Punctual Trajectory

by Aeolien

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Listening to cricket matches I saw a lot of trajectories in my mind when commentators discussed the balls' flight paths and where they landed, of some incredible bowling.

What a great inspiration for my first entry for the ReverseComp.

Maximum rectangle size is 16x20. The LC contains the flipped reversed UC.

I see many white-in-black designs coming in, I'm adding to them as we don't see this type very often ;)

I think that I managed to give the "impression" of those occasional graphics displayed in cricket, football, tennis and other ball-based sports (it might be hawk-eye linked) that show where balls have originated from or to predict/illustrate their continuation.

A blank space is on the underscore, a filled space on the space bar.

Numerals and very basic punctuation are done :)

Info Created on Mon, 19th June . Last edited on Sun, 25th June.
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A cricket commentary about the path of a ball inspired this design.

Numerals and a handful of punctuation marks will follow soon.

Comment by Aeolien Fri, 23rd June

Curious visual effect.
It reminds me of skulls heaped together,
As in some ancient European cemeteries.
I do not know why...

Comment by Eclusson Niverso (ecluniverso) Fri, 23rd June

Thank you ecluniverso for your appreciation. I see what you mean by skulls, it hadn't entered my mind at all and makes me a little sad. Then again, I know those people are messengers who need a voice and to be heard ... 

Comment by Aeolien Fri, 23rd June

Please add the upside down digits at the digits and the rightside up at the other side of the = where indicated: 1=! 2=@ 3=# 4=$ 5=% 6=^ 7=& 8=* 9=( 0=)

Comment by Brynda Today, 12:14 AM

Just a friendly reminder to make your font downloadable during the competition period lest it gets disqualified. All the best!

Comment by Micheal Xing (iFutureMix) Just now, 6:46 PM

And also a sample image! Sorry that I almost missed that info. :^)

Comment by Micheal Xing (iFutureMix) Just now, 6:47 PM
Comment by Aeolien Sun, 25th June

Thank you Micheal, done :)

Brynda, LC represents alternates allowing extra visual impact, use sparingly; flipped numerals won't improve text experience.

Comment by Aeolien Sun, 25th June
Comment by Aeolien Sun, 25th June

Numerals and very basic punctuation are done. Font is downloadable now :)

Comment by Aeolien Sun, 25th June

Extremely fresh font. A bit hard to use but unique.

Comment by elmoyenique Mon, 17th July