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SANS SERIFSCO — Humanist / Neo-Grotesque Sans-Serif

A contemporary neo-grotesque sans-serif design with regular weight.

I tried to add subtle diverse and nuanced visual elegance while still remaining minimalistic. Most significant feature is the subtle stroke modulations, distinguishing this from a more geometric style.

Designed to be versatile and suitable for a wide range of different purposes and optimized for legibility in small point size body copy.

The font was constructed on a large grid using linear interpolation (also known as faux-Bézier method). This allowed the most freedom for constructing more complex custom forms, curvatures and all the various stroke modulations.
The font has a total vertical height of 88 square grid units, this is including all optical compensations, ascends / descends and accents.


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Comment by Sed4tives Sun, 4th december
Comment by Sed4tives Sun, 4th december

A wonderful sans serif, elegant and subtle. You are getting really good at these large grid curves!

Comment by four Sun, 4th december

reminds me of highway gothic for some reason....

Anyways, i love the subtle elegance that your font emits!

Comment by Better Handwriting Sun, 4th december

I'm with four. Those curves are 99,9% perfects. Congrats!

Comment by elmoyenique Sun, 4th december

[@four, Better Handwriting & Elmoyenique:] Thank you so much for the kind words.

[@four] Yup, I think when using this method there is no limit to what can be achieved, the only limitation here would probably motivation. As this is such a labour intensive approach.

[@Better Handwriting] The similarities to "Highway Gothic" is purely coincidental. Both obviously Neo-Grotesques at their core, I think "FHWA" is more leaning towards a Geometric design than mine, whereas "Sans Serifsco" on the other hand has a prominent contrast and calligraphic influence in each letterform, thus diving deeper into the Humanist nature of a Sans-Serif style. The font is a straight out the box and 100% purely personal approach to the Gothic Grotesque style, that in reality wasn't based upon any typeface in particular at all.

Some of the notable differences are it's more calligraphy infuenced details, like for example those open counters, the tylish variation of terminal/spur and stroke styles. The clearly higher contrast in comparison. And last but not least the distinguishing double storey lowercase “a” and “g" forms. Taken together this really sets "Sans Serifsco" apart from the majority of Grotesques and Geometric sans serifs.

But yeah, I can understand where you're coming from with your comparison.

[@Elmoyenique]  — „Those curves are 99,9% perfects”   ?

I'd say that at that time they were at a 90% perfection for my personal opinion. ?

I have made major changes throughout the characterset today. Improving many curves, transitions and stroke modulations even further a notch. ? Lifting it's perfection score to about 95% right now. ? (ehehe) ?

Comment by Sed4tives Mon, 5th december

PS: That last remaining 5% to make a particular similar piece truly flawless in all likelihood simply could only be achieved by this one single FontStruct-member that is, 'William Leverette (will.i.ૐ)'. ??

Comment by Sed4tives Mon, 5th december

Major changes throughout the entire characterset were made today. Major changes throughout the entire character-set were made today.
A couple of extra characters and symbols were included, but foremost, perfecting many of it's curves, transitions and stroke modulations even further a notch. Also underlying forms and base-geometry been more carefully justified and adjusted as such. many minute other random (mostly) optimizing modifications have been made to areas such as optical compensations, character responsiveness and behaviour, as well as a tad more relaxed letter-spacing. I've also started added kerning to the font (partially complete, with 3581 stored kern pairs so far).

Comment by Sed4tives Mon, 5th december
Comment by Sed4tives Mon, 5th december

We can all trust Sed4 to break the limitations of the FontStructor

Comment by frongile Mon, 5th december

Just don't truste me with your car!  ? ? ??

Comment by Sed4tives Tue, 6th december
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “STF_SANS SERIFSCO” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Sun, 11th december

Thanks a lot for the special mention boss!

Comment by Sed4tives Mon, 12th december

This is so cool looking, I love it

Comment by JOEY_TOYS_ Mon, 12th december

Congratulations, pal!

Comment by elmoyenique Tue, 13th december


Comment by João0804 Wed, 14th december

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You will lose future commenting priveleges, and risk having your FontStruct account deleted, if you do so. Read more.

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