by vertigokid

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Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.

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Info: Created on 11th August 2010 . Last edited on 24th June 2017.
License Creative Commons
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    Awesome! More than great!
    The space character is going minus though, don’t know how you’ve done that!
    Very suitable name too!
    Comment by Tylo 22nd February 2011
    Comment by elmoyenique 22nd February 2011
    Amazing work here! And such a perfect name lol. There's a stray triangle brick right above the S though, and yes, the spacing needs help, but other than that, awesomeness!! 10/10
    Comment by Ken Bruce (crispycraker) 22nd February 2011
    Crazy. Even good at pixel level. A font for a sizes and themes.
    Comment by Drgrit 22nd February 2011
    This is an incredible piece of work! It certainly deserves a 10 from me.
    Comment by fontcollector 22nd February 2011
    Oh yeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!!!
    AAAAAMMMMMMAAAAAZZZZZZIIIIINNNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (etc)
    This gets a 123494659634857162934120591263091/10 from me!
    Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 22nd February 2011
    Steampunk extraordinaire. 10/10
    A welcomed addition to your masheen series.
    There seems to be a stray brick above the s.
    Comment by djnippa 22nd February 2011
    Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Konstrukt” is now a Top Pick.
    Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 23rd February 2011
    Unbelievable intricacy. Superb beyond my description.
    Comment by 3moDuDe 23rd February 2011
    Comment by kix 24th February 2011
    Very awesome!
    Comment by aphoria 24th February 2011
    Wasn't this called 'Alphabot' briefly? I liked that name better. Other than that: pure awesome. 10/10 + fave.
    Comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) 25th February 2011
    Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Konstrukt” is now a current Featured FontStruction.
    Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 14th March 2011
    I just thought of something... how LONG did it take this to complete?
    Comment by games101301 14th March 2011
    This looks so cool!
    Comment by FontLoverChristian 14th March 2011
    Fantastic font in steampunk style. 10/10
    Comment by Frodo7 19th March 2011
    Comment by skullknocker 21st March 2011
    Comment by DragonQuester10 21st March 2011
    Font is cool!!!!
    Comment by Karymoff 24th March 2011
    so cool !!
    Comment by accent1243 30th March 2011
    btw, this is pretty spectacular too.
    Comment by funk_king 31st March 2011
    great design ) ian
    Comment by usarogersbros 3rd April 2011
    Comment by cullank 9th May 2011
    50TH VOTE :) 10/10
    Comment by kodo690690 24th May 2011
    its greath!!!!!
    Comment by RAT1 9th June 2011
    its greath!!!!!
    Comment by RAT1 9th June 2011
    its greath!!!!!
    Comment by RAT1 9th June 2011
    Just awesome.
    Comment by gingerbeardman 9th June 2011
    "We built this FontStruct from blocks and holes"
    Comment by gingerbeardman 9th June 2011
    Comment by emilymi98 10th June 2011
    WOW!!!! Looks just so techno and metallic. GREAT
    Comment by andreas13579 15th June 2011
    wow!!!amazing..cn u show to us hw u made 8?
    Comment by najx 23rd June 2011
    Comment by petiwalaali 18th July 2011
    Comment by petiwalaali 18th July 2011
    Fantastic 5* effort.
    In my humble opinion I think the spacing problems are due to the left hand "Bars" are of differing length so it perhaps distorts the effect of the right hand bars. These could also cause a problem as they push letters apart in different ways as each glyph is a different width. This will maybe cause an overall optical illusion.

    (Not a criticism -just an opinion.)
    Comment by moosefruit 7th August 2011
    When I Looked at this, I thought "How much Time did it take making this?"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Comment by Jeddy500 7th August 2011
    Another great design that I must missed during my 'fallow' period.

    It's just so chunky and strong you'd need a spanner to use it ... not a keyboard :)

    A big 10/10
    Comment by p2pnut 8th August 2011
    OMG ! What a crazy font !!!
    Comment by chloe5972 25th August 2011
    WOW dude.
    I am having difficulty even wrapping my head around how you did this.
    Comment by cellopants 2nd October 2011
    That's the most steampunk font ever!
    Comment by Conlanger_Motonjia 3rd October 2011
    amazing detail on this. +favorite
    Comment by fartheststar 14th September 2012
    Holy crap. This is awesomely awesome. 10000/10 and very well deserved.
    Comment by Noah (winty5) 10th November 2012
    Comment by bakuku 22nd December 2012

    :) havent downloaded it but it looks pretty noice

    Comment by anonymous-1379525 22nd October 2016

    How did you do this????

    Comment by Indian Mapper Fri, 12th January