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Hey there. It's been a moment that i think to create a destroy typeface with fontstruct. That's done with the Dconstruct typeface. Hope you'll like it. Zen


i've update the pics.
Comment by zen_killa 13th october 2009
Very grungy. Great job!
Comment by aphoria 13th october 2009
Thanks a lot Aphoria ! I'm really please that you love it !
Comment by zen_killa 13th october 2009
If I'm right, you've just published the first fontstruction in grunge style. Looks very dirty, worn, and tattered. It was only a matter of time before FS conquered this urban domain, and you are the conqueror. Nice demo pic. Congratulations. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 13th october 2009
Thanks Frodo7. I haved in mind to create a destroy type face with FS from a long time. I tried different ways to do it and that's the result.

Proud to be the conqueror hihihi
Comment by zen_killa 13th october 2009
Great work with the Q!
Comment by igorrossi 13th october 2009
That is some crazy deconstruction - well worth a 10.

The 'lazy dog' will have to watch out for the urban fox :)
Comment by p2pnut 13th october 2009
Thanks you igorrossi and p2pnut for your comments ! I'm really happy with this " defonctstruction " i'll create the numbers soon !


Comment by zen_killa 13th october 2009
WOW! Very impressive. It looks great! 10/10
Comment by jinx 13th october 2009
While not being even close to the first grunge font created with fontstruct, this is impressive work nonetheless. Who cares about being “first” anyway! In my eyes, better to be unique while staying true to your heart.

The gradation you achieved – especially apparent at small sizes – has a convincing rubber stamp quality. To be honest I have little affinity for the immense and visually tiring pantheon of grunge fonts created in the wake of the whole digital revolution in typography. But to manually and successfully construct a graded texture of controlled chaos with fontstruct is a trick and a half. It’s great that you and other here find and share joy in it. : )

You might want to widen the space character for increased legibility straight out of the box.
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 14th october 2009
thanks you very much for those comments. In facts it's taking time to create the chaos in the typeface and to make it different for each letter. But i'm glad of the result.

Comment by zen_killa 14th october 2009
Comment by zen_killa 14th october 2009
Wow, this is cool! Congratulations. This has to be worth a Top Pick, I think :-)
Comment by Magic Sam 14th october 2009
Thanks a lot Magic Sam.

Ps : i've create the number and some special letter right now :)
Comment by zen_killa 15th october 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Dconstruct” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by gferreira_admin 16th october 2009
Congratulations for your first Top Pick. Well done!
Comment by Frodo7 16th october 2009
thanks you fontstruct Staff! And thanks to you Frodo7 ! Nice feeling to have a top pick font !!!
Comment by zen_killa 16th october 2009
And a well deserved one!
It keeps a nice modular feeling but still takes advantage of a big scale to create a nice digital noise. Me gusta.
Comment by cayo 17th october 2009
Congratulations! Very well done. (Maybe you could make the space between words a little larger though):)
Comment by jinx 17th october 2009
thanks guys for your comments. I've put more space between the letters but i've didn't update the sample.

Comment by zen_killa 18th october 2009
a great technical achievement and work of art. fascinating to look at pixel size. looks almost stamped or something. i would also say more for the character space - try a little less than one of your lc glyphs - the text right now kind of runs together. but this is outstanding :)
Comment by funk_king 20th october 2009
thanks a lot funk_king. I'll try your advice in a new sample !

Comment by zen_killa 20th october 2009
Really nice work zen_killa!!!
It's even on this site as a awesome high-quality font: http://www.geeksucks.com/fonts/50-awesome-high-quality-free-font-to-enhance-your-design.htm
Comment by ITellYa 14th february 2011
hey ITellYa, thanks for the info :)
Comment by zen_killa 1st march 2011

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