Alex Murphy Outline

by Goatmeal

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Inspired by the RoboCop movie logos -- Outline Version. Now includes full character set. For Solid Version, see the "Alex Murphy Solid" font; for dingbats of OCP logos, see the "Alex Murphy Dings" font. Type "RoboCop" into the View-User Input option to try it out!

July 31, 2021 update: Font at version 2.0.  Diagonals and lowercase crossbars were thickened, and diagonals now cross into the vertical strokes. Now more movie accurate than ever!


Outline version of the iconic typeface.
Comment by Goatmeal 4th may 2010
Comment by Goatmeal 4th may 2010
I think I heavily prefer this outline version, we are really back to 1987 now. I did not see the film but remember having been really impressed by the image on the placards and the font going with it. I think I had a small one in my room then. Still, are you sure a Robocop font does not exist out of Fontstruct, I mean a severely protected one ? Anyway, you did a great job here, far more effective than the solid version (in my humble opinion)
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 4th may 2010
I particularly love the M and W, they seem to be alive
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 4th may 2010
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Alex Murphy Outline” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by afrojet 4th may 2010
A beautiful bit of work GM :) 10/10
Comment by p2pnut 4th may 2010
@nuerone error: Thank you for the kind words; I, too, prefer the bold/outline version -- just don't tell the solid version!

As I told Frodo7 in a previous release, there is likely a professional computer letterform version out there somewhere (the owner of the movie and/or Intellectual Property rights) for marketing, promotional and commercial purposes; it's just that I have not come across it in my 15+ years of font collecting. None of the old RoboCop fansites have any fonts resembling this design whatsoever.

Over the last 23 years, I still am quite surprised that such a bold, striking style was not recreated by some independent font design company or even a fan version created by someone using Fontographer or Font Lab. Perhaps it was felt the design was fated to be forever linked with the movie? Still, others make movie fonts all the time without much worry there...

And thank you for the kinds words for the M & W; we have our dear fellow FontStructor Frodo7 for those. His astute critique pointed out that the original versions of the M & W were too Medieval in design and not keeping with the established patterns. I thus remade the M, N & W to match the V, tweaked the Z and lastly, redesigned the original 7 -- it was a little too TRON-like for my tastes.

The "M" reminds me of buildings from the futuristic Delta City skyline. Delta City was the name of the gleaming new ccommunity OCP planned on building over the ashes of Old Detroit -- once RoboCop cleared out the criminal element therein...

@afrojet: Thank you for the top pick! It is a great honor.

@p2pnut: Your kind words are greatly appreciated, as always!
Comment by Goatmeal 5th may 2010
@meek - Looks like Yves Peters can add a FontStruct font for his next "My Type Of Music" article...

RoboCop Re-issue on Vinyl - Milan Records
Comment by Goatmeal 22nd may 2015
Comment by Goatmeal 22nd may 2015
A reminder: The re-issue of the RoboCop (1987) score -- out today on vinyl (!) and CD -- uses my Alex Murphy Outline font.
Comment by Goatmeal 21st july 2015
Comment by Goatmeal 21st july 2015
Comment by Aeolien 21st july 2015

Very nice; I like it!

Comment by Moviefan2k4 21st january 2019

geil men

Comment by ORLANDOMEN 12th august 2019


Comment by ORLANDOMEN 16th february 2020

RoboCop has gotten an upgrade: font is now at version 2.0.  Diagonals and lowercase crossbars were a thickened, and diagonals now cross into the vertical strokes. Now more movie accurate than ever!

Comment by Goatmeal 1st august 2021
Comment by Goatmeal 1st august 2021

Whoever said "the right tool for the job" knew exactly what they were taking about. FontStruct continues to evolve into the right tool for so many of our works.

Going back to update old fonts to get closer to the original vision using the since enhanced capabilities of the FontStructor is a very admirable quality. Good job. 

Comment by thalamic 2nd august 2021

@thalamic - Thank you for the kind words.  Your comments always put a smile on my face.  :^)  And you are correct: this update was made possible by the 'new' 4x4 composite grid squares.

Comment by Goatmeal 3rd august 2021

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