by Sed4tives
Cloned from STF_ELEGANZA (Tight) by Sed4tives.

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STF_ELEGANZA (Therapy) - Contemporary geometric humanist sans
A font style, that while simplified by old tradition, saw new light by modern sophistication.

It comes in a solid medium weight that is very suitable for body style text with good readability, But it does perfect clear headlines or advertisement as well.


The goal was to make a clean but somewhat more contemporary and playful take on a 'Grotesque' sans-style.

In an attempt to break away from the traditional trend of Grotesque type designs which evolved more around pure geometric shapes and aim for perfect circular, triangular or square shaped letterforms, and in return give many of them a somewhat harsch and featureless mechanical appearance. I choose to achieve the opposite, aiming for a softer, friendlier and more humanized feeling instead.


Dimensions: (in grid units)
X-Height:              1 .625
Cap-Height:          1 .875
Type Size:              2 .375
Em:                        3 .5

Brick Size filter:     2 : 2


This is the 'Therapy'-style in the 'ELEGANZA' typeface family. This version basically aims for the exact opposite effect than what the Tight' version did. The name 'Therapy' relates to its 'opened-up' appearence and the overall de-stressed propperties of this version. The more relaxed and spacious distribution remotely resembles the characteristic feel of a typewriter face. But the main purpose for this version is to create visual hierarchy in your layout.


The other style vatiation can be found here ELEGANZA (Tight)

I hope you like it...


Comment by Sed4tives Tue, 11th october
Comment by Sed4tives Tue, 11th october

This version also optimizes legibility at text sizes on-screen, generating crisp and clean text, even as small as 10pts you still get crisp text. Making this the perfect candidate for a webfont.

Comment by Sed4tives Tue, 11th october

I like much more this one. Supereleganza!

Comment by elmoyenique Tue, 11th october
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “STF_ELEGANZA (Therapy)” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Tue, 11th october

Congrats on the TP!

Comment by elmoyenique Tue, 11th october

Quite a lovely, uniform and elegant design~

Comment by tortoiseshell Tue, 11th october

@Rob: Thanks for the special mention boss!

Comment by Sed4tives Tue, 11th october

@elmoyenique:   "Supereleganza" 

—  I might include that as a new style next update 😛 (and thanks ofc compañero)

@tortoiseshell: Thank you too for those kind words mate

Comment by Sed4tives Tue, 11th october

Hmmm, 🤔 I'm thinking of starting to collect copyrights...

Comment by elmoyenique Tue, 11th october

I did a slight update to this font as well just now. Mainly restoring proper geometry for
some characters and symbols that got distorted beyond what is concidered acceptable.

The changes in Size > Weight distribution and De-stressed contrast were achieved by
adjusting the values for the grid scale filters. And some basic geometry got lost due to
the distortion of its original aspect ratio. Especially the more pure geometric forms such
as Circular and 45° Slants tend to get heavily affected by this.

These unwanted results now have been corrected for the most part.

Comment by Sed4tives Wed, 12th october

- [ Some internal tech stuff related to the last update ] -

I changed values in correlation to the mathematical properties of the FS Editor's grid
and the square grid unit's integer, which is 8.   Within this math function the number
8 represents the factorizing of (x²)'s  (x/y)-function for 1 square grid unit.   
So in other words,

1 grid unit, or  (x²) = (8⋅8) = (8²) = (8x8 -intervals)  

These correspond to several of the FS-Editor functions. One that breaks down all of
this into more simple terminology is the 'Nudge'-function.   As we all know, the range
for FS's 'Nudge'-function is (4+4) x (^2) for (x/y),   
so in other words (8²)  total, equaling 1 full square grid unit.

In simple non-math terms this means that the adjustments I made to the grid scale
filter values translate to the calculation of adjustments in exact fractions of the font
size and grid unit factor. The fonts Em-Square and therefor its Size (3.5x3.5)
is based on its relative units for
—(Cap-Height, X-Height, Stroke, Stress, Width, Ascends & Descends)

Basically all the things that determin the glyphs positioning within the Em-Square box.

I made very sure that all of the different values for the fonts measures were exact
multiples of   1/8th   or  (0.125)  grid units.
This strict mathematical approach is also the key reason for its strong optimization
for crisp on-screen digital text of all sizes, even down to the very smallest.

The original font style had a stress ratio that is equal to 2:1 (But instead this was
done with resized composite bricks and not by way of scaling filter adjustments)


Comment by Sed4tives Wed, 12th october

Very strange, I was unable to post these last two comments as one. Each time I tried and refreshed the page it dissapeared again. I wonder why that was, and why splitting it in two helped?! 

Weeeeiird...  🤓

Comment by Sed4tives Wed, 12th october

@elmoyenique: I think you meant:  'collect royalty fees'

'collecting copyrights' only means tons of extraordinary boring legal crap that literally no actual human being is preaching for.

'Buzzinga' 😛

Comment by Sed4tives Wed, 12th october

@STF Maybe there is somehow a letter limit, and the comment already reached it somehow?

Comment by Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM) Wed, 12th october

@BWM: I surely doubt that since I posted far bigger comments before.

Comment by Sed4tives Wed, 12th october

FS has been doing some crazy things the last few days/week... at least for me.

Comment by elmoyenique Wed, 12th october

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