Dimidium Rounded

by laynecom

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Info Created on Fri, 2nd December . Last edited on Fri, 9th December.
License Creative Commons
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Comment by laynecom Mon, 5th December

Oooohhhh °o° That could have won in the Valentine's comp. The Ringelschwänze are beautifully proportioned ;) and wait for the TP. Instant 10/10

Comment by Aeolien Mon, 5th December
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Dimidium Rounded” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Tue, 6th December

Congratulations, the font looks even better now that it has a TP :D. The curly tails add a refreshing relaxing touch. With numbers diacritics punctuation symbols it will replace my pc's Ariel :)

Comment by Aeolien Tue, 6th December

Thank you very much.

@Aeolien: Wow, I will have to add a lot of glyphs then... ;-) I will start with some Latin sections...

@meek: A question concerning the swashes: I have included them in the Latin-A section, although I know that this is not correct. Is there an alternative section that I can use for them?

Comment by laynecom Tue, 6th December

Neinnnnn, only those for German including ſ,ÿ and the adorable ß -because I'm anti Rechtschreibreform- and (even the old) French. I don't use nor know other languages (°_°)

Comment by Aeolien Tue, 6th December

Love it! But you can make the swash on the p facing the other way.

Comment by brynda1231 Tue, 6th December


Comment by brynda1231 Tue, 6th December
Comment by laynecom Wed, 7th December

Your sample had me smiling for ages :D You could start an exciting/exiting blog ...

Comment by Aeolien Wed, 7th December

Very good! The right place for the swashes would be Private Use Area, but you need opentype features to access them (you can also just insert them from character map if no opentype codes are created). Another way is to unmap them and access them though opentype features, but you also need outside editor for this.

But I'm sure you know all these, so the real question is, when will Fontstructor somehow integrate opentype features?  Kerning? )

Comment by architaraz Wed, 7th December


I haven't got that much experience with OpenType. So thanks for the answer. It seems that someday I will have to buy a MAC and Glyphs and then get on with it...

Comment by laynecom Wed, 7th December

Wonderful swashes. Your sample shows the perfect application of this feature: use it in moderation. It seems you have perfected the thin sans serif. 10/10

Comment by Frodo7 Wed, 7th December

I wish I understood architaraz. I think I would place on one of the other Latin, would that be allowed? Then writers can access those swash letters for their text through the caracter map?

Comment by La police de caractère Wed, 7th December

Nice! Then again, I like most of your designs. :) —As for architaraz's comment: You can download FontForge (github), then simply open your font with it and adjust it accordingly. And learning opentype features is actually quite easy, i.e., the programming for it. However, adding your characters to another section, as you did, is fine.

Comment by TCWhite Wed, 7th December

I had downloaded FontForge 2 or 3 years ago but I can see that now it has improved a lot concerning usability... I will try to get some time to work with that over the holidays...

Comment by laynecom Fri, 9th December

Yeah, FF is much better now. :) Also, if you do, feel free to email me to ask how to create the opentype features. You could, however, also create another font with the swash characters. If I ever decide to add small capitals to Dehuti, for example, that's what I would do.

Comment by TCWhite Fri, 9th December

Attractive work

Comment by kix Sat, 10th December
Comment by laynecom Tue, 13th December

I'll just use normal fontstructurek typeface to say that your Christmassy sample looks great :) Happy winter solstice month (and celebration), Yule and Christmas to you too :)

Comment by Aeolien Wed, 14th December

Love this

Comment by 9chip6 Tue, 24th January