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Info: Created on 17th June 2014 . Last edited on 17th June 2014.
License Creative Commons
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@meek: Look at Groszak's avatar,
It looks exactly
like the staff one.
Comment by opipik 17th June 2014
It does. But since Groszak was 8 at the time and may or may not have understood the concept.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 17th June 2014
What do you guys think the next FS competition will be?
I think it probably is one of these:

PixelComp (pixels...duhh)
TextComp (textface)
SansComp (sans serif)
SlabComp (slab serif)
SerifComp (serif)
BoldComp or FatComp (bold or fat)
ThinComp or HairlineComp (light or hairline)
ChaosComp (crazy, chaotic fonts)
GridComp (looks like a grid)
ExtendedComp (fonts with a lot of characters(minidonut would win))
FoodComp (fonts or dingbats that look like food)
Comment by Noah (winty5) 17th June 2014
Also, do you think I should continue with these drawings I made of a serif font? And if so, should I use FS, Glyphs Mini, or FontForge?
Comment by Noah (winty5) 25th June 2014
Comment by Noah (winty5) 25th June 2014
Comment by Noah (winty5) 25th June 2014
Yes, continue.(erase the upper right ascender serif on the k and h.-suggestion)
Comment by opipik 25th June 2014
Ok. But should I use Glyphs Mini, FontForge, or FS? Which would be the easiest and most painless?
Comment by Noah (winty5) 25th June 2014
I don't know, but do not use Fs.
Comment by opipik 25th June 2014
Worked on this during school.
Comment by minidonut 26th June 2014
Comment by minidonut 26th June 2014
(Top: Цветочный, bottom: Floralis)
Comment by minidonut 26th June 2014
I've been advised that my B is a little odd in my new typeface ''Vines'', so here are 3 variations for your scrutiny and comment:
Comment by Cohnisgone 16th July 2014
A font I'm starting:
Readable but quirky, Turnin is a font for text that is fun or exciting. Also usable for any size, Turnin cones in three weights with true italics.
Comment by j4s13 24th August 2014
What kind of software do you use?
Comment by Isaac González (1saac) 25th August 2014
Comment by j4s13 25th August 2014
lost it. restarting.
Comment by j4s13 25th August 2014
...Was thinking about cleartype... and it's hinting. It's bad. I mean it's clear but the thing is that it transforms fonts to almost-pixel fonts. And apple's Quartz is slightly blurry. I made the "perfect hinting" between the two. It's a mockup of Constantia, by the way.
Comment by j4s13 2nd September 2014
Love Floralis, MD. You're not planning to FS it, are you? :P
W5: I know it's a little unconventional, but what I've done before is write out the font in SVG and then just export it as a font file. A lot of writing though.
Cohn: I like the first one. (You might want to refine the curves a little more and connect the serifs to the vertical stroke IMHO)
Comment by truth14ful 2nd September 2014
with the right tools... *deranged laughter*

(note that GlyphWiki is meant for things like this)
Comment by Umbreon126 5th September 2014
@umbreon126 My japanese isn't good enough :)
Comment by Isaac González (1saac) 7th September 2014
Apple is favoring Roboto over Myriad on the iWatch.
ArchitectComp? Elaborate, elegant, building inspired fonts/letters.
Comment by j4s13 9th September 2014
I want someone to come up with full lowercase in 30 min. Yeah, it most likely will be tasteless, but who cares?
Comment by j4s13 14th September 2014
Mutilating Helvetica with Helvetica and Helvetica itself.
Comment by j4s13 17th December 2014
Tl;dr alert.

Guys. Hey, you. I'm talking to you (all of you).

I am coming back, after a long and unstable— uh… "break"?

I don't know why I have been inactive for so long (cough; homework, DS/GCN/Wii emulators, MK8… yeah), but I am coming back.

And, to celebrate my return (why am I making it so big anyway?), I have started a new font (I'm using waaay too much parentheses) which is NOT a pixel font (applause)—and I even started with Cyrillic instead of Latin.

And I encountered an amusing glitch bug thingy.

Thanks for spending 5 minutes reading this, there's an image showing the bug below, you can now continue working on your font again, or go read other comments if you were doing that.
Comment by minidonut 1st February 2015
Hey, welcome back. I guess MK stands for Mario Kart, not for Mortal Kombat. I look forward to see your Cyrillic font.
Comment by Frodo7 1st February 2015
Yeah, I like how typography and gaming fill up each other's missing thing; typography has black-and-white details, while Mario Kart (and most other Mario games, but I don't like the time limits in platformers) is abundant in colors, nostalgia and great music (in contrast to those generic brownish FPSes you see everywhere else, where they only care about looks and not how it is and feels).

I'll work on Ж, К, У and Я tomorrow, a sample sample will probably come too
Comment by minidonut 1st February 2015
Black and white details? You should try... Multi-layered fonts!
Comment by j4s13 2nd February 2015
Put that one on the list. :)
Comment by minidonut 3rd February 2015
I accidentally discovered that приближение (priblizhenije) is synonymous to аппроксимация (approksimatsija), and I called the font Approximatia (nothing to do with the Russian spelling, just changed -ion in -ia)—what a coincidence (I should really stop using parentheses, although I am trying to use more em dashes—which works pretty well.).
Comment by minidonut 3rd February 2015
And yes, I do know that Ц is ts, not just t, but whatever, I didn't even know the word аппроксимация existed.
Comment by minidonut 3rd February 2015
One smart component, infinite possibilities! Day one of Glyphs 2.0 trial.
Comment by j4s13 2nd May 2015
Whoops... One smart component, infinite possibilities! Day one of Glyphs 2.0 trial.
Comment by j4s13 2nd May 2015
Comic Papyrus INLINE! The world will crumble as the typographers unleash an outrage... hahaha :))
Comment by j4s13 8th May 2015
Please comment on this... it feels lonely :\
Anyways, the letters on the left are from May 2014, the ones on the right are August 2015. Same font, different programs, better curves, better everything!
Comment by j4s13 1st August 2015
I miss the old community. I would always see a reply, a compliment, or a conversation. It just feels empty and Typophile's still migrating... sigh...
Comment by j4s13 2nd August 2015
It's official. Winty quit. He's not into this anymore. You had a good run. Goodbye.
I would also note that this community is dead. You all were fantastic. I guess this is it.
Comment by j4s13 6th October 2015

@j4s I'm back.

Comment by Noah (winty5) 15th December 2015

I was able to put this together in 40 minutes ✌

Comment by Umbreon126 25th December 2015


Comment by Umbreon126 25th December 2015

umm...okay??? (I have no idea what that is, except it's some chinese thing)

Comment by Noah (winty5) 25th December 2015

GlyphWiki is a collaborative site for drawing Chinese characters. (As such, Hanazono Mincho is the most complete kanji font out there). Those characters were created from almost nothing, just the strokes that the software can draw.

(It's a restricted sort of online font software, but it's good at doing what it was mmade for)

Comment by Umbreon126 26th December 2015

Ohhhkay then.

Comment by Noah (winty5) 26th December 2015

Fontstruct made its way into the game "The Escapists" as the main font. Granted, it's pixel, but it went mainstream! This is an achievement for Fontstruct, in my opinion.

Comment by j4s13 29th January 2016

@j4s13 - Are you sure about that?  A quick check says it's Ray Larabie's "Algol" typeface, which dates back 2005 -- definitely pre-FontStruct.

Comment by Goatmeal 29th January 2016

The .notdef has the FS logo on it?

Comment by j4s13 31st January 2016

The A, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, Z, a, b, c, d, e, and more are definitely different, too.

Comment by j4s13 31st January 2016

@j4s13 - Fair enough.  Thanks for educating me!  :^)

Comment by Goatmeal 31st January 2016

Just a pointer to all designers out there: I've noticed that virtually everyone designs the ogonek wrong, i.e., most simply tend to flip the cedilla. The ogonek should have the same descent as the lowercase letters. This should help:

Comment by TCWhite 13th February 2016

Happy fontstructing. :)

Comment by TCWhite 13th February 2016

So, I don't know where to put this question, but this seems as good a place as any until there is a question forum. So, my question is, why do some creators put 2 letters at the beginning of all of their fonts? Is it to avoid 2 fonts with the same name?

Comment by Verticallity 5th September 2016

It's generally a good idea - to try and ensure that your font has a unique name and to avoid any potential legal and copyright issues. Some font foundries are very litigious (although so far I'm not aware of any foundries complaining about the names of any FontStructions).

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 5th September 2016

@ Verticallity: that seems like a good reason, yes. Or maybe it's a  simple personalisation idea?  

Comment by Aeolien 5th September 2016

Thanks for the answers @meek & @Aeolien

Comment by Verticallity 5th September 2016

Don't know where to put this question so I'll put it here.

Does anyone know a fix for the fact that kerning doesnt work with the TrueType downloads? I've noticed that I'll add kerning to a font, and then I download it and the kerning isn't there. Most of the time I make fonts on here so I can use them in the games I make, so it would be great if i could get kerning on the TrueType downloads.

Comment by Jonathan224 10th March 2017

@Jonathan224 It’s possible that kerning won’t work in all situations - not all software supports kerning, and some may not recognize the type of kerning data we embed. Please let me know what software you are using to see or identify the lack of kerning, and the name of a FontStruction with which you have the issue. Thanks!

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 10th March 2017


Does anyone know what kind of block or composite makes a 45 degree segment with the same width as a block? I'm trying to make a sans-serif where all the strokes are the same width.

Comment by squareroottwo 25th March 2017

@squareroottwo - You might find the following link useful (be sure to read the comment section!):

@PiotrGrochowski updated the tool above using @DJNippa's composite bricks here:

Comment by Goatmeal 25th March 2017

i suppose this forum is dead but i'm back, (unfortunately) not dead. i'm super rusty but here's something i've been working on

Comment by j4s13 1st December 2017

i'm making arabic glyphs using a tool designed for making chinese glyphs!

i don't know arabic!

Comment by Umbreon126 16th December 2017

Sega logo created in FontStruct.

Comment by anonymous-1520403 18th May 2018

Thoughts regarding font weight in pixel font families:

Because pixel fonts are so low-resolution, it is often difficult or impossible to create pixel font families wherein one can find the variance in outline thickness which more high-resolution fonts have. Additionally, modifying the outlines often reduces or degrades pixel fonts. It's often best to simply make these fonts wider.

Because of these factors, I've tried to come up with my own rules for naming these fonts. Note that these are meant to apply to pixel fonts which use a 12x12 grid or smaller.

Regular - Lines are 1px wide horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

Semibold - Lines are up to 2px wide. Overall font/character width is the same as Regular.

Bold - Lines are up to 3px wide. Overall font/character width is 1px wider than Regular and Semibold.

Extra Bold -Lines are up to 4px wide. Overall font/character width 2-3px wider than Regular and Semibold.

Fellow pixel artists, what do you think? What sort of rules and conventions do you have for this sort of thing?

Comment by zephram 10th June 2018

Hi guys,

I need a little help,

I was trying to find the unicode block for Ornamental Dingbats (U+1F650 - U+1F67F)

(for U+1F670 to U+1F675 specifically)

This is where a collection of script ligature ornaments for Et and Ampersand is located.

But I can't find it in Fontstruct, so I was wondering if it is even included in the provided Fontstruct unicode table?


Comment by Sed4tives 4th October 2018

I think you can only save characters in the BMP only, none of the higher planes...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 4th October 2018

Yep, Rob confirmed that it is not supported

Comment by Sed4tives 4th October 2018

A variable or multiple master font style fontstruction in progress!

Comment by Sed4tives 10th October 2018

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