by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ)
Cloned from Med Splode by pauldhunt.

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Clone of Med Splode. Yes this is a clone, even though originally it went the other way!

All credit to Buro Destruct for their original bitmap design. Except for the &, that one’s mine.

I originally released this in 2008 as an exploration of the optical effect possible using different modules in a simple, gridded bitmap design. Buro Destruct iconic design was an inviting point of departure.

I have recreated/republished this at the request of four who took the inspiration and ran with it.


Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 4th february 2013
Love it! Really nice! 10/10+fav
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 5th february 2013
Trip-tastic! The relative scale of the modules to the forms works really well…demanding just enough scrutiny to identify each letter AND make your eyes go swimming.
Comment by fugitiveglue 5th february 2013
I am SOOO cloning this to create my own variant! :D
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 5th february 2013
Great to see the full font, it's as alive as I imagined it to be. I'll have to try a clone sometime. 10/10+fav
Comment by four 5th february 2013
@winty5: Thanks! Nice work coming up with your own spin on Med Led!

@fugitiveglue: 8) Back in the early days of fontstruct, we shared a lot of work simply in the spirit of expanding the experimental horizons of the software and what we knew of modular design.

We were rapt in this tangible excitement to map out all these possibilities as fast as we could dream them up... and fontstruct them.

I made a whole diverse series of clones from Med Led exploring various modules, filter settings, and optical special effects. It’s a wonderful template to try out the “meek FM”-like abilities of the fontstructor utilizing brick substitutions and filters.

But this one definitely is by far my favorite of the bunch (though I had one called Med Yeti which was also kinda dope).

@four: Thanks for the 10, the favorite, and for encouraging me to republish this! :)
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 6th february 2013
@Williaum : I just can't imagine how hard and desperate was the crisis time you passed through when you decided to simply delete your first account and not even conserve a private trace of any from maybe a year of work and (as far as i can judge with this beautiful one, pushing to a psychedelic opart feel the basic boring burodestruct initial font) fascinating experiments you achieved then.
My god i also had many heavy crisis on my FS journey which annoyed many here, and i rebegun my whole set many times, but i still conserved important private traces to use them as roughs for developping new much more advanced and sophisticated works, i just couldn't imagine all this even immature hard work could really have been made for nothing.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 6th february 2013
@AFT: I was active about four month’s before deleting my account. This was a rash decision, for sure. Crises and losses were involved. In my own youthful way I responded to them.

My actions felt appropriate and liberating. If I could, would I do it differently? No; it’s part of my story now. Accepting and learning how to share this story is a more worthy pursuit.

The only lost thing I would likely restore if I could would be my comment history as williaum. A lot of threads on old-school fontstructions lost some of their coherency with my comments removed. This is a loss to the community.

But it never occurred to me that “my time and energy here was all for nothing.” I know the fontstructions I deleted were the least significant part of my work since my goal so rarely is the artifact. I feel moved to invent and share innovative techniques.

An excellent example is my denouement from this period: the brickstacking exploit. Though there was exactly the right amount of luck involved, discovering, cracking, refining, and releasing the brickstacking exploit was a totally intentional process. Brickstacking of course potentiates a lot of work on fontstruct (including your own). It is such a widely used and useful approach that it went on to receive official support and integration into the software.

This characteristic of innovation defines my work from the beginning. It can be difficult to trace the actual legacy of my contribution to the medium in all its specific details or really understand its scope, but that’s okay. I don’t need credit. I trust the spirit of my offerings lives on in all the other people who cloned my work, learned something from it directly or were excited to explore a new tangent. Many were inspired to make more magnificent creations of their own because of my original technical demonstrations.

Those early days were such a great time, after all, to be pushing the envelope of known fontstruct possibilities. The fontstructor was much less fully-featured than it is today, but this only encouraged our enthusiasm to think outside of the box. We didn’t even have the 22.5° wedge bricks for the majority of that time. And we couldn’t comment on each other’s work for a portion of it! So this awesome community dialog took place based entirely on how one trail-blazing fontstruction would inspire and inform the next...

Don’t be fooled by the evidence. Everything we make will be lost, broken, or out-modded one day. But if even one authentic thread lives on, strung and stuck in the symphony of future players, then our lives have a purpose beyond our own.
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 6th february 2013
@Williaum : even if the "type" of innovation i brought here is of a different kind, i could take exactly your words for my own when you say : "This characteristic of innovation defines my work from the beginning. It can be difficult to trace the actual legacy of my contribution to the medium in all its specific details or really understand its scope." And in my case , a very small portion (much smaller than yours, if not any) of this scope was understood, especially by the officials, such as Meek, who missed the whole thing, i think...
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 6th february 2013 — Wow, that was a really inspiring few paragraphs. I think that could likely apply to any situation, if one removed the font references. Have you considered becoming a professional writer?
Comment by demonics 7th february 2013
You are as good with words as you are with bricks, Will. If anybody is ever going to write a short history of fontstruct, you are definitely one of the first people they should talk to and I am sure it would make a good read. I would be very interested for instance to hear that story of the discovery of "brickstacking". Being a late adopter I probably take a lot of features for granted which would have taken a lot of time and commitment to develop in the early days. A big thank you to all who had some role in it.
Comment by four 9th february 2013
Started playing around with a clone of this and just noticed Z, bottom row, third brick from left...
Comment by four 10th february 2013
I agree, I think you would make a great author. I try to read a lot of your long comments , and sometimes I barely understand them, but that's probably just because your brain is far superior than mine. To put it in short, your a great font designer and a great author. Maybe you could write a book on typography someday. I encourage you to do that, I recently read a book called Just My Type by Simon Garfield and it was quite interesting. If you ever write a book on fonts, I'll be first in line to buy it!
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 30th april 2013

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