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See also Zebroid 2 by Frodo7.

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Three dimensional letters look as if carved out of blocks of diagonally layered black and white material.
Info: Created on 10th May 2014 . Last edited on 15th May 2014.
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Three dimensional letters look as if carved out of blocks of diagonally layered black and white material. Occasionally the white layer had been exposed at the bottom right corner and elsewhere.

Work in progress.
Comment by Frodo7 10th May 2014
Comment by Frodo7 10th May 2014
A very nice font at larger pixel sizes. 10/10.
Comment by Cohnisgone 10th May 2014
Each letter a beauty. I like your three-dimensional interpretations. So simple and so fascinating.
Comment by beate 10th May 2014
Beautifully build and intriguing.
Comment by four 11th May 2014
Another delight from the master of all things 3D. Wonderful!
Comment by p2pnut 11th May 2014
What a beauty, master!! Simple, elegant, effective, usable, etc: A great font! I love this kind of works, you know. My 1000/10 2U!
Comment by elmoyenique 11th May 2014
Comment by thalamic 11th May 2014
Beautiful, unique, and epic!! Wonderful!! 100/10!!!
Comment by time.peace 11th May 2014
Wow. Just amazing. For letters that have curves on the lower left, maybe insteade of leaving them blank you should make them solid black
Comment by h1k765 11th May 2014
Dear friends, fellow fontstructors,

Thank you for your comments and generous ratings. It gives me plenty of encouragement and inspiration to read your feedback.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a picture showing just one letter of a very similar design: it was a sans serif F with diagonal stripes. That gave me the final push to start this project. Needless to say, designing a fully working typeface is quite a different challenge from creating one simple letter. It took me a lot of experimentation to arrive to the present formula: a block of 15.5 by 23.5 stripes (counting both black and white) to accommodate the features of most letters. For maximum impact I had to keep the number of stripes to a minimum, yet maintain the same visual effect across the whole set down to the smallest element, the simple dots/umlaut.

Working with black and white stripes have taught me to be humble; for they have thwarted my attempts several times to work out the best solution for the corners and diagonals.

The other thing - and it never stops to amaze me - is the way the 3D effect is created by simple parallel and perpendicular stripes. The illusion is perfect. Yet, the third dimension is not created on the print or the LCD display, but in our brain. It takes human intelligence to translate an abstract image of black and white stripes into three dimensional blocks of letters.

@h1k765: Yes, I tried the solid black version, but it didn't look very good. I also tested a corner with stripes. It looked better, but it violated the basic geometry of the set (see the picture).
Comment by Frodo7 11th May 2014
I love this font, remind me your first works with FS

Have you try this kind of shadow ? maybe it's work your the concept you had in your mind
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 12th May 2014
To be more accurate with the size of the font.
Sorry for my bad english I push Submit without reviewing my sentences
I meant: maybe it works WITH the concept you had in your mind
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 12th May 2014
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Zebroid” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 12th May 2014
This is well deserved. Bravo maître !
Comment by beate 12th May 2014
Absolutely incredible work of art! Looking at the # up close makes me dizzy... 8O
Comment by ETHproductions 14th May 2014
Scary Good. You didn't do bonkers doing this? Amazing!
Comment by SymbioticDesign 14th May 2014
Brilliant work! This font has a similar effect to FS Karo by Tylo
Comment by Micheal Xing (iFutureMix) 14th May 2014
Thank you for your kind comments, ratings, and suggestions.

@meek: Thank you very much for the special mention.

@Upixel: Your solution looks OK, but it doesn't agree with the basic concept: when you cut a slab of material made of black and white layers, and your "knife" runs parallel with the layers/stripes, then the cut surface is going to be either black or white. I know, my solution is not perfect, for it leaves an empty area at the corners, but at least it reinforces the basic concept. The rest depends on the viewer's brain to complete the missing (white) parts (see an illustration to the point). This is an Op-Art font designed not for speed reading, but to pause and make people contemplate.

@iFutureMix: Yes, there are even more similar fonts, but I didn't do a full research.
Comment by Frodo7 15th May 2014
Comment by llllr 22nd May 2014
Comment by MeduzaMetal 2nd June 2014
Comment by MeduzaMetal 2nd June 2014
This is cool. Could we have an ALL solid version so that it could be layered behind for a 2-color effect?
Comment by fugitiveglue 13th June 2014
Comment by cano90 15th July 2014
Comment by omerakbulutmail@gmail.com 26th September 2014
Comment by ferfafast 22nd October 2014
Comment by spiidi_spede 3rd December 2014
Comment by rehan ansari 7th December 2014
Comment by audwi 12th December 2014
Comment by donggil 19th December 2014

nice good work
Comment by dionuur 20th December 2014
Comment by audwi 6th January 2015
Cool! I like it
Comment by Westie04 18th February 2015

a beautiful type

Comment by buffaloo 14th November 2015

a beautiful type

Comment by buffaloo 14th November 2015

You. Are. Genius.

Where do you get the ideas you have?

Comment by tanias 15th December 2015

under construction

Comment by dimifrag 29th February 2016

Why are you an illiterate who can't read the notice above the comment box telling you not to request download access?

Comment by Umbreon126 2nd June 2016

I think someone is eager to get blocked on fontstruct...

Comment by laynecom 2nd June 2016

ilike the stripy corner one. too funny. but maybe can you try greek

Comment by brynda1231 12th August 2016

can you add more diratics????

Comment by brynda1231 28th September 2016

@brynda1231: Yes, the version Upixel suggested looked the best. Actually, I've built a version of Zebroid with those striped corners already, but did not publish it, until now. I thought, nobody were interested.

Diacritics: I plan to add a limited number of diacritical marks in the future.

Comment by Frodo7 29th September 2016

It looks like a very simple striped font but I discover that simple ideas for unusual fonts involve very hard work and a lot of time. You are a talented and patient designer.

Comment by Scriptoresque 29th September 2016

@Frodo7 Look at the 3rd letter, too funy, right

Comment by brynda1231 29th September 2016


Comment by Rostiger 18th February 2018


Comment by anatomico 28th February 2018

I saw the striped corners meet in a point in your image. It made me laugh so hard... Can you create one with that kind of corner... I wonder what it would look like...

Comment by Se7enty-Se7en 28th February 2018

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.

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