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The culmination of 11 years of cinematic comic book bliss, alas, it is the opening day of the highly anticipated Avengers End Game. This is a tribute to almost all of the characters taking part in the most monumental achievement of interconnected storylines in the Marvel Cinematic Universe spanning 22 films. The list of pixellated heroes:
A: Antman
B: Black Panther
C: Captain America
D: Doctor Strange
F: Falcon
G: Gamora
H: Hulk
I: Iron Man 
M: Captain Marvel
N: Nick Fury
P: Spiderman (Peter Parker)
Q: StarLord (Peter Quill)
R: Rocket Racoon
S: Scarlet Witch
T: Thor
V: Vision
W: War Machine
b: Black Widow
d: Drax the Destroyer
g: Groot
h: Hawkeye
m: Mantis
n: Nebula
w: Winter Soldier
!: Hulk Smash again!
...maybe more to come...?


holysssserif this is amazing

Comment by JingYo 26th april 2019

@geneus1 - Bravo, sir.  Bravo.  I wondered how you would top your previous Marvel movie-releated typefaces, and you have certainly outdone yourself today.  "Whatever it takes," indeed.   :^)

Comment by Goatmeal 26th april 2019
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “EndGamer” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 26th april 2019

Cool! I can't wait to watch the movie

Comment by FTrex 26th april 2019

What a marvel, this is so impressive, fine like a line drawing .......... a well deserved TP, congratulations! That must have taken a lot of time and work, the detail is breathtaking.  10/10

Comment by Aeolien 27th april 2019

Woah! FTrex, how'd you get that effect on your comment?

Comment by ImmaPooh 27th april 2019

@ImmaPooh You can use HTML in comments, and they likely used the <div style="font-family:monospace">style</div> tag and the <div style="font-family:monospace">text-shadow</div> css rule.

Comment by realicraft 28th april 2019

darn it my html didn't work

Comment by realicraft 28th april 2019

My god.

Comment by SymbioticDesign 28th april 2019

Don't think I could do that in a lifetime...incredible!!

Comment by LingoLinda 30th april 2019

<font color=#008800>imagine if this worked <i>*wheeze*</i></font>

Comment by KyYay 1st may 2019

wait a minute i might have figured it out

maybe typing it wont work

but perhaps nothing stops the INSPECT TOOL

although that takes a bit of time to make :/

Comment by KyYay 2nd may 2019

How long did this take?!

Comment by Alston Lloyd (LloydFam) 13th may 2019


Comment by oh07 13th may 2019

Amazing! Love it! Keep up the good work! You should add Loki :)

Comment by nowicanbreathe 29th may 2019


Comment by anonymous-1657228 8th june 2019

Fantastic work of pixel art. The preview at Pixel level reveals a tiny colour palette: few shades of grey, black and white. H: Lou Ferrigno as Hulk; a nice touch. 10/10

Comment by Frodo7 15th june 2019


Comment by SakanaOji 16th june 2019


No need to shout. The punctuation makes me cry.

Comment by SakanaOji 16th june 2019


Maybe needs Thanos.

Comment by kassymkulov 23rd june 2019

Just testing Inspect here...

Comment by ImmaPooh 2nd july 2019


It works!

Comment by ImmaPooh 2nd july 2019

crazy work, so impressive, Bravo!

Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 16th september 2019

Brilliant, a tour de force!

Comment by four 29th november 2019

I like that movie!

(I love marvel!)

Comment by Manly 25th april 2020

I realy like it!


r:Ronen (i know he isn`t a hero....)

Comment by hanni3112 29th december 2020

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