Gildor Grotesk

by Frodo7

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Gildor: A high elf from Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. He met Frodo, Pippin, Merry, and Sam on their journey to Rivendell. Gildor Grotesk: I  considered the alliteration.


heavy grotesks are really my thing

Comment by frongile Mon, 20th june
Comment by Frodo7 Mon, 20th june

Quite the strong design 10/10

Comment by tortoiseshell Mon, 20th june
Comment by Frodo7 Mon, 20th june

This heavy sans serif has some curvy features (and without Bezier curves, of course). It was challenging to get the proportions right and make the letters work in concert. For visual compensation, a full brick overshoot was applied at the top and the bottom for every rounded letter. That means the C, G, and O are taller than the E, H, M, and other letters by two bricks. The U has one brick overshoot at the bottom. It is hardly noticeable in the samples.

Comment by Frodo7 Mon, 20th june

WOOOW! What a beauty! Basically I was using a similar idea (something like Futura with design modifications) in one of the fonts I was preparing for this Comp... But no problem, dear Maestro, I love yours (as usual) and I'll leave this one I was preparing for another chance. :-))

Comment by elmoyenique Mon, 20th june

@elmoyenique: This is a friendly competition, and we all participate for nothing else but fun. Given the theme of "heavy", it is expected to get very similar results, well, heavy fonts. You are absolutely wrong if you withdraw one of your promising works just because there is another similar font. This is a competition/tournament, where you should fight with all your might and talent. You should stand your ground and never give up!

Comment by Frodo7 Mon, 20th june

What a wonderful work! Cool to see some of the similarities between this and my latest competition entry, even though there is such a striking difference in grid ratio and stylistic approach!


Comment by Sed4tives Mon, 20th june

Beautiful work, a worthy addition to the tiny counter club. There is such balance between the glyphs, those overshoots work really well. All it needs is a few kerning tweaks.

Comment by four Mon, 20th june

You make such beautiful glyphs. 

The use of the guides in your FontStructor sample make me love the font even more. 

Comment by thalamic Tue, 21st june

The first sample makes me think of Discord whenever I see it.

Pretty nice font, It probably works very well with titles and other large text

Comment by Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM) Tue, 21st june

@ Sed4tives: Thank you for your comment and generous rating. I was thinking along similar lines: with a lot less brick-pushing you could produce a fairly elegant font of the same kind which doesn't even need kerning. Meanwhile, I was struggling quite a lot with a few glyphs the get them right. Well, our methods and approaches are different, yet we love the same aesthetics. 

@four: Thank you for your kind comment. I tested several versions for the visual compensation. Using the Nudge function it was easy to change the overshoot in small increments. In the end, the full brick size looked the best. Yes: kerning is on my to-do list. Not my favorite part of type design, but necessary.

@thalamic: Thank you for your comment and praise. I use the extra guides regularly. It helps me to get the proportions right and place some parts to the proper level. Apart from showing the overshoot, that screenshot above has another purpose. It proves my letters do not exceed the 48-brick limit. I still have 6-6 bricks (for diacritics) at the top and at the bottom.

Comment by Frodo7 Wed, 22nd june

@Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM): Thank you for your comment. Yes, the intended use of this font is titles or short snippets of text at large sizes.

Discord Font Generator - if we think about the same thing - is an interesting experiment. The results are gimmicky, often just garbage.

Comment by Frodo7 Wed, 22nd june

This font joins in a wonderful evolution of form and function;  I 🫶🏻 it. 
It would still have attached a little more attention to & and @, by the way ; ) 10/10

Comment by beate Sat, 25th june

@Beate: Thank you for your kind words. I didn't like the original @ myself. The new one is better, but it needs further refinement. The & ? I'm not sure. This is how I interpret this glyph when it's heavy. (I always appreciate the honest critique.)

Comment by Frodo7 Tue, 28th june

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