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This is the upgraded version of my previously published NOBUNTU font. This version includes much more characters and symbols and many ligatures, as well as language support for most Latin languages.

It is a medium weight contemporary geometric gothic humanist sans-serif style design with rounded corners and smooth curves. All curves have a slight top & bottom overshoot. The basic Latin string, numerals and punctuation are fully kerned as well as the majority of important characters in the extended Latin string. But some still need a slight adjustment. (this will be happening in the following days.

The basic idea was inspired by the gentle round corners seen in the Ubuntu and other similar fonts. (But don't make any mistakes, it is most definetly a different font)  ;)

So far I am very pleased with the clean and legible result.


Info: Created on 14th April 2019 . Last edited on Sun, 14th June.
License Creative Commons
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Comment by Sed4tives 22nd April 2019
Comment by Sed4tives 22nd April 2019

246 Glyphs and counting.

At this point I think I broke my own personal FS record of most glyphs in a font. I don't know how far I will continue to extend the language support, since more glyphs all adding up to the already miserable task of kerning within FS itself. But I'm most certainly not finished yet.

Comment by Sed4tives 22nd April 2019


The characters in the basic Latin block, numerals and punctuation are fully kerned, as well as the majority of important characters in the extended Latin block. But some still need a slight adjustment. (this will be happening in the following days.

I will probably add another small number of characters that are still missing. But it is reaching the end of development by now. I hope you like it.


Comment by Sed4tives 23rd April 2019
Comment by Sed4tives 23rd April 2019
Comment by Sed4tives 23rd April 2019
Comment by Sed4tives 23rd April 2019

Some ligatures and accents at work.

Comment by Sed4tives 23rd April 2019

How did you kern a letter not on your keyboard?

@ q375324:

I load the font into FontLab which features a tool called "Quick Test As".

This opens the character set into a basic text formatting tool that is also selectable. Allowing me to copy a certain/or the full glyphset to the clipboard. This is pasted into a secondairy tool online to generate all "two-character" combinations from the selected characters. The output data from this again gets copied into another tool that deletes all line breaks generated in the previous step. The output data from this step gets copied once more into a 3rd online tool which removes all whitespace.

These 3 steps now should have generated a continuous line of character combinations.

This gets copied into notepad in order for me to isolate every combination string for a certain character. Which I do by adding back in a line break after each last character in the specific sequence. (Usually I put the underscore at the end of a string since its stands out the most. Which ofcourse had to be done in the very first step simply by making sure underscore is the last character in the selection. Anyway, this simply is making it more easy to see the next location for a line break in a continuous string of text)

once I have each combination string seporated by a line break my template for kerning is ready to be copied into FS's kerning tool.

u can find these online tools here:

Combination Generator

Remove Line Breaks

Remove All Whitespace

Reading this at first u might think that it is a whole lot of work just to get ready to kern, But its actually pretty straight forward and fairly quickly done.


Comment by Sed4tives 23rd April 2019

I'm aware that it is much easier to skip kerning within FS and go straight to work in FontLab. but I simply want my fonts here @ FS to be decent as well. So for this reason I choose to do it the hard way, which is within FS itself.

Comment by Sed4tives 23rd April 2019

Wonderfully shaped glyphs, professional look (and tons of background work). Unbelievable this was made with FontStruct.  Instant 10/10 and fav

Comment by Aeolien 23rd April 2019

@ Aeolien: First of all thank you so much for your kind words. I must say that for this particular font It did feel like I picked all the ripe fruits from those previous small grid fonts I have been making recently. It clearly shows how much of a versatile and powerful tool Fontstruct really is, regardless of the grid dimension.

Those recent small grid designs were mostly heavily aimed at achieving seamless transitions in stroke width and getting the best possible curvatures, close to a true Bezier, while still maintaining simplicity in the basic letterforms. Sometimes this only made up for a pretty boring final result, but these were so very educative for me that I'm very glad I did them nonetheless! :)

Comment by Sed4tives 23rd April 2019

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