AT Sudoku +

by kassymkulov

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Grid version with rounded letters.


Comment by Freetype Fonts (Aquaflame) 8th november 2014
Just like the previous AT Sudoku, this is also a solvable Sudoku pattern with a single possible solution (no guessing). Dots indicate difficulty level: 1 - Easy; 2 - Moderate; 3 - Hard; 4 - Tough. If no dot is found on top of the grid, then it's not a Sudoku, so don't try to solve it ;) It's for design consistency purposes only. Make sure that the number bricks are ordered from 1 to 9. Use keyboard numbers to select each number (or set pen's mode to "cycle").

Using numbers isn't mandatory, you can use other 9 different shapes. So is the layout.

I've drawn some bold rounded letters, but they can be anything (logo, smileys, icons - you name it!). This website will help you create solvable Sudoku patterns out of your own layout design: This is a 3rd Fontstruct Game Competition entry, but if I come up with another entry, I might drop one of my two Sudoku themed fontstructions, so I need your help here :). Work's in progress, so letter shapes might go over some change. Thanks!
Comment by kassymkulov 8th november 2014
Comment by kassymkulov 8th november 2014
This looks great. Nice job! 10/10
Comment by tortoiseshell 11th november 2014
Nice grid effect and letter shapes!
Comment by ETHproductions 18th november 2014
Good luck! I like it a lot! Better and better!
Comment by elmoyenique 1st december 2014
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “AT Sudoku +” is now a current Featured FontStruction.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 3rd december 2014
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “AT Sudoku +” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 3rd december 2014
Congratulations for the 2nd place, dear architaraz! This was my first choice to win here.
Comment by elmoyenique 3rd december 2014
Thanks for TP and FF, really appreciated!
Comment by kassymkulov 8th december 2014
Congratulations for your achievement. And keep it up.
Comment by RebekaP 23rd december 2014
That is so awesome!
Comment by Bismuth 25th january 2015


Comment by kell44 2nd december 2015

Can you make the greek alphabet puzzles, i really want to solve the Φ one.

Comment by brynda1231 11th august 2016

OMG! Sudoku-like police font! I love thoses puzzle!

Perhaps I will solve them! That's would be great! Haha!

But I understand it is for design purpose. We tend to make a Police Font over simple thing. But I love thoses police fonts! GREAT JOB!

Comment by zigaudrey 7th march 2017


Comment by gadahhh 28th january 2018


Comment by 28th june 2018

I saw an offset 5 in the A puzzle...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 22nd february 2019

That is the most creative thing ive seen in the past two months! Great job!

Comment by MCRedstoneYT64 5th april 2019

Wow!!!!!!!! Great Font!! I'm new here by the way.

Comment by Better Handwriting 13th november 2020

I don't like Sudoku that much, but this font is good!

Comment by oscarblox 8th february 2021

I'm a Sudoku fan and I adore this font.

Comment by CTFonts 22nd march 2022

how did this guy make the numbers?

Comment by lucapri 25th april 2022


Comment by lucapri 25th april 2022

you should make all the 10^82-01 possible sudokus (base ten cuz there is balnk and 1-9)

Comment by lucapri 25th december 2022

there is actually: 10^81

Comment by Lucaprii 'ss altt (digitalio) 24th september 2023

True, but there are only 6,670,903,752,021,072,936,960 possible unique, solvable Sudoku grids.  Both of your calculations include puzzles that are not valid Sudoku puzzles; for example, a row consiststing of all 7's, or all 81 spots being 4's.

The Math Behind Sudoku

Comment by Goatmeal 25th september 2023

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