The PacMan

by geneus1

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It's PacMan fever all over again! This was inspired by the world's best pound for pound boxer, Manny Pacquiao, a.k.a. "PacMan." His awesome knockout bout with Ricky Hatton last Saturday, May 2nd, in Las Vegas, marked a major victory in the acquisition of his 6th world title. His hands are so fast I have to wait for the slo-mo to figure out what happened.
The letters M & P from Manny Pacquiao's logo became the foundation to create all of the letters in this font. The logo resides on the capital A, the rest of the letters are in the lower case. Enjoy.
"I'm gonna knock you out! Mama said knock you out! Breakdown!" -LL 042715. Downloadable for personal use until Saturday, May 2, 2015. If Pacquiao wins, then donations will be accepted thru PayPal. :-)
Info: Created on 3rd May 2009 . Last edited on 24th June 2009.
License All Rights Reserved. No download available.
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Comment by geneus1 7th May 2009
Very Good Result!
Comment by jmarquez 7th May 2009
Nice work Gene. The type is perfect for the subject. The 'Q' is fantastic. Bravo!
Comment by afrojet 7th May 2009
I love 'em all.
Comment by aphoria 7th May 2009
It's beautiful! All of the letters fit together perfectly. Love the sun.
Comment by Stelios Constantinides (emepar7) 7th May 2009
geneus strikes again. another knock-outdude :)
Comment by funk_king 7th May 2009
Thanks for the uplifting words everyone. I got obsessive over this after figuring I can recreate the logo.

@afrojet: Thanks for noticing. The Q was the last thing I modified before releasing.

@emepar: The sun is actually part of the Philippine flag, so I overlaid a rotated flag and positioned it to match the sun in the sample.
Comment by geneus1 8th May 2009
NICE ONE geneus! Good work!
I love it! 2 thumbs up!
Comment by aaronamar 11th May 2009
Another great job here!
Agree with afrojet the 'Q' is Fantastic!
Comment by Axel Leyer 11th May 2009
Comment by wong111 13th May 2009
Your genius knows no bound. I am awed each time.
Comment by thalamic 13th May 2009
how long did it take you to build this font because it is amazing!
Comment by Incorected 13th May 2009
@aaronamar: Thank you.

@Axel Leyer: Thanks. I like the new stuff you've released as well.

@wong111: Here's a link for instructions.

@thalamic: Thanks, Ata. I was beginning to worry about you. ;-)

@incorected: I saw the logo after the fight on Saturday night. On Sunday, discovered I can recreate the logo, but only in 1:2 scale. Designed all cap glyphs and spacing by Tuesday. Actual hours are unknown, since it was sporadic while working on other things. But this one was fun to do.
Comment by geneus1 13th May 2009
very cool font gene.
how did you get that symbol in front of "A"?
Comment by kix 13th May 2009
@kix: Thanks. That's the logo on the capital A. The caps have just been moved to the lowercase glyphs.
Comment by geneus1 14th May 2009
i just heard my hand smash against my forehead :)
thanx haha
Comment by kix 14th May 2009
galing mo bro.
Comment by tenchu_otawa 1st June 2009
it's very cool
Comment by bignacy 3rd June 2009
how can i download this font?
Comment by allen04222 29th August 2013
@ allen: the designer reserves all rights but you can embed the font on your website. Why not try creating your own font? ;) It's fun and easy with FontStruct!
Comment by Aeolien 29th August 2013
How do I download this? all it says is embed. Im new to this website.
Comment by nicholasagustin 17th September 2013
You can't
Comment by Umbreon126 17th September 2013
how am i suppose to download this font??
Comment by fidow 29th December 2013
pasa la fuente
Comment by pako.tello 24th January 2014
Comment by petezeus 2nd February 2014
how to download this font? ty!
Comment by markuz_24 11th February 2014
Hello How To Download This Font
Comment by jeanexxxx 14th April 2015

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