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I'm a big fan of big fat font. This is a modest essay. I try to find a way for skinnier glyph like T or Y to does'nt look to thin compare to rest of font. Unhappy with the G,H,7 crit and suggestion are welcome Was'nt sure as well if I should do a monocase font, I tend to prefer when "Space" is not to large.


Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 12th june 2010
It's very consistent, still legible, and most importantly, looking very good. There are gray dots (optical illusion) in the sample between the letters. The G may need some work. Good demo pic. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 12th june 2010
I am also a fan of fats and this one of the best of my large collection. I agree for the G. Why not try something more close to the C, even if a little more ambiguous ? All the the rest is perfect and i 'm completely fond of your A. Excellent !
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 12th june 2010
This font looks cool and consistent. Good work.
Comment by naveenchandru 12th june 2010
Merci Merci Frodo, NE and naveenchandru

I'll try some attemp for the G, I'll be back with sample to vote, because I don't know if I'm to tired or what but I can get trought this G.

@frodo: gray dots, I don't understand what you mean, is it bad of good? or do you mean I need to enlarge the spacing ?

By the way I have a question for MASTERS OF FS is it possible in FS to create an "Alternate" glyph like we do in traditionnal font editor (eg: a.alt, &.alt) ?
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 12th june 2010
Gray dots are not good or bad. They are simply there, as interesting and unintended consequences of your design. Don't tell me you still can't see them.
Comment by Frodo7 12th june 2010
No no now I see them don't worry :) but I nerver pay attention to it
I tought you ask me to do something to avoid them
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 12th june 2010
A very readable fat font. 10/10
Comment by p2pnut 13th june 2010
I like how you improved your G. It was a very difficult task, i think you succeeded. Direct download for me
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 14th june 2010
I was talking of the main one, not the alternates
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 14th june 2010
NE tu as l'oeil c'est la seule modifcation faite :)
ecoute je suis assez fatigué ces temps-ci j'ai beaucoup de boulot... donc parfois resoudre des petits problèmes de design me prends un temps fou

I'm a bit tired these days, small design problem seem to be mountains ;)
of course alternate G are only for test, I'll delete them, there bad.

My flexibilty according to the general concept is low, I only use few bricks and to realize a clear G is a difficult puzzle, Maybe I should take distance and come back on it in a week.

I'll open the [clone] button if anyone have a sharp idea :)
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 14th june 2010
Je pense que la meilleure solution est de remonter le petit carré blanc du G au même niveau que celui du D, j'ai essayé en clonant, ça rend vraiment bien, mais je ne peux te faire de sample car au downloading ça a encore donné n'importe quoi, je ne sais pas ce qui passe avec ces téléchargements fantaisistes notamment quand je clone. Mais enfin, je crois que tu as compris la simple manoeuvre que je te propose.
Repose-toi dès que tu le peux, essaie de reprendre des forces.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 14th june 2010
Ha! Merci, une solution si simple mais efficace.

Thank a lot NE, It's kind of you taking your personal time on my font, I appreciate it.
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 14th june 2010
nice font! Techno feeling !
Comment by zen_killa 14th june 2010
Thank you p2pnut and Zen_killa.

I'm always please when you comment or crit my work, make me move foward
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 15th june 2010
this is an outstanding font. one of the best block fonts available. original. stylish. versatile. this could work for hip-hop, but also made me think about a western, so it has a nice range :)
Comment by funk_king 15th june 2010
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “FATEX” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by afrojet 15th june 2010
@Funk_king thank you, I'm not realy aware of HIP-HOP font Culture, I'll go and perfect my knowledge

@Afrojet It's always an honnor to be choose by you as a TOP PICK... Thank you
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 15th june 2010
Great great font! When I look at it, my fonts appears infront me like simple roughs. And a very good sample, too. Well done once again, cher fontinstructor!
Comment by elmoyenique 15th june 2010
Hola Elmoyenique, thank a lot for your warm word

Well I don't consider myself an expert... do you know the 10,000 hour rule witch says: You have to put over 10000 hours in an activity to have a high level of sucess
I'm still far away from 10000 but I put a lot time on font ;)
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 16th june 2010
I'm enjoying the phatness!

I'm a fan of Malcom Gladwell's work. I'm somewhat skeptical of his 10,000 hour rule and its application when it comes to mastering a technology because many technologies don't last 10,000 hours. Although I did learn a lot from spaghetti sauce.
Comment by geneus1 22nd june 2010
@GENEUS1: I agree with you about technology, I should have been more precise in my referencing of 10000h.

I was more about the general knowkledge of creating typeface. You will design font no matters witch tool you use to realise it.
Learning proportion, contrast, color, kerning, etc. history of fonts or even each glyph, witch I think is necessary to acheive good font.

I also like multiple tools, eg: creating the first step in FS, bring it and Illustrator to do whatever and finish the work in FontLab.

I also red somewhere that you design fonts depending the tool you use ;)
Witch I experiment myself, I use to do a lot of Calligraphy, and just by changing the nibs of my pen opens you a different new world

by the way: I'm a big fan of your work. You create good quality font, I'm pretty sure you were designing fonts before FS ;)
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 22nd june 2010

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