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Competition: Love

Competitions, News | | January 7th, 2016


FontStructions featured in image: Floral Plethora by laynecomMelitta by beateheart by LingoLinda and Fs Flower Shop by Umbreon126

Happy new year FontStructors!

As promised in our last post, we’re starting the new year with a new competition, this time with an amorous theme in time for Valentine’s day.

For the new FontStruct competition we’d like you to design a FontStruction on the theme of “Love”. You can interpret the theme as broadly as you’d like, as long as you can somehow relate it to the word “Love”. You could explore the iconography of love, design the perfect modular font for a Valentine’s card, or explore an associated abstraction (peace, friendship, animosity …). You can be literal, but don’t need to be. Keep it decent though please!

Remember to tag your entry with “Lovecomp” before the 6th of February and don’t forget to upload a sample image.

Before starting, please read the rules below carefully, even if you are a frequent FontStructor.

Competition Time Period

Wednesday, Thursday 7th 2016 – February 6th, 2016

Competition Rules

  1. You must be a registered FontStruct user.
  2. Your submission(s) must be posted and made “public” between 7th January and 6th February 2016. Although you are encouraged to share your submission(s) at any time between these dates, your FontStruction submission(s) must be public (marked “share with everyone”) no later than February 6th at 11pm PST. Additionally, your submission(s) must remain public until February 14th 2016 in order to give the judges enough time to review all qualifying entries.
  3. Your submission(s) must be tagged with a “Lovecomp” tag. (For fairness, during the competition time period, no FontStruction with the “Lovecomp” tag will be awarded a Top Pick.)
  4. Your submission(s) must be downloadable. If your FontStruction cannot be downloaded, the submission will be disqualified.
  5. Your submission must be a newly published FontStruction. Simply adding the “Lovecomp” tag to an already published font is not allowed.
  6. For each submission, you must post at least one sample image in the comments of the FontStruction.
  7. No letters in each submission can be MORE THAN 48 bricks high.
  8. FontStruct cloning is permitted but the judges will be looking for original work.
  9. You may enter up to three FontStructions to the competition.
  10. This is a friendly competition. Cheering, favoriting and fun banter is encouraged but cruel and uncivil behavior will not be tolerated.
  11. No rules regarding licensing. You may choose any license you like for your FontStruction.

Judging and announcing the winners

All qualifying FontStructions will by judged by the FontStruct staff and guest judges, February 6th–11th. Three prizewinners will be chosen. One of these will be the FontStructors’ Favorite. Winners will be announced in a FontStruct Blog post on February 12th.


Each winner can choose either a) a t-shirt printed with a FontStruction glyph of their choice OR b) a signed and numbered copy of the FontStruct poster

FontStructors’ Favorite

The valid entry with the greatest number of legitimate favorites at 11pm PST on February 11th, 2016 will be one of the three prizewinners.


If you have questions just add them as comments to this post.

May the best FontStruction win.



  1. Aeolien

    Wonderful, a new competition is exactly what I was hoping for. And the theme is “lovely” :)

    Aeolien — January 7, 2016 #

  2. winty5

    Hmm, this will be interesting. Thanks, Mr.Meek!

    winty5 — January 7, 2016 #

  3. elmoyenique

    A very lovable handicap. Thanks a lot, dear boss!

    – elmoyenique — January 7, 2016 #

  4. naveenchandru


    naveenchandru — January 8, 2016 #

  5. architaraz

    Great news!

    Happy Fonstructing, everybody!

    architaraz — January 8, 2016 #

  6. cablecomputer

    Oh yes, new lovely competition…

    cablecomputer — January 9, 2016 #

  7. laynecom

    Actually, deadline or announcement should be Valentine’s Day… ;-)

    laynecom — January 11, 2016 #

  8. Rob Meek (meek)

    @laynecom We wanted to give people time to use the FontStruction in their Valentines – hence the slightly earlier deadline.

    Rob Meek (meek) — January 12, 2016 #

  9. Aeolien

    The 2014 made me smile ;)

    Aeolien — January 13, 2016 #

  10. Isaiah Garcia


    Isaiah Garcia — January 13, 2016 #

  11. Rob Meek (meek)

    @Aeolien. That would be a tricky deadline. Date corrected, thanks!

    Rob Meek (meek) — January 14, 2016 #

  12. elmoyenique

    Thanks boss. Let’s do it.

    elmoyenique — January 17, 2016 #

  13. Aeolien

    I was working like crazy on a font, only to discover this late that the design is totally overloaded when checking the downladed file in a text. It is unsuitable for anything other than some awe-inspiring decorative spot-placement of a glyph on bright-pink-with-orange-dots-and-layers-of-frills-and-lace-and-yuckily-perfumed cards. So here goes again, I hope to have it useable in time ………..

    Aeolien — January 19, 2016 #

  14. thalamic

    Not having a specific look of the font (e.g. Stencil, Inline, etc.) makes the Love competition more open to interpretation and extremely difficult to accurately represent. What does love look like—apart from heart?

    Good luck to everyone who tried.

    thalamic — February 10, 2016 #

  15. Aeolien

    thalamic: I agree that “Love competition” opens to all different styles; at first I felt out of my depth. But it also gave that extra bit of possibility: how to transmit through a simple font what ‘Love’ could mean …  I am impressed by the variety of fonts and interpretations. We have fonts full of gentle curves, spikey outlines, bold solid styles, elegant light lines, utilitarian filled ones, a lot of hearts, useable text fonts and very decorative designs; and some fonts indicate ‘Love’ in their names.

    It makes voting quite challenging.

    Aeolien — February 10, 2016 #