have been the perfect news article for us here! I wonder if we can get a reprint?!
Comment by Aeolien 8th October 2013
for demonics, this 1930 poster
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 9th October 2013
@Aeolien: :-) I well rember that old newspaper 'article' ... it was on 1st April (All Fools Day).

I loved it, especially as back then my hobby was Letterpress printing. I had three hand press machines - including a beautiful little Victorian one. I had quite a variety of fonts (all in their old wooden cases), plus a lot of blocks that I had either designed myself or had picked up secondhand.

Lovely days, messing around with real metal and ink.
Comment by p2pnut 10th October 2013
Can't decide. Can someone help?
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 17th October 2013
If you're (j4s13) referring to which serifs, I prefer the fourth sample.
Comment by sarreyn 18th October 2013
Thanks! And that is the only difference, FYI. ;)
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 18th October 2013
abneurone — wow, impressive! i like those.
Comment by demonics 20th October 2013
Thanks Demonics for showing me the way.
Comment by OsyenVyeter 1st December 2013
osyenvyeter — no problem.
Comment by demonics 1st December 2013
Comment by laynecom 19th December 2013
$#@*^%*! Can anyone help me with the x‽ For once I hate optical illusions...
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 1st January 2014
Comic Sans FS! New Helvetica! I blew Abneurone's mind!
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 16th February 2014
@architaraz Are you Chinese? I ask this because about 7 months ago I started learning the language with the simplified characters, and I realised that there is not much choice when it comes to fonts in Chinese (on Microsoft word at least). Do you know of anywhere that I could download free fonts?
Comment by Cohnisgone 17th February 2014
@Cohnisgone: No, I'm not chinese, but I speak the language. There are plenty chinese fonts I think, search for 中文字体 on
Comment by architaraz 17th February 2014
Thank you belatedly, but I find that on these sites there is an awful lot of adware, and I have been unable to download anything. If anyone reads this and is interested, I suggest this:
Comment by Cohnisgone 7th March 2014
I've been experimenting with FontForge to create my own family of comic text fonts. I'm not trying to compete with Blambot or Comicraft, but I think my fonts turned out rather well:
Comment by jimhv 8th March 2014
@jimhv Cool!
I created a huge font. It's at pixel res.
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 10th March 2014
As I am lazy, I wanted to ask everyone's opinion on these two cursive fonts I thought up today before fontstructing them. Please tell me which you prefer.
Comment by Cohnisgone 13th March 2014
Comment by Cohnisgone 13th March 2014
Very cool, both of them. The inverse stress is awesome. I think they could work well as two complementary members of a family :)
Comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) 13th March 2014
Thank you. I think I will work on the lower one first.
Comment by Cohnisgone 13th March 2014
Luc Devroye's comments on the INLINE COMPETITION.
Comment by ChristianD 21st March 2014
13Inno Huge:
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 20th April 2014
Here is a sample of Compara:
Comment by opipik 26th May 2014
Compara is done outside of FS.
Comment by opipik 26th May 2014
What is it made in?
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 26th May 2014
In TypeLight.
Comment by opipik 26th May 2014
@opipik: Compara looks great. I wouldn't say that mine (Tehuti) is better, necessarily, just more defined. I think, for me at least, that being an artist helps when it comes to balancing the design of the characters, i.e., how well they flow/fit together. Love your J and C.
Comment by TCWhite 26th May 2014
P.S. A lot of the design for Tehuti came about from me also having practiced calligraphy when I was younger. I still have calligraphic pens, so I drew quite a few of the characters before designing them.
Comment by TCWhite 26th May 2014
I havesome calligraphic pens of my own (and use them regularly) But sadly, it is kinda hard to make calligraphic fonts in FS.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 26th May 2014
True enough, except if you create the font very large-scale, and, like me, don't mind the fact that the font is modular. The grid in FS is extremely helpful, however.
Comment by TCWhite 27th May 2014
Unicode 7.0.0's new Latin additions are so surreal
Comment by Umbreon126 28th May 2014
@Umbreon126: What do you mean?
Comment by Noah (winty5) 28th May 2014
@Umbreon126: What do you mean?
Comment by Noah (winty5) 28th May 2014
@Winty →
Comment by Umbreon126 29th May 2014
Zes they are.
Comment by opipik 29th May 2014
Extended Latin E? WHOA!
Comment by Noah (winty5) 29th May 2014
Stanley Morison on FontShop literally has like 6+ pages virtually filled with TNR. I'm gonna puke right now. >.
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 29th May 2014
ACK! Disgusting! (the fonts, not the fact that your'e gonna puke)
Comment by Noah (winty5) 30th May 2014
Should I try to make this font?
Comment by Noah (winty5) 30th May 2014
why not?
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 30th May 2014
Guess I'll get started pretty soon :)
Comment by Noah (winty5) 30th May 2014
Some samples I made for my fonts:
Comment by Noah (winty5) 8th June 2014
Comment by Noah (winty5) 8th June 2014
Comment by Noah (winty5) 8th June 2014
This app is so much like FS i don't what to say. Did any of you notice this?
Comment by Noah (winty5) 14th June 2014
That looks like a real rip-off.
Comment by Cohnisgone 14th June 2014
It does. I wonder if Meek knows about this.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 14th June 2014
Rip-off had a bit of a double meaning there. I more meant that it looks like a worse version of fs, yet costs $5.
Comment by Cohnisgone 14th June 2014
True. I wonder if the guy who made it even knows about FS?
Comment by Noah (winty5) 14th June 2014
Wait... it is paid? All users of it can do the same and better fonts here!
Comment by opipik 15th June 2014
Yes it is paid. It's a bit pointless :P
Comment by Noah (winty5) 15th June 2014
So guys how do you like my newest Glyphs Mini font?
Comment by Noah (winty5) 16th June 2014
I haven't used Glyphs Mini, but I have become quite proficient with FontForge. I'm currently trying to make my comic text font WGL4-compliant by adding Greek and Cyrillic letters. Unfortunately, I'm having some trouble validating my lowercase Greek letters, as some of them report "missing points at extrema" errors. I can send the *.sfd source file to anyone willing to help.
Comment by jimhv 16th June 2014
I had originally started the font above in FontForge, but finished it in Glyphs mini.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 16th June 2014
very rough
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 16th June 2014
That's the point
Comment by Noah (winty5) 16th June 2014
Besides, I would completely fail at making a usable sans.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 16th June 2014
Besides, I would completely fail at making a usable sans.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 16th June 2014
hey! collab at in font forge.
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 16th June 2014
ff crashed. now scanning for fonts for like the third time. darn.
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 16th June 2014

You can add the missing extrema by choosing Validation under the Elements tab. Choose Find Problems, click on the Paths tab, then check the box for "check missing extrema", then click OK. You need to have the entire font selected to do this.
Comment by TCWhite 16th June 2014
P.S. Afterward, you might want to validate the integral points, which is on the first tab in the Find Problems box.
Comment by TCWhite 16th June 2014
@j4s13: Cool new avatar
Comment by Noah (winty5) 17th June 2014
it was from feb. decided to use it.
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 17th June 2014
Comment by Noah (winty5) 17th June 2014
@j4s13. I'm not so keen on parodies of the official staff avatar - it's just potentially misleading to other users. I could change the way the staff avatar is presented to make parodies like this impossible but I'd rather not have to. I know other users have also modelled their avatar on the official one but they have made their status as a “normal” user clear. Please change it. Thanks!
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 17th June 2014
Comments closed.
Dicussion can continue here.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 17th June 2014

Comments are closed.

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