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BOUWHUIS - 'Bauhaus'-modernism inspired minimalist geometric sans
I am in a Bauhaus-vibe last couple of day..
So here is yet another venture into the modernist
minimalism aesthetics of the previous century.

This Font losely draws on the basic concept for the 'Universal Type' that was originally designed by Bauhaus student Herbert Bayer.
It's basically a hugely inspired tribute to Herbert Bayer's several forms of   ―'Universal'.
But I want to be clear on the fact that this isn't a revival of the original alphabet or anything along those lines for that matter.

Instead it is a intermingling personal interpretation of his multiple works and ideas. Attempting to merge this recollection of Bayer's rational 'functionalist'-approach towards combining aesthetics and function, as by which he is answering to the 'Bauhaus'-philosophy and the 'Form follows function'― design principle.

But besides being a 'inspired' recollection, still the main focus for this FontStruction was to come up with this personalized and stylistic derivative version that pays homage to various of his original work. Unifying the various characteristic Bayer idea's-n-bits within my personal visual representation of the general concept into a new piece.

For it's primary style-concept I envisioned BOUWHUIS being something fresh and somewhat different from the gross majority of similar inspired works out there. This led to the decision for going with a more contemporary and modernized (― as oposed to modernist) style lettering.

In addition to that I pursued a much more vibrant and nuanced typographers sensitivity towards letterform calligraphy and decorative features.

Strong geometric core elements of the font make up for a expressive simplistic structural basic form and it has 'zero' stroke modulation for thickness.

It's regular weight combined with that predominant circular and square-based geometry of the letterforms result in this 'open', and overall ventilated characteristic of the design.
The typical crude appearance that usually comes with a strong geometric sans like this was compensated for in BOUWHUIS by the design's subtle deviations in form and the various decorative calligraphic letter-components.

Something that completely denied Bayer's principle in approach to modern typography and to create an "idealist typeface" was; The reintroduction of it's uppercase letters.

Part of Bayer's rationale was to simplify typesetting, strip all that he felt was unnecessary or the typeface had no need for in order to function, till there was not much more left than just the nearly bare-naked form.

It seems that unintentionally some innuendo of Art-Deco―flavoured hints also found their way into parts of this design.... ―Hmmmz

― but I think I like them, so no worries on behalf of that


As a little bonus topping it all off there is also a super tiny experimental lowercase caracter-set   (X-Height=1 grid unit)  

Located in the Unicode block for "Halfwidth and fullwidth forms"

I hope y'all like it so far, more will follow soon.



Comment by Sed4tives 5th november 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 6th november 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 6th november 2022
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “STF_BOUWHUIS” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 7th november 2022

Great work, I love that g!

Comment by four 7th november 2022

? How many difficulties have you found in this source without looking for them! I feel sorry for you, and I hope they help solve the problems here. But not everything is dark: my sincere congratulations on this new TP! ☀️

Comment by elmoyenique 8th november 2022

source ~font (damm transgooglation).

Comment by elmoyenique 8th november 2022

@Rob: Thanks for the TP

@four: Always feels good to have your approval!

@elmoyenique: To be honest I have hardly used any reference while making this. I can probably do a couple fairly faithfully to their basic form without looking at a reference once.. ?

Comment by Sed4tives 8th november 2022

In response to my post in "forum: FontStruct suggestions 5" from a while back, I finally found the source for those previous issues with this font as was described in the post following that link above.

― It's a weird one actually, and I would love to hear Rob's opinion on this one..

It seems that all the issues were simply due to one specific glyph's brick arrangement causing internal conflict of some kind.

Further "In-depth" explanation of the whole troubled ordeal will continue by way of a simple clear infographic I will include in my next comment.

Comment by Sed4tives 22nd november 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 22nd november 2022

@Rob Meek: Please Boss, could you be so kind to take a look into this issue if you have the time for it. Thanks!

Anyway, for now the font is fixed and currently no internal font conflicts occur. But in case you require a version of the font that has the conflicting glyph included for further inspection and analysis, let me know.


Comment by Sed4tives 22nd november 2022


Comment by SAKA/ 4th april 2023


Comment by SAKA/ 4th april 2023


Comment by diogoutrabo Thu, 21st march

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