Quest For Glory 4 - The Elements

by Goatmeal

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Copy protection symbols to create formula ingredients from "Quest For Glory IV: Shadows Of Darkness", (C) 1993, 1994 Sierra. The five elements are: air, earth, fire, pizza and water.


While it's fascinating to zoom in and examine how you've constructed these glyphs, the PXL view is where they really sparkle. 10!

And pizza as an element? LOL! I thought it was one of the food groups on the nutrition pyramid.
Comment by fontcollector 17th October 2010
Thanks for the kind words, fontcollector! It's the same gradient technique used for my video arcade game dingbat series, "The 1st Six Yrs (1-6)".

The latest group is of copy protection symbols from old Sierra and LucasArts games. In the pre-Internet days (15-20 years ago), just in case I ever lost the manuals, I would replicate them as best as I could in MS Word. Plus, it was always nice to have them all in one place.

Using an old shareware program in the early 1990s called "LQMatrix", you could create your own fonts for Epson Dot Matrix Printers. It would allow you to select which pins would strike while printing and though limited, the edit screen was very similar to what FontStruct allows for today (picture attached).

Now, of course, there is no need, as most manuals and protection schemes are easily found on-line in fan archive sites. However, I still maintain the copy protection list out of nostalgia, and am grateful that FontStruct allows me to now make game-accurate fonts of these odd and arbitrary symbols...

As for the Pizza element, it was originally referenced in the Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School manual for the game "Quest For Glory 2: Trial By Fire":

"Elementals are created by magical spells placed upon the primal elements of Earth, Air, Water, Pizza, and Fire (Some theoreticians suggest that there are only four real elements, but most modern scholars agree that fire is undoubtedly a basic element)..."

Comment by Goatmeal 17th October 2010
Of COURSE Pizza's and element! Without pizza what would we eat?!
Comment by Noah (winty5) 9th June 2013
@winty5 - And you would certainly be an honored scholar in the world of "Quest For Glory" for your excellent use of "pizza" logic! :^)
Comment by Goatmeal 9th June 2013
Comment by Noah (winty5) 9th June 2013
Copy protection symbols??
Comment by Umbreon126 9th June 2013
@Umbreon126 - Yes! As I mentioned above, these are all for my personal archive of copy protection codes. Not so useful nowadays, since you can find any manual in seconds with an Internet search engine...
Comment by Goatmeal 10th June 2013

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