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It's a lanky monospaced font: Monkey! Tall, sturdy, and 6 px wide (14 px line-height), most things work here, and it should be usable for programmers. Making diagonals appear to have a consistent width was tricky, so some of the letters look a little weird (lower-case z, upper-case K...), but in my opinion it isn't enough to hamper readability. This fontstruction uses a 2x2 filter and composite bricks, and it was fun to make.


First try adding a sample... Here goes. Photo is from here -- credit to wildphotons.
Comment by Elementalist 24th april 2011
OK, I just submitted a little update to this font. Almost all of the Unicode box drawing characters from the U+2500 block are now available in the Cyrillic block of this font, at U+0400 (their order is the same, just 0x2100 positions earlier in the font). I hope that Fontstruct gets official support for the Unicode code ranges for punctuation, but until then this work-around should be fine for certain purposes.
Comment by Elementalist 2nd october 2011
@Elementalist. Nice! The box drawing range is available in FontStruct now. In expert mode, select "Unicode Letter Sets" from the menu (under "Advanced"). Then take a long scroll up the character set selector.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 2nd october 2011
@meek, I tried that, but the menu will not scroll upward. It might be a trackpad problem on this laptop, a browser/plugin glitch (Chrome on Windows 7, not sure of the Flash version), or possibly a compatibility issue with FontStruct or a UI library FontStruct uses. It did seem odd that the top entry in the list was "Mandaic"...
Comment by Elementalist 2nd october 2011
@Elementalist. You have to use the little arrow at the top to scroll. Keys and scroll-wheel won't work I'm afraid. That select box could do with some work.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 2nd october 2011
OK, box drawing characters are in the correct unicode range now, with complete (!) coverage of the range. I still have them in the Cyrillic block as well, because I don't feel like taking them all out and because I don't intend to implement Cyrillic characters (or any characters with accents; they extend the vertical space required by the font and that works against one of my design goals). @meek, it turns out I needed to tap the trackpad instead of clicking with the mouse button -- I had never encountered this trackpad bug before, but now I can use FontStruct more effectively. I don't think it is a FontStruct problem.
Comment by Elementalist 2nd october 2011
To save space when distributing the font, I removed the box drawing characters from the Cyrillic range. I also cloned this font and made it shorter -- have a look at Low Rider!
Comment by Elementalist 21st november 2011
A few months ago, I edited the ampersand, as well as a few other little things. I feel like the new ampersand is a huge improvement.
Comment by Elementalist 10th july 2012

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