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by AFontAbove
See also PSystemSystem by AFontAbove.

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Comment by AFontAbove 30th march 2022
Comment by AFontAbove 30th march 2022
Comment by AFontAbove 30th march 2022

Now supports Cyrillic, Armenian, Hebrew, and Arabic!!

Comment by AFontAbove 1st april 2022

These two characters: ՠ (U+0560; Armenian Small Letter Turned Ayb), and ֈ (U+0588; Armenian Small Letter Yi With Stroke) were added in Unicode 11. If a particular glyph does not show up for you, you can look up the relevant code charts on the Unicode site

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) 2nd april 2022

Here is how to do so (This image is an animated gif):

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) 2nd april 2022

@BWM Thanks! Adding now.

Comment by AFontAbove 2nd april 2022

Done and done. I've also fixed the Arabic accents after I realised that they should combine with the letter, so...

Comment by AFontAbove 2nd april 2022

I am now adding Devanagari... in single-width space!!

Comment by AFontAbove 4th april 2022
Comment by AFontAbove 22nd april 2022

New milestone: 2,500 glyphs!!!

P.S. Sorry, that was a bad sample :)

Comment by AFontAbove 14th may 2022

I just noticed that 'ώ' was missing tonos, fixed it.

Comment by AFontAbove 17th may 2022

3000 glyphs, finished Hangul Jamo.

Comment by AFontAbove 17th may 2022

Shouldn't the Hebrew marks have zero width so they can appear above or below the letters?

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) 17th may 2022

@BWM Yes, I'll fix it.

Comment by AFontAbove 18th may 2022

Done. Also fixed Thaana points while I'm at it.

Comment by AFontAbove 18th may 2022

Partial Samaritan and Myanmar support; hopefully not for long.

Comment by AFontAbove 18th may 2022

Starting Hangul Syllables...

Comment by AFontAbove 6th june 2022

As you may see -- very sadly -- I am leaving FontStruct...

Thank you all for how you have inspired me.

Thank you @BWM, @frongile, @elmoyenique, and others for their kind comments.

Goodbye, everyone!



Comment by AFontAbove 17th august 2022

@AFontAbove: Saying "that you're leaving" sounds so 'decisive'. And unless you got into a gunfight I wonder why this decision? For something with such a tiny footprint and as harmless as FontStruct it rather feels silly. I mean you probably have a good reason I figure, but still, why? FontStruct doesn't eat nor requires constant caretaking! So why not just slip out without notice untill you feel ready to return again?! I've also taken a 2 year long break from FontStruct up untill a while ago, and at that time not  sure if I actually would ever have returned.

Looking at it from where I'm at right now I am very glad to have found my way back..

I'm just saying it my friend, it doesn't have to be this way, so radical..

The fellow FontStructors and I are more than happy to stand guard over your work during your asence, don't worry..

Cheers bruva ;-)

Comment by Sed4tives 17th august 2022

I'm with Sed4tives. I too was away from FS for almost three years (with occasional returns), and something similar has happened to other Fstructors. We'll keep the house warm in case you want to come back. Best wishes!

Comment by elmoyenique 17th august 2022

@Sed4tives: If FontStruct website had a Like button, your last comment would have already have seen me click it. 

Comment by thalamic 18th august 2022

I just wanted to chime in briefly to say: Thank you, everyone! And no, nothing personal going on, I am simply losing interest.

Comment by AFontAbove 18th september 2022

I may still be having discussion here, but I am too burnt out of actually making fonts... for now... @STF I'm sorry, I overestimated my fall, as I said above: I am simply burnt out.

Comment by AFontAbove 18th september 2022

I've made 50+ fonts in 4 months... I published all of the ones I liked... hope you're happy.

Comment by AFontAbove 18th september 2022

Averaging 346 glyphs per FontStruction and 147 PER DAY, I think I've had enough.

Comment by AFontAbove 19th september 2022

I fully sympathize with you in times of lows my friend. As a highly productive member myself I completely understand this feeling of constantly being chased by yourself and your own expectations.
And at times it can be a serious drag down with real implications on the state of one's mental well being and overal comfort in his or hers daily life situations as well. As a business professional (but foremost as the artist / musician I truly am inside) I've been there myself.
Taking a step back is the first thing thats going to release some of the preasure and stresses.

But I speak out of experience when I say: Drastic precautious desicions often only bring regret.

I lost most of my business clients when I turned my back on the thing I once loved the most for more that a eight year straight period.
Only because I had hit rock bottom at the time. A life changing loss I will never recover from!

And I still hate myself for this idiotic way of dealing with this whole desperate situation at the time. ?

Comment by Sed4tives 19th september 2022

@STF I totally understand. However, this case is more disinterest than anything. I am in school again and I don't have time to do any work here, plus I was so obsessed at one point that it caught up to me; four months later, I had to give up.

Your theory isn't all wrong though; I pushed myself so hard that I (but slightly) regret.

But I just can't help but be proud of myself that I went at this pace for 4 months straight without stopping. (For the most part) I am proud of all 50+ FontStructions that I have; when I logged in to check on you guys, I saw that I had a TP, and felt a mix of emotions (including confusion).

- You don't have to do slowly to do good.

Comment by AFontAbove 19th september 2022

Give it some time, maybe I'll return to this pace again.

This is just one example of my on-again-off-again interest cycle. This makes me worry about getting a job; I don't want to have to switch every year...

Comment by AFontAbove 19th september 2022

I wish you all the best pal, school and settling in life with stable income is much more important that FS. I was long past that crossroad in life of where I had to make those desicions, and sadly I basically threw away a 20+ year long career!  (Never ever do this, okay..? )  haha

Good luck on ur endeavours mate

Comment by Sed4tives 19th september 2022

I am slowly making a return, and maybe, coming March, I will pick up the pace.

Comment by AFontAbove 7th february 2023

This March, apparently...

Comment by AFontAbove Tue, 12th march

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